House Cleaning : Some Basic Preparations and Tips

House Cleaning : Some Basic Preparations and Tips

House cleaning is an important task however keeping your home clean and tidy can sometimes be quite a challenge. Effective house cleaning will ensure that all main areas of the house are clean and clutter free.

Living in a clean tidy home will help to kill of germs and prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria which has a negative effect on your health and the health of those living in your home.

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When cleaning it’s important to recognize that each part of your house requires special treatment, there are different materials in your home that can only be used with specific cleaning liquids. Using any cleaning spray is not a good idea and can lead to damage to the surface either by staining the surface or stripping of the protective upper layers of your worktops!

Always read the instructions and take note, each cleaning spray/fluid is designed for certain surfaces in mind.

House Cleaning Tips 

Here is my ultimate list for basic house cleaning : 

First Starting Out

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When I first started up a cleaning business with my co worker, I really had no idea of what was ahead of me, but I loved the responsibility and the idea of being my own boss. When i first started out i had two major concerns.

My first was the volume of jobs that my clients had for me, some weeks i would be working 2 or 3 hours’ overtime to get the jobs done and other weeks there was hardly anything.

Second concern was the amount of continuous effort and hard work that was required, this was essential to not only do a over exceptional job to keep my clients happy but as i was not as fit as my other co worker this sometimes proved to be a great challenge.

The Price

Due to recent high demand for cleaning services the average price has now come down in order to compete with other competitors and give the home owner a better service for less.

Hiring a house cleaner can help take some stress of your mind, its ideal if you have a busy schedule or your away from your home lots. You can hire a house cleaner to come out to your home once or twice a week, this will help to get your house chores back on track giving you more free time to sit back and relax.

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Hard to Reach Places

You could hire a cleaner to do those hard to reach places, and other area’s that don’t receive as much attention. Baseboards, ceiling fans and light fixtures often collect large amounts of dust, these are ideal for a cleaner to keep on top of on a monthly basis which in the long run will cost you less and keep those area’s looking great.

Finding the Right Cleaner

One important fact that I want to mention is that not all house cleaners do not cover everything. A general domestic house clear would be expected to take care of washing, cleaning general rooms including vacuuming, taking bins out, washing clothes ironing them and putting them away. You can’t expect a house cleaner to start cleaning your carpets and mowing your lawns, they simply don’t do this.

If you need your carpets professionally cleaning then you should hire a carpet cleaner, or better still hire the cleaning equipment from your local hardware store.

Same applies for the garden, if you need some work doing them you should seek help from a gardener.


One last point that should be observed when you contract a cleaner to work is to ensure that they have insurance cover in place. This is to protect you and your belongings in the event that the cleaner caused damage.

Most of the large cleaning companies have this, although there is a small minority of cleaners that choose to avoid this to save on money. If your ever in doubt whether a cleaning contractor is insured, you should contact the insurance company that they claim to be insured under and ask to confirm if the company or sole contractor is covered under their insurance policy.

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This does help in the long run, i have heard stories of other solo cleaners that have caused hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage due to accidental damage, one of my clients suffered when an uninsured contractor caused a water leak in their home.

Personal Thoughts

I think that some people can benefit from hiring a cleaner even if it’s just for a few hours each month to keep on top of hard to reach places. Some of my previous clients included elderly people and couples that need an extra hand to get some tasks done.

​I accept that some people would much rather prefer to tackle the house hold chores themselves rather that paying somebody else to do this, as it gives the home owner satisfaction and a scene of achievement. After being in the cleaning business for more than 4 years previous I decided to change careers, leaving was hard as I made so many friends but as I was accustomed to cleaning and doing laboring tasks each day I was determined to avoid hiring a cleaner to help with my household jobs.

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