How to Garden Without Spending Losing All Your Free Time

How to Garden Without Spending Losing All Your Free Time

Gardening can be a great way to grow some food and beautify your space. Unfortunately, they can also become very time consuming projects. In an increasingly busy society, it is important to find balance between your hobbies and your obligations. This article is here to give you tips and tricks on transforming your backyard with a minimum of effort.

Try to plant some perennials to cut down on the number of plants you need to purchase each year. Because these plants keep coming back year after year, you can cut down not only on purchases but also how much time you spend on planting each spring. However, they generally do not bloom as long, so you will need to spend more time in your initial planning stage. Place your plants strategically, along with any annuals you are using in order to compensate for the short bloom times.

If you have neighbors that garden as well, try to coordinate your vegetable garden with them. It is easy to grow more than you can eat, but by trading, you can add variety as well as reducing your waste. This also allows you to share duties such as canning which take extra time and resources if they are done in small batches. Harvest is also a great time to throw a party and come together as a community.

Consider using more permanent edging, such as rock rather than mulch. Lighter materials will decompose or get blown away. Things like rocks will last for years. Eventually they will sink into the earth, so they will need to be replaced occasionally. Also, they can damage plants if you choose a style that reflects light too much.

Create a place where you can gather food waste and yard litter. Composting is a fantastic way to save money on fertilizer, as well as keeping all those useful materials out of the landfill. Turn the material every so often to add oxygen for the bacteria and other critters that break down the food into nutrient-rich dirt for your garden. Spread the composted materials each spring or use raised beds that you can move every few years.

While you don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest toys, spend a few extra dollars on the basics. You don’t want tools that break easily or won’t stay sharp. This will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort you need to spend in the garden. For more expensive implements like tillers and leaf blowers, try to share one with your neighbors or rent one for the few days you need it.

These basics will help you keep your garden a sparkling success rather than an embarrassing secret. No one wants to go through the effort of planning and creating a beautiful garden only to end up with a new patch of weeds in their backyard. Use the tips in this article to help keep your garden looking beautiful and your life in balance.

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