Facts About Penguins : Life with Flightless Birds

Facts About Penguins : Life with Flightless Birds

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Facts About Penguins

It is really a pleasure spending your leisure time with cute puppies, sweet kittens and tweeting birds. But for a change, you can have rarely loved animals. You may consider things about snakes, interesting stuffs about baby gorillas and also facts about penguins.

Some these animals can be found in far places, not wild yet unusually made and considered for pets. As mentioned a while ago, one of these is the penguin specie. If you are so interested to know more about this kind of new pet, well this makes the sense. Come and let us discuss some facts about penguins.

Why are they called penguin? It may have been called as “bird incapable of flying” or “walking bird”. One thing on facts about penguins. Yes, it is true that penguins are birds.  If you are not convinced then check it out! There are sites saying that it is a mammal, there are also some saying that it is a bird.

The truth is that it is a flightless bird, an aquatic bird and something which may also be called as a marine bird. One of the facts about penguins is its capability to fly underwater. Have you seen a bird flying not in the sky but under the water? If not, then try to find a penguin doing the action.

Facts About Penguins The Baby Penguins

Other facts about penguins are reproduction and their babies. How do they reproduce? Laying eggs! Yes, they lay eggs just like usual birds. Their babies or chicks are very small too and have feathers so fluffy to hold and touch. So, if you see a group of little penguins or even more penguins of the adult age, you simply call them as a colony or a rookery.

It is another important thing on facts about penguins, right? It is very interesting reading about penguins because you need not live in the Southern part of Australia just to see with your two naked eyes these flightless birds. What you are going to do instead is open your eyes and read this one. These are interestingly true facts about penguins.

Facts About Penguins

Penguins live elsewhere than Southern Australia. You may see them in Antarctica at times and you may also find them in the Galapagos or even in New Zealand as well. In the coasts of South America or in South Africa, there you may see cute walking flightless birds called penguins.

To answer the query on their name, these flightless birds are called penguins because it was derived from the word “pen” and “gwyn” which mean “head” and “white” for that matter. Welsh terms, those are the etymological side of penguins. Again, it is one of the facts about penguins, a very useful one!

When swimming, it is really great that most of these penguins can do the underwater flying for about 15 miles for every one hour. You know why? It is because of their insulating layers, and these ones are inserted in their skin and blubber. Meaning, air is stored there so when they stay for longer period of time under the water, it is not a danger to their lives because they can still breathe. Its nice to know the facts about penguins and learn a lot.

There are more facts about penguins, so interesting to know, right? Some things you hear from other people may be false but these are purely facts about penguins and they are so cute to be a pet. With these, it is really enticing to consider penguins as pets especially if you want to see how they feel the cold. They open their feather! Yes, so amazing! You too should have one.

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