Healthy Eating For Children Pays Great Dividends In Kids Health

Healthy Eating For Children Pays Great Dividends In Kids Health

Healthy Eating For Children Is Vital For Their Wellness

When your kid’s health is poor it can be a very tough time for a parent.

Having raised three children, with one still at school, I know how it feels coping with school sores, cold sores, tonsillitis, child fever, and various other health challenges that children face.

The good news is that most health problems children have can normally be relieved quite quickly as they tend to bounce back to good health very fast. You will also find by following healthy eating practices they will recover even more quickly from their childhood ailments. Check out my Longevity Healthy Eating Guidelines for comprehensive information on healthy eating for you and your family.

Healthy Eating For Children Forms The Basis For Children’s Physical Health.

The conflicting information that parents face about what makes for a healthy diet makes the task of deciding what healthy eating for children actually looks like, quite daunting.

Add to the mix the bombardment of food company advertisers aimed squarely at our children and the constant requests kids put to parents to purchase specific products can leave busy parents feeling worn down by the pressure.

Giving in to the pressure works in the short term and maybe a great relief on the kitchen staff in a household once in a while but it can backfire badly in the medium and long term, if we give in too often.

The trend for takeout and other junk food can leave parents paying a high price in the medium term in doctor’s visits for chronic ear infections, sore throats, dozens of colds, flu and the like and in lost time from school and work. In the long term, juvenile diabetes, obesity and even heart disease and another chronic disease normally associated with aging are becoming the scary reality for younger and younger children.

Healthy Eating Makes For A Great Investment When You Consider The Long-Term Benefits For Your Children

  • So what constitutes healthy eating for children?
  • And how do you change your child’s eating behavior?

The Trick Is Not To Overwhelm Kids With Too Many Changes All At Once.

If they love fizzy drinks and you want to cut down on the sugar and caffeine, withdraw the fizzy slowly, and substitute it with juice diluted with soda water. Explain the importance of water to the health and growth of their bodies and gradually get them to drink water before juice.

Encourage them to drink more water until eventually, juice becomes the treat and water make up most of their beverages. Do the same with other favorite foods that are high in fat and sugar. Find more tips and ideas on our healthy snacks for kids page on making healthy eating for children easier.

In general aim to have the bulk of the children’s diet made up of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meat and chicken (preferably organic or free range), fish ( especially oily fish), organic or free range eggs, beans, pulses, nuts, seeds, whole grains, organic milk and cheese.

This list might seem daunting if they are used to a lot of sodas, sugary foods and french fries. Remember to take it slowly and gradually with the substitutions. Find ways for you and your children to enjoy creating new healthy eating habits together, and remember it’s what you eat six days a week that counts, on the seventh day have a treat!

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