Furniture and Appliances Advice for newly weds

Furniture and Appliances Advice for newly weds

So you just got married, had your expensive honeymoon and moved into your new home. You’re broke and you don’t have any furniture, but it was definitely worth it, because you had the time of your life and the wedding went perfectly.

As newlyweds, you’ll have furniture your parents lent you and your closet is a cardboard box. It’s okay, that’s where we all start if you have an everyday kind of life like the next man or woman (unless you’re a billionaire, celebrity, or a billionaire celebrity). That’s why we have compiled a list, in order of things you should buy first. Let’s call it the “essentials for newlyweds”


1. Kettle

Coffee! Yes, every modern household needs coffee in its veins to get the day going. If you don’t have coffee, you will start the day with a grumpy attitude and sleepy, half open eyes. Buying a kettle and some good coffee could save your marriage!

2. Bed

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep and getting that essential eight hours of sleep is a good start to any day, and is great for your relationship. With more rest you’ll be more flexible when it comes to discussions with your spouse and you’ll be less touchy about wrong-timed jokes he or she makes.

3. Washing machine

Every household needs a washing machine, because no one wants to spend two hours washing their clothes when they could rather spend time with each other. You’ll still have quality time when you need to hang the washing out to dry and enough time for everything else.

4. Dish Washer

Dishwashers are high on my list, since I feel the same about having to wash dishes as I do about washing clothes. When I get home, I’d rather be spending time with my wife. Dishes never end and there’s a new stack of dirty dishes every day! Rather get a dishwasher and leave it on rinse and dry.

5. Power tools

This one is more for the guys, since they’ll need the manly power tools to fix all the cupboards, broken air conditioners and other leaks around the house. Nothing makes a man feel as special as fixing his place for his women.

The rest will come with time and since you’re newlyweds, you’ll find a lot of others things (Gardening, wine tasting, pillow fighting) to keep your mind off of furniture, appliances and other things you “need”.

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