Home Fragrance Systems: Decorate Your Home with Aroma

Home Fragrance Systems: Decorate Your Home with Aroma

Have you ever noticed how the aroma in a room can influence your mood? I certainly have, and that’s why I think we should use scents to decorate our homes. Just as in the color of a room, the scent of a room can make the room seem warmer and friendlier.

There are scents appropriate for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, living room or family room. There are other scents that we associate with the holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Imagine a scent for patriotic holidays like the 4th of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day. And let’s not forget the all important Valentine’s Day.

Gifts of scents are always appropriate. A beautiful candled centerpiece would be welcomed on an anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s day. Give candles as a shower or wedding gift, they are useful as well as beautiful and thoughtful.

In this article, I will give you ideas for different home fragrance system for different rooms, holidays and gifts.

The Kitchen: the aroma of apple pie

Imagine walking into a kitchen and smelling the aroma of a baking pie.

It’s even better if there is actually a pie in the oven, but if that isn’t possible, the aroma will still whet your appetite.

The smell of cinnamon will probably make you think of your grandmother’s cinnamon rolls and coconut will make you think of summer and the splash of suntan lotion you used.

Apple, orange and lemon are such fresh aromas that you’ll walk to the refrigerator and enjoy a piece of fruit. Vanilla is always a great kitchen smell.

Scentsy Warmers for the kitchen

I absolutely love the Scentsy warmers. Not only are there a variety of styles to choose from, but there are so many choices of scents. The cinnamon and citrus scents are my favorite aromas, but I use others during the holidays.

Scented Wax Refills for the kitchen Scentsy

Pick your favorite scents and try some new ones, the refills are inexpensive so you can change the aroma at will.

The Bathroom:  the aroma of cinnamon

The color of your bathroom walls is one way to choose the aroma for your bathroom. If the walls are of the tan family, consider cinnamon as the scent. If your walls are in the pinks or lavender shades, maybe you could use the scent of roses, raspberry or lilacs.

Tropical aromas, pine, clean linen or gardenia would be great in rooms of blue or green. Orange, lemon or melon for rooms in the salmon shades.

Scentsy Plug-In for the bathroom

There are such a number of different Scentsy plug-in styles that you are sure to find one perfect for your bathroom. My favorite scents are the Sun Washed Linen and the Tropical Island ones.

Scented Wax Refills for the bathroom

Be sure to try differently scented refills—–there are so many outstanding choices. You’ll want to use certain ones just for the holidays.

The Laundry: the aroma of lilacs

Many times we don’t think of the laundry room as one where we need to deodorize, but the smell of soiled clothing can be an embarrassment if you first notice it when you already have guests in your home.

You may not want to use candles in the room because of the fire risk, it being in a room that you don’t stay in while the laundry is washing or drying. There are reed diffused scents or wall plug in scents that can be safely used in the laundry room

Reed Diffusers for the laundry

Reed diffusers are a safe and inexpensive choice to use in the laundry room. The reeds in a nice container is a nice decorator touch also.

The Bedroom: the aroma of fresh linen

A Fragrance Diffuser set is a perfect match for the bedroom. This is a safe, easy and attractive way to add a beautiful home fragrance system to your bedroom. Natural reeds and a glass container that holds the fragrance is a very modern look.

You get a nice subtle aroma by choosing scents such as lavender, vanilla, musk or fresh linen.

These make great gifts for Weddings, Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas.

Fragrance Diffusers for the bedroom

Choose a romantic aroma for your bedroom, something that makes you feel relaxed and contented, an aroma that helps make the stresses of the day disappear.

Fragrance Diffuser Oil Refills for the bedroom

The lavender oil refills are a favorite of mine to help me relax and get a good night rest. There is a scent that is right for you to help you de-stress from a busy day.

The Living Room or Family Room: use a woodsy scent for the family room

Family rooms have pretty well replaced the old time living room, and I think that has been a great change. The old living room was mostly an unused room, whereas the family room is actually what it is called.

Here again is a room where a great scent will influence the moods of the folks in the room. Since this room is sometimes used to relax and other times used to entertain and play games, we’ll want fragrances that are floral, citrusy or woodsy.

The beautiful Scentsy warmers and the scented wax tarts will be a welcome addition to your family room. The wax tarts are inexpensive enough to change the scent you use many times during the year.

Scentsy Warmers for the family room

Walking into a living room or family room that has a pleasant aroma makes a person feel welcome and at ease. It’s an important room that deserves a signature aroma that you love.

Scentsy Bar Wickless Candle Tart for the family room

This is a fun room to change scents for the seasons and holidays or to pick just one that you love. So many scents to choose from, that you’ll want to try a few and find the one you love the most.

The Holiday Scents: use a spice or pumpkin scent

You will soon get into the holiday mood when you enter a room filled with a smell that we associate with the season.

During the holidays, certain scents remind us of past holidays and the activities from that time.

When it comes to the different scents, we associate Halloween and Thanksgiving with pumpkin, spice, cookie, cider and apple… Add pine, evergreen or peppermint candy to the Christmas list.

Yankee Candles for the holidays

Not only are Yankee candles fun to use yourself, but they are always fun and appreciated gifts. Add a Yanikee candle to a shower or wedding gift to get the newlyweds off to a great aroma filled future. The candles are also a welcome birthday and holiday gifts.

The Patriotic Scents: use a watermelon or citrus scent

I know, you think I’ve shot off too many bottle rockets with this one, but really, why not a great scent for the 4th of July, Labor Day or Veterans Day?

The first scent I think of is watermelon, but I also think of peaches, oranges, lemons and melons. Reminds me of a picnic on the beach where tropical breezes blow. Or bobbing for apples at the county fair.

Fill your home with these scents and bring the celebrations in where it’s cool.

Soy Candles for Patriots

Beautiful soy candles in beautiful containers. These candles will impress your fussiest gift recipient, and remember to keep one for yourself.

Valentine’s Day Scents: use the scent of roses

One of the nicest gifts you can give your loved one is the gift of aroma. Make it a scent that will always remind your loved one of you and a special occasion that you want to remember forever.

What is Your Favorite Scent or Aroma?

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