Healthy Eating Guidelines For Vibrant Living

Healthy Eating Guidelines For Vibrant Living


I’m Nancy Rishworth, a qualified Naturopath and Personal Trainer with over thirty years experience in the Health and Fitness industry.

Over the years I have studied and researched a lot on what enables us to live a healthy lifestyle so we experience ongoing vitality and a deep sense of joy.

  • You Can Quickly Gain High Levels Of Energy
  • How are your energy levels?
  • Do you really want to enjoy life to the fullest?

If so I may just have the answer for you…

Regain Your Youthful Vitality!

Losing your youthful vitality is something you may initially hardly notice.

But most of us as we move into our forties and fifties realize that we don’t have the energy we once had.

You then have a choice – you can accept that your lack of energy and loss of vitality is just what happens as you age, and become less and less active as the years go by…

Or you can change your eating habits, and discover an amazing storehouse of energy, finding new levels of enthusiasm, giving you renewed boosts of vitality and an increased sense of well-being.

You don’t have to feel “old” when you’re fifty, sixty, seventy, or eighty!

But if you want energy to burn and be enthused with life, you must nurture your body with foods that are health-giving and add to your life force.

Eating foods that do not give you energy and deplete your vitality will reduce your quality of life and rob you of living a vibrant life.

My book ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ gives you virtually all you need to know to regain your youthful vitality.

How Can You Increase Your Vitality?

In my book, ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ I have distilled hundreds and hundreds of hours of study and research from a wide range of well respected nutritional experts from around the world.

I have condensed the essential “must know” information into a very readable book.

I have no particular “diet” I am trying to “sell” to you as the latest and greatest answer to your possible desperate desire to shed pounds of fat and feel a zest for living. So you are getting powerful nutritional facts without any hidden commercially driven agenda.

The information you will read in my book is simple, straight forward, based on scientific studies, including studies of populations from around the world who display remarkable health and energy far into their nineties, and even into their hundreds!

Healthy Eating Guidelines To Suit Everyone!

Don’t we all want to feel healthy and energized?

Through following the sensible eating guidelines in my book ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ I believe that you will find in a very short space of time your energy levels increasing and your sense of enthusiasm for life increasing.

Straight To The Point Information

In my book you will discover:

  • The best Power Foods to build up your immune system
  • Easy to cook yummy health-giving recipes
  • Advice on supplements for various health conditions
  • How to Improve your mental clarity and concentration
  • How to Increase your IQ and your physical performance
  • How to extend your healthy lifespan
  • Easy To Understand And Action Nutritional Information

‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ is written so the information is easy to follow and to put into practice.

You can very easily create an eating plan that works well for you.

You won’t find any peculiar advice that involves eating any one particular food at the expense of following a well-rounded eating plan.

You will find a wide range of tasty foods that you can eat to build your health and increase your energy levels.

With over twenty recipes to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner you will see how easily you can cook health-giving meals.

The focus of this book is to help you really understand what makes for healthy nutrition. Based on your newly acquired nutritional knowledge you will be able to find and analyze various other healthy recipes found either on the net or in book stores.

Another great benefit you will find from reading this book are the specific steps you can take to create a balanced internal environment within your body to combat diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimers, Osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases.

An Excerpt From ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’

To give you some idea of the valuable information contained in my book, below is a brief excerpt –

The Okinawans’ Way of Life is a Living Proven Model for Sustainable Health

We need to recognize that the food we choose to eat is fundamental to our health. You cannot expect to consume poor quality products year after year and not end up with adverse health conditions of one sort or another. You need to know something about what constitutes good food and what are poor quality food choices if you want to live a life filled with vitality for an extended period of time.

A great starting place to build such knowledge is to study people who have wonderful health and long lives and find out what they do, and see whether you can do the same. (It sounds simple enough, yet the majority of the western world remains ignorant of what is required to sustain good health).

We are fortunate that there is such a group of people. Okinawans are among the healthiest and longest living populations in the world and provide a powerful model for anyone interested in living a full and healthy long life.

One of the noticeable differences with the Okinawan diet compared to that of the western world is that they eat low calorie plant based foods high in unrefined carbohydrates. Such a diet not only allows you to maintain a healthy weight, it provides protection against many of the diseases associated with premature aging, such as coronary heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

As we discover more about the correlation between maintaining excellent health and our choice of foods, it is becoming apparent that we should consume the majority of our foods as low as possible down the food chain, which means eating a lot of vegetables, grains, pulses and fruit, which are food types known as complex carbohydrates.

Okinawans eat around seven to ten fruit and vegetables every day, they have seven servings of grain, two servings of soy (tofu, etc), eat fish several times a week and consume very little dairy products or meat. The result – healthy long lives.

Seven to Ten Vegetables and Fruit per Day

Fruit and vegetables contain a variety of antioxidants, and are fiber rich and calorie poor. What those facts mean is that, by eating such foods, you will not only feel better, you will look younger while reducing the risk of having your quality of life severely affected through succumbing to one of the major chronic illnesses that are so prevalent in today’s world.

It has been estimated that every day your body takes billions of hits from free radical damage which is integral to the aging process. Though our bodies have their own built in defenses against such free radical damage our foods supply much of the ammunition (antioxidants) which combat and prevent the free radical damage from adversely affecting our health.

If you eat foods that are sterile, full of empty calories, or even worse, eat foods that are high in pre-oxidants, such as deep fried foods and hydrogenated oils, your ammunition supply is insufficient to combat free radical damage and in fact aids the free radicals to more effectively attack your body’s immune system.

You are much more likely to live a full and vibrant life by regularly eating antioxidant rich foods such as legumes (beans), vegetables, grains, and fruits. Take a leaf out of the eating habits of Okinawan elders who eat about 80 percent plant foods.

Keep reminding yourself of the fact that the antioxidant concentration in your bloodstream at any one time forms a major component of your overall free radical defense system.

Feel Fantastic!

If your goal is to regain your youthful energy, health and vitality my book ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ will deliver the essential information you need to dramatically increase the quality of your life.

You can buy ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ right now for only $15.00

If you don’t find the information helpful I guarantee to refund your full purchase price.

I deeply believe in the valuable information contained in my book and therefore offer a full one year guarantee.

This means you can use the information in ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ for a full year without any risk.

‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ can potentially add quality years to your life as well as save you hundreds of dollars.


Because as you follow the eating guidelines set out in my book you are most likely going to find your general health and well-being increasing enormously. Which means

– you will likely find you need to see medical professionals a lot less often.

I can’t promise you that all your health challenges will go away – but the likelihood of your leading a life of quality with abundant health will certainly be increased.

By taking the time to eat healthy foods and drink nutritious liquids and good quality water, you can greatly increase your quality of life!

Especially if you combine eating healthy foods along with a sensible exercise routine.

By following the advice in ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ you are likely to experience a new invigorated outlook on life!

What is better than this?

Order now this powerful life changing information and you will be downloading ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ in just a minute for only $15.00. Knowing this offer comes with a 90 day one hundred percent money back guarantee, and gaining massive new levels of energy!

Plus as a bonus you will also receive a free copy of our Report, ‘Cardiovascular Workouts – To Strengthen Your Heart, Lungs And Immune System!’

In this report you will learn about the benefits of cardiovascular workouts –

  • Live longer
  • Increase your emotional well-being
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Strengthen your heart, lungs and immune system
  • Increase your muscle tone
  • Burn away fat
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How hard to train according to your age and fitness level

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How often you should train and for how long

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With our 90 day money back guarantee plus this free bonus report, you are getting extremely good value with no risk.

You can order here this truly life-enhancing information to download ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines – For Increased Health, Energy And Well-Being’ in just a minute for only $15.00. Plus you also receive our bonus report.

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