Exercise Reduces Stress Powerfully As It Boosts Your Well-Being!

Exercise Reduces Stress Powerfully As It Boosts Your Well-Being!

Ever noticed how when you go out in the garden at the end of a long day at work and you are wound up and tired you might start snatching at the weeds just because they’re there, but before you know it an hour’s gone by and you’ve worked up a sweat.

Exercise Reduces Stress Amazingly!

You’ve weeded, planted a row of seeds, mulched and generally tidied up, you stand up your back may ache a little but your mind feels relaxed and curiously refreshed.

You’ve just proven that exercise reduces stress without even knowing it.

Same thing if you go for a gentle stroll or brisk walk along the beach at dusk, the answer to some problem that’s been bothering you suddenly becomes crystal clear and you come back upbeat and reinvigorated.

Exercise Increases Your Joy!

Different people will experience different emotions with exercise, but studies have shown that one of the main benefits of exercise is its ability to reduce our stress and get us out of our selves so to speak which can lead to a wonderful euphoria as in the ‘runners high’ that highly trained athletes talk about.

There are chemicals released in the brain as a result of exercise called neurotransmitters that really do alter our mood for the better.

If we’ve been stuck inside all day in an overheated stuffy room, exercise out in the fresh air, on the football field or in a gym, martial arts dojo, dance or yoga studio, provides a welcome change of scene that helps refocus our thoughts on the enjoyment of our leisure time and the challenge of the exercise, which lifts our mood.

Other benefits of exercise like increased strength, suppleness, muscle tone, improved posture, weight/fat loss that all improve self image, add to the mood enhancing quality of exercise.

Doctors Recognize the Health Benefits of Exercise

If you play a social sport, or exercise with a friend, the social support plus the improvements to your physical health combine to increase the stress relief benefit of exercise. In fact exercise is now well established as a green prescription by many physicians for stress and lifestyle related illnesses.

Exercise regulates the ratio of stress hormones to opiates that relieve pain and elevate mood. They lower cortisol levels and elevate dopamine levels. It helps regulate blood pressure and protects against depression Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The major point I want to make is that exercise contributes hugely to your well-being. People write a lot about stress relief and ways to cope with stress – the evidence is really clear – exercise reduces stress! And is one of the best ways to deal with stress and give you a deep sense of joyfulness and well-being.

The Benefits of Exercise from a CEO’s Perspective

“Hi once again, it’s Jonathan here, Nancy’s husband. I can’t say enough about the difference exercise makes in my life – for many years exercise has been an integral part of my life. When Nancy explains the powerful way in which exercise reduces stress you may be inclined to think she is maybe slightly over-exaggerating the power of exercise in our lives.

What I can say is – as a General Manager and CEO for various organizations over the years there have been times when my work has been incredibly stressful. Coming home and going surfing, or to a martial arts class, or for a run along the beach, or performing a 30 minute stretching routine, is for me like taking a magic pill. In no time at all I am in a totally different mindset.

My previous concerns seem so much less significant, my nervous energy is transformed into a sense of confidence and exuberance, with new ideas often coming to mind, with my feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. I have experienced time and again how exercise reduces stress and know personally that exercise is one of the very best ways to deal with stress.”

Exercise for Stress Relief and Enjoyment

So, that’s Jonathan’s thoughts on this topic. I hope it helps you decide to make exercise a regular part of your life so you too can gain the fantastic benefits exercise gives to everyone who regularly participates in activities they really enjoy. Your enjoyment for living will increase!

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