Healthy Food for Dogs

Healthy Food for Dogs

Have you ever given a thought to how to increase the lifespan of your dog? Every pet lover would want to keep his dog company for the longest time possible. But how? I’m an owner of 4 puppies – all are Shitzu, their mother “Betty” who is a mixed Pekingese and Shitzu, and of course Maxene – my bubbly pug. I’ve searched through several magazines and numerous eBooks to find out just how to make it happen. I decided to concentrate first on their diet.

My search for healthy food for dogs ended when I came across Dog Food SECRETS™. Let me share with you the apparently hush-hush facts that this handbook shared with me and the inspiring passion that the author has for extending the lives of our canine pals.


The Story Behind Dog Food SECRETS™

Author of the book, Andrew Lewis lost his dog because of dog food poisoning. Seeing his dog die at a very young age after gradually losing its vigor and energy was such a misery that he doesn’t want any other dog owners to experience. He spent roughly $30,000 in research and in experimenting with different recipes, qualities and varieties of food for dogs. Can you imagine what kind of passion he has for pets? It’s astoundingly valuable that he produced a book – one that every responsible and genuine pet lover must read.


What Do I get From Investing In This Book?

Recipes that you can rely on to improve the health of your pet and lengthen its life are all included in the book. Facts about the ugly secrets of dog foods – the preservatives, the poisonous substances they contain, and the euthanized bodies made into chunks of dog food. Learn how to stay away from all that and even make your own healthy food for dogs at home! Learn to protect the health of your dog by feeding him food that could mean the two of you remain together for an amazing 8.3 years longer.

A longer healthy life span for your dog and a clear conscience for having only given healthy food for dogs is what Dog Food SECRETS™ has to offer.


Brace Yourself for Here Come the Freebies!

Aside from the main expose of sorts, which includes all of the RIGHT food to feed your pet, there are also two bonus manuals included. Just quickly, I’d like to point out that these freebies aren’t just junk and that’s why they are given away freely. They are must-have resources that any dog owner would want on his shelf.

23 Doggy Treats Recipe Book – a compiled book on the best snacks that your canine pet can devour. It’s been painstakingly tested and compiled just to give you a handy recipe book to make any dog happy!

Here are some of the benefits I had from using these treats:

  • Easily tiding Maxine (my dog) over until dinner time
  • A simple way to show appreciation for her good behavior
  • Rewarding her after learning a new skill or specific behavior
  • Rewarding her for obeying a command
  • Nibbles for when you go on picnics or long walks (I stuff one or 2 in my pocket)
  • When you’re eating junk food and your dog is giving you those “What about me?” eyes.
  • As a dessert to the main meal (be sure to make the main meal smaller if you are calorie controlling) and finally…
  • When you just want to show your dog you love them!

Baked goods, cookies, frozen treats, savory snacks, and doggy party treats – these goodies will be sure to delight your pets. Learn dog food secrets today!


The 30 Dollar Discount

The book is originally $57 but because the author is so passionate and dedicated to spreading the recipes, there is currently a $30 discount so you can use it to buy groceries for your pal. Isn’t it that a remarkable gesture from an author? What can hinder you now from learning the great recipes for your pets? I myself am a busy person but because I love my pets, I made a little time to read this recipe book – and boy is I glad I did!

Don’t worry though, if you don’t have the time or are unwilling for whatever reason to make your own food – included in the book is a list of the most recommended healthy food for dogs (the only ones) that the author would even consider giving his own dog.


The Money Back Deal

If you are not satisfied with the things that you have learned from the book, just contact the author and his team will make sure that you get your money back straight away! Valid for two whole months! This is a deal that will reassure cautious buyers that what they are buying isn’t trash!

Think about this – how much do you trust the big dog food companies? When cheaper is better, what compromises have they made to the quality of the food you’re giving to your dog? Considering the devastating effects of commercial dog foods on our dog’s health – kidney problems, liver failure, behavioral changes, skin problems, and a lot more threatening health problems that can take your dog’s life from you; you won’t let the chance of discovering healthy dog foods just fly by!

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