As Good As Gold Finding The Recruiter That Is Right For You

As Good As Gold Finding The Recruiter That Is Right For You

A good recruiter can be an invaluable asset to both your current job hunt and your career, but not all recruiters are created equal. Here’s how to tell when you’ve struck recruiter gold.

First contact

Gold:  She introduces herself and the company she represents.  She is polite and asks if it is a good time for you to talk.  She gets to know you, what you are looking for in your next move, and understands why you are looking.  She gets to know your skill set and establishes a relationship.

Recruiters are humans – meaning you will find recruiters with different types of personalities and styles, so find one you like and trust will have your best interest at heart.  And, you don’t necessarily want the best salesman because the product they are selling could be bad, or just not what is right for you. You want someone that can give you genuine advice about your career, someone that knows their market and understands your skill set.

When talking about the client

Gold: He knows what’s going on at the organization and about the client’s culture.  He can tell you about specific hiring managers and what they are looking for on their team.  Sometimes, he might even know if your personality would mesh with your future colleagues. He requests permission to present you to the specific client.

Please don’t forget, even the good recruiters have to be loyal to their clients.  This is NOT a bad thing; it just means the recruiter has to best service his client because that’s where his paycheck is coming from.  The client is the reason his job exists.

If a recruiter knows a lot about a client – it’s because of strong relationships that they have built over time and is most likely the result of successful business (read: placed consultants).  This means it is more likely he can get YOU in.  He might even know about positions that haven’t yet been announced or aren’t being advertised to other vendors.

When you score an interview

Gold:  She knows who you are interviewing with and can give you some insight for what you can expect.  She follows up with you after the interview to gather your thoughts, and when it comes time for feedback, she contacts you whether she is bearing good or bad news.

Call your recruiter after you have an interview.  A good recruiter will call you that day, but it is great if make it easier for them.  Keep them in the loop of your thoughts and what’s going on in your head.  Be an open book – the recruiter will be much more likely to reciprocate.

When you land the job:

Gold:  He helps make sure your transition into the new job is an easy one.  He makes sure you understand what paperwork needs to be completed for you to start, and forewarns you of any possible obstacles. He is there, willing to help and actively ensures you have everything you need for a successful start.

Whether you are unemployed now or might be job hunting in the future a good recruiter can make the process more effective and considerably less painful.  Find one you like, can trust, and is knowledgeable of the market and your skill set.  Of course, you might still have to be patient because of the myriad of factors that play into landing a perfect job – but working with a recruiter can help you land a better job, one where you can thrive, and is a smart next move in your career.  Happy hunting!

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