What is the Best Dyson Vacuum for Hardwood Floors ?

Hardwood floors can be especially tricky to vacuum, not only do you need excellent suction but it’s vital to pick a model that won’t harm the surface.

Many cleaners leave scratches and scuff-marks behind, ruining the finish. You need a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction but which won’t damage the look of your floors. Finding the best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors isn’t hard — there are plenty to choose from.

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Why Looking For Best Dyson For Hardwood Floors?

Dyson is one of the best known and most popular brands out there with good reason. Although more expensive than lower-tech brands, their cleaners perform astoundingly well in consumer tests on a variety of surfaces. Dyson cleaners also have the advantage of collecting more microscopic particles than other cleaners, making them very helpful for allergy sufferers.

Dyson’s advantages are:

  • Bagless design means no more expensive bags to replace.
  • Used “cyclone” technology that creates a very strong suction.
  • The “Dyson ball”, a rolling ball that allows uprights to move and turn more freely than those on wheels.
  • stylish high-tech looks and finer filters remove more dust from the air.​

Our Picks Of 8 Best Dyson For Hard Floors 2020 Review

1. Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Lightweight Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor is an upright bangless vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use on different types of flooring, from carpets to hardwood.

The cleaner head self-adjusts to different surfaces so you don’t have to swap attachments.

It uses Dyson’s ball technology which makes it highly maneuverable; the ball rolls smoothly over your floors and won’t scratch the finish. According to few experts that the ball can take a little getting used to, as the vacuum doesn’t move like other uprights. Most people seem to become fans after a little practice.

The DC40 Dyson vacuum has attracted positive comment from most experts. Few have noted that although it cleans well, it doesn’t leave heavy track marks in low-pile carpets; this might be a small minus if you like that “just-vacuumed” look. The cord may be a little short for large rooms. One or two users experts that the attachments are also a little shorter than they’d like, causing the DC40 to tip up while vacuuming under beds or couches.

2. Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner


Although not quite as well-received as the upright DC40, the DC39 has received positive reviews from many consumers, who appreciate its strong suction and ease of use.

The attachments are longer and more easy to maneuver and the whole unit is lighter than the upright version — good news for those who struggle with arthritis or other debilitating conditions.

For pet owners, especially those with allergies, dealing with animal hair and dander can be a constant battle. The Dyson Animal range comes with various attachments designed to help cope with the problem of pet hair. The Animal comes in both upright and canister versions.

​Comparison Between DC40 and DC39

Opinion is divided between reviewers who adored this upright for its ease of movement, strong suction on hard surfaces and the pet hair attachments; and those who found the accordion design of the attachment hoses rather trying.

The response from consumers is overwhelmingly positive but those with many stairs or awkward areas to vacuum may wish to choose the DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner.Underneath its distinctive purple chassis, the DC39 Animal is similar to the regular DC39 but comes with special attachments for dealing with problem pet hair.

It has all the advantages you’d expect from a Dyson, plus extra maneuverability. Consumers generally agree that the DC39 Animal outperforms their previous vacuum when tackling hair on hard surfaces.

3. Dyson DC14 All Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Every Floor Type


With its white and grey casing, this Dyson is not as flashy looking as it’s yellow or purple colleagues but as looks go, the DC14 is sleek and smooth and pleasing to the eye.

This upright cleaner is a pretty heavy model, weighing in at approximately 20 pounds, but despite this it is an easy to manage vacuum cleaner.

Using ABS polycarbonate materials, similar to that of riot shields and crash helmets, you’ll be filled with confidence that this is a very sturdy, high quality constructed cleaner.

Using the cleaner is a joy. With many on board tools and attachments to chose from, up to the edge and crevice cleaning, along with the ability to get to those hard to reach places and clean the stairs thanks to its retractable wand, your home will be totally clean in no time.

The power cord is long enough for you to be able to vacuum the whole house without the need to keep unplugging as you move from room to room.

As with most other Dysons, the DC14 does not disappoint on its cleaning power. It’s constant suction throughout the duration of your clean remains consistent, and its deep-rooted cleaning will leave your carpets looking a whole lot cleaner after just the very first use. It is also surprisingly quite in spite of its mighty power. The DC14 works equally well on both carpets and hard flooring, and a quick click on the foot pedal will ensure a seamless changeover.

No Hoover Bags And Easy Maintenance

Maintenance and running costs are both very low- there are no bags to replace or throw away ensuring you save on the environment as well as in your pocket and the built in filter simply requires a rinse under a cold tap every month or so.

Has The Power

So whilst this is one of Dysons older cleaners, its cleaning power and ability measures up to the newer, more colourful models, and because it is a wee bit older, you will be pleasantly surprised by the value for money price tag too.

4. Dyson DC24 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner


With its ultra lightweight and compact design, the DC24 is definitely a model designed for the more compact individual, or someone like myself, who at five feet tall and seven stone light, finds it extremely easy to lift, carry and manoeuvre on the stairs.

So weighing in at approximately 5.4kg and taking the crown as the lightest upright vacuum around, this definitely is the one for me.

I would say however, that this particular model is reserved for the smaller home as well as the smaller person. It will get through a flat or a small house with ease.

However, anything larger will result in some stopping and starting again as the flexi is not really long enough to get around. You may also find that the bag might need emptying a bit more frequently.

That said though, the performance of the DC24 is second to none. With the Root Cyclone technology specific to Dyson, there is no loss of suction and you will be amazed after your very first session at how much dirt and pet hair this model is capable of lifting from your carpets.

Motorised brushes, spinning around at extremely high speeds, agitate the carpet pile to dislodge even the most trodden in dust, dirt and pet hair, and the continual suction power sucks it all up, so from day one, your carpets will look so much cleaner. There is also a nifty mattress-cleaning tool available and I will leave it to your imagination as to what will be sucked out of your bed.

Ball Technology

Moving around with the DC24 is the most amazing experience. There are no fixed wheels which means that you wont need to keep constantly pushing backwards and forwards just to turn a corner. The Ball technology allows you to steer effortlessly around appliances and furniture at the turn of your wrist so for the lightweights among us, this really is just what we need. Changing from carpet to hard floor is as easy as clicking the foot button.

Cleaning the stairs and in those awkward nooks and crannies is also really easy- the reversible, extendable wand reaches into all those places, cleans and then stores away easily. With various attachments also available, just about everything in the home can be cleaned with the DC24.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of this model is relatively simple. Filters are easily removed for cleaning and require nothing more than a rinse under a cold tap. Emptying the dust collector as a simple case of clicking to empty over a bin and clicking back into place.

Not to mention also that this model looks as well as it performs, with it’s sleek gunmetal grey casing and bright yellow ball. Being compact compared to older Dysons, this will sit quietly in any cupboard or corner until you demand its attention.

5. Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Dyson DC25 Animal is an upright cleaner, designed specifically for homes with pets. At just 7.4 kg, this model is one of Dyson’s lightest upright cleaners.

Gone are the days of clumsy manoeuvring, the Ball technology that this model boasts allows you to steer effortlessly around furniture and other obstacles. The cleaner literally rides on the ball which pivots around itself and allows you at just a flick of the wrist to move in any direction you want it to.

No more pushing back and forth on fixed wheels just to turn a corner. This cleaner will allow you to clean right up to the edge, and with its low front bar, cleaning under the sofa is easy to do too.

The motorised brush is specially designed for deep-rooted dirt and pet hair removal. The stiff bristles on the brush spin at extremely high speeds which agitate the carpet pile to dislodged dirt and pet hair, so that it can be vacuumed up: even the tiniest particles such as dust mite faeces cannot escape this fate.

Dyson DC25 Details

Whilst this vacuum has been specifically designed for pet hair removal from rugs and carpets, allergy suffers among us will benefit from the powerful removal of irritants thanks to its Root Cyclone technology which ensures powerful and constant suction throughout the whole of your clean. Note also that the brush bar can be turned off simply by clicking the foot pedal so you can use this cleaner on hard surfaces too.

Easy Reach

For cleaning stairs and those harder to reach places around the home, simply click to release the retractable wand. It extends up to 16 feet and allows you to attach tools which will enable you more detailed cleaning powers. The on board tool storage means you don’t have to worry about remembering where you put anything.

Easy To Use

Maintenance of the DC25 is simple. Although the bin fills up quite quickly, this can be forgiven by its ease of emptying – simply click to release the bin from the machine and click again to release the dirt. The lifetime hepa filter just requires a rinse under a cold tap every month or so. There are no bags or replacement filters required so there is money to save on running costs and as there is no bag or filter to throw away you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

6. Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Beyond no shadow of doubt, the Dyson DC31 Handheld is by far the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner around. With its renowned Root Cyclone technology, this Dyson, alongside its full sized models will not lose suction and ensures the most powerful hand held clean ever.

Perfect for when the cat knocks over a plant pot and you don’t want the bother of getting your full sized cleaner out of the cupboard, or for smaller areas such as cleaning out the car or caravan.

The hand held boasts a clever dual power feature, which will give you varying battery life depending on your requirements.

Dyson DC31 Details

10 minutes of high suction power for larger areas of cleaning, and for smaller but more stubborn areas of cleaning just increase the power which will allow you 6 minutes of cleaning time but at 70% more power. Changing the settings is easily done at the push of a button. With a 22.2v battery, charging to full capacity is very efficient with an economical 3 hour charging time.


This model comes with a fantastic combination of accessories: the larger nozzle is perfect for clearing up crumbs or other large particles of dirt, convert to the brush head attachment for the more delicate areas of cleaning such as the computer keyboard, convert again to the crevice tool for more targeted cleaning of skirting boards, in between furniture folds and picture rails.

Light Weight

At just 1.3kg,weighing in at less than a bag of sugar, using the DC31 is a very comfortable experience. Whilst it could benefit from being mains powered, 10 minutes power is plenty of time to complete the smaller cleaning jobs.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of the DC31 is so easy, you’ll note immediately when it needs to be emptied thanks to it’s clear design. Just hold over the bin and press the button to release the dirt. There are no replaceable bags or filters and therefore no associated running costs, and apart from an internal filter that needs a quick rinse through once a month, there really is nothing else you need to do to keep your handheld in tip top condition.

7. Dyson DC32 Animal Full-size Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Engineered for Removing Pet Hair


The Dyson DC32 Animal is definitely as it the name suggests. As soon as you plug in and switch on, you’ll see what a beast this machine really is. Pet owners will be amazed at just how much pet hair and dust are sucked up from the very first and you will be left wondering exactly what your predecessor has been doing all this time.

The Animals motorised brush heads spin at very high speeds to agitate the carpet pile and release the very finest dust particles, pet hair and dirt from deep down within, the very first use will see your carpets looking as though they have been professionally cleaned.

Whilst this is a pretty heavy weight for a cylinder vacuum, and is quite a bulky model to store easily in the smaller home, this is very easily forgiven due to the powerful cleaning performance.

Dyson DC32 Details

Switching from carpets to hard flooring is simply a matter of pushing the right button with your toe as you go, and with each foot switch being a different colour it could not get any easier. The Animal maintains the same suction regardless of which setting it is set to, so you may find the air opening valve useful to manually reduce the suction level if your lino is in danger of being sucked up.

Different Functions

The retractable wand allows for easy cleaning of ceilings and stairs alike and easily adjusts to the right length for whoever is using it. The suction release function will ensure that your curtains are not swallowed up either.

The wand handle itself easily detaches to allow you to attach various tools to the end of the hose, so you can switch from floors to mattresses quickly and simply. There is some nifty on board storage space for the various tools and attachments so there will be no worries about losing anything.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of the Animal is simple. The mini turbo and brush heads easy come apart so you can unclog any hair easily. The clear design will let you see at a glance when the dust collector needs emptying and doing so is as simple as unclicking it from the main body and emptying out over the bin. And with no ongoing maintenance costs such as replacement bags, this model will even save you money in the long run.

8. Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Within five minutes of your Dyson arriving at your door you will be embarking on a brand new vacuuming experience. Assembly of the DC33 is quick and easy; the  hardest task is getting it out of the box.

Once you have pushed the ends of the pipes onto the base, simply click all of the on board tools into place and your are done. That really is all there is to getting started.

So stand back to admire your handy work and you will notice that the DC33 is slightly smaller and more streamlined that it’s predecessor and whilst it is daintier and not so cumbersome it is still a very sturdy model.

Weighing in at 8kg, it is still rather heavy but this can be forgiven when there are so many other plus points. Looking sleek with its gunmetal grey casing and swish red switches, it’s almost a shame to have to put it to work.

All Your Needs In One Vacuum

With its capacity to take on all floor types, changing from plush carpet to vinyl flooring is so simple, with a quick push of the foot button, you’ll be switched in no time at all. Ceramic, laminate and wood present no problem so if you live in a multi floor home, this really is the right model for you. Cleaning the stairs is completely problem free thanks to the concertina attachment, and for curtain and high up cobweb cleaning, the wand attachment stretches into all of those places so you don’t need to.

So Much Power

Using your DC33 for the first time, you will be amazed at just how powerful the suction is, it has the ability to suck right from the very base of the carpet pile and pull everything up with it so you will notice that your carpets look a whole lot cleaner after their very first vacuum with this model. You will be left wondering where all that dirt came from. Will you be brave enough to use the mattress tool after seeing what the DC33 took out of your carpets?Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining this model is a breeze. Emptying out the dust is just a case of simply clicking the container free, clicking again to release the dust into the nearest waste bin and returning it back to its base. The on board pictorial diagrams remind you where the filters are and how to clean them and by simply running them under the cold water tap, this couldn’t really be any easier.

So, sleek, hardworking and value for money, what more do you need?

Dyson Vacuum Parts

Most Dyson models come equipped with a set of on board tools for basic home cleaning, however, many more nifty Dyson tools are available, taking cleaning to the next level.

Read on to find out how you can accessorise your Dyson.

Dyson Groom

As much as we adore our four legged friends, their unavoidable moulting is something we would prefer to live without, or at least tackle without feeling as though we’re losing a battle.

Most grooming brushes pick up the loose hair but require constant unclogging as you groom your dog, and invariably, dog hair ends up on the floor.

The Dyson Groom has slick grooming bristles and works by removing loose hair straight from your dog and sucking it up into the vacuum cleaner before it starts to shed all around your house.

Allergy Kit

The Allergy Kit comprises of 3 tools for cleaning dust and dirt from those really hard to reach places.

The Soft Dusting tool boasts soft bristles which allow gentle dusting around the home: perfect for skirting boards and picture rails.

The Mattress tool allows you to vacuum up dirt and dust mites from your mattresses and other upholstery, giving you the utmost confidence of a restful nights sleep.

The Flexi Crevice tool allows you to clean into those really awkward gaps and spaces with ease thanks to its ability to stretch and flex to where you need it to go: perfect for cleaning those spaces between appliances and furniture

Stubborn Dirt Brush

The Dyson Stubborn Dirt brush is perfect for dislodging ground in dirt and stubborn stains from your carpet. Its stiff bristles agitate the carpet pile as you move it back and forth, working the dirt lose so that it can be sucked up into the vacuum cleaner

Up Top Tool

The Up Top Tool twists and turns to accommodate all angles, allowing you to clean those really hard to reach places such as the top of your kitchen cupboards and lampshades.

Its fine bristles gently remove dust from areas that the Soft Dusting Brush is not able to get to.

Spring Clean Kit

Comprises of the Soft Dusting Brush and the Stubborn Dirt Brush and includes a can of Dyzolv, Dysons own brand cleaning agent specially designed for removing spill stains from rugs and carpets.

Home Cleaning Kit

Comprises of the Soft Dusting Brush, Stubborn Dirt Brush and the Up Top Brush

Good luck with your hunt for the best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors​

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