How to Play Foosball

How to Play Foosball

Foosball table game is a famous game at the present time. People are passing their leisure time by playing the foosball game. Mostly the game is popular among the countries of Europe. If you are one of the people of European countries, you should get one from the best foosball table and know how to play the game of foosball.

Because your friends might ask you to play the game or invite you to their resident for a match with you. You will feel embarrassed if you don’t know how to play it. We are going to talk about the playing rules of foosball game here in this article. There are different rules in the game. If you are familiar enough with the rules, you are going to get positive results in the matches. There are also some points which should be avoided by the players.

In the foosball game, it’s the rules that will make you win. Before playing the game, getting enough idea about the rules will help you during the match.

The Basic Rules

Every sports game has some basic rules. You must obey them properly. Without knowing the basic rules, it is impossible for you to play any game. The foosball table game has some basic rules like the other games. When you are a beginner for the foosball game, try to learn the basic rules first. A player can improve himself if he knows the basic rules of the foosball game. Let’s see the fundamental rules.

  • Serving System: There are some different rules in the foosball game when it comes to the topic of serving. At first, A toss will decide the first serve. On the other hand, when a team scores a goal, they will not serve the ball. The ball will be served by the team who scored the last goal. The same rule goes for the time when it’s a dead ball or the ball is out of the table.
  • Starting Point: No matter what game you play, you have to start it first. The foosball game will start by flipping a coin. It’s necessary for you to flip the coin before the game. The first serve chance will be decided by the coin flip.
  • Shooting of 3-bar: In the time of 3 bar shooting, there is no place for spinning. You cannot spin here. You will have 10 seconds. Within this short time, you have to shoot the ball correctly. You have to keep in mind that you have a short time. But don’t panic because of it. Use your brain and move the ball to your team members according to need. When you are near the goal, shoot the ball wisely.
  • Shooting of 5-bar: The rule of the 5 bar is almost same as the 3 bars. You will get 10 seconds here too. No matter it’s pass or shoot, you must do it within 10 seconds. It’s prohibited to do spinning in 5 bars like the previous bar. So, you should avoid it. At first, all you have to do is to pass the ball through the opponents. The pass destination will be the 3 bar. Anyhow you have to pass the ball there.
  • Defensive Tactics: There are 3 kinds of defensive tactics in the foosball game. The tactics are respectively Clearing, Blocking and 5-Bar. The jarring is not allowed in 5-bar and defensive blocking. On the other hand, you cannot spin at all in the defense of clearing. In the 5-bar, all you have to do is to keep the ball away from your opponent. The targeted position will be the striker row. Make sure the ball doesn’t go there. Besides, clearing the ball in defensive clearing and blocking opponent’s ball in defensive blocking is your responsibility.
  • When to Stop: You also have to know when you must stop. If the ball jumps out of the table during a match, players will stop. Another stoppage will take place when the ball is out of reach for every player. These moments should be kept in mind so that you can stop when it’s needed.
  • The Forbidden Actions:
  1. You cannot do anything which will distract your opponent
  2. You are advised not to spin the rods
  3. You cannot deliver any kind of hate speech or comments
  4. You cannot move the table no matter if it’s your scoring celebration
  5. The Winner: You were waiting for this information, right? Well, the selection of the winner is very easy in the foosball game. The first team who scores 5 points will be the champion or winner.

You can see the basic rules of the foosball game above. All the rules must be followed by the players. As these are the fundamental rules, you cannot ignore them. Players should obey the rules to make the game fair play. There are some other techniques to make your foosball game experience better. If you want some advance level skills, you can follow the tips and techniques of playing foosball.

In the foosball game, the defense is considered to be the most important area. Your defense should be strong. Because it’s defense who saves you from conceding goals. It prevents the opponents to score goals. If your opponent constantly fails to score, their confidence level will be very low. As a result, it will make room for you to attack and score tremendous goals. So, the defense is important more than attack. But the attack zone should be strong too. Because not only defense but also you have to attack in terms of the scoring goal.


People should learn the ways to play foosball. It’s a very popular game nowadays. All over the world, people play the game in their free time. Some of the players have taken it to a professional level. Their profession is to play foosball. They are even leading their life by earning from the game. So, you have already got the idea how much important the game is now. Therefore, you have to learn it. After learning the basic of foosball game, you can proceed to the next advanced level. Visit This website now to know more information: Best 10 Gears

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