Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet Reviews


If you are specifically looking for the best vacuum cleaner for high pile carpets, check out my list below. I’ve reviewed the top 8 units., as well as spotlighted the best – 2 out of each category. Table Of Contents Spotlighted the 2 Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet out of Each Category  High Pile Cleaner … Read more

Best Small Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2020-2021


Best Small Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum cleaners have tough job to do in my household with two dogs and a cat, where the traffic is overwhelming. I call myself an expert on small vacuum cleaners, because I am a frequent buyer. Believe me, I tried almost all small vacuums out there! In my opinion small vacuum … Read more

What is the Best Dyson Vacuum for Hardwood Floors ?


Hardwood floors can be especially tricky to vacuum, not only do you need excellent suction but it’s vital to pick a model that won’t harm the surface. Many cleaners leave scratches and scuff-marks behind, ruining the finish. You need a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction but which won’t damage the look of your floors. … Read more