Dynamic Fitness Exercise Programs Will Create A New You!

Dynamic Fitness Exercise Programs Will Create A New You!

Fitness Exercise Programs Consist of Four Major Categories

  1. Stretching exercises
  2. Weight training routines
  3. Cardiovascular workouts
  4. Core strength workouts
  5. Balanced Programs

Balanced fitness exercise programs include exercises from each of these categories. However, if you are involved in a specific sport such as weight lifting that requires a lot more strength than cardiovascular fitness you would have a greater percentage of your workouts dedicated to strength exercises than you would to cardiovascular exercises.

Having said that, it would still be important for a weight lifter to maintain a good level of cardio fitness and he or she would definitely want flexibility and core stability to optimize their weight lifting technique.

A Holistic Approach Gives the Greatest Benefits

I want to make this point – this site is for those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle and therefore I take a holistic and balanced approach when I discuss each of the major keys to living a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are a weekend golfer, cyclist, surfer, or some other social sports person the fitness exercise programs you will find here will allow you to hugely improve your fitness, strength, flexibility, core strength and sporting performance.

And if you are not a “weekend warrior” battling it out on a sports field, and purely want to build your overall well-being to gain greater energy as you become fitter and healthier, you will find great fitness exercise programs that you can follow or customize to suit you.

Lower, Upper and Full Body Workouts

You will discover lower body workouts that you can perform to increase your leg strength and flexibility which do not require any equipment at all, as well as fitness exercise programs that will require a small amount of gym equipment. This means you can either choose to exercise in your own home, or if you prefer you can join a gym.

You will also find great upper body workouts to increase strength and flexibility in your shoulders, arms, back, chest and torso, plus strengthen your core stability.

At the moment I train regularly at the gym, plus walk on the beach and attend dance classes, while Jonathan does all his training at home along with runs on the beach. So I will provide you with training methods suitable for training at home, or in the great outdoors, such as resistance band exercises, as well as programs that will require more gym equipment.

Full body workouts will show you how to train your entire body during a training session while demonstrating how these workouts can be tailored to best suit your circumstances.

Learn about Rotator Cuff Exercises to Protect Your Shoulders

You will also find information on less well-known, but important exercises such as rotator cuff exercises which can dramatically assist in repairing some types of damage to the shoulder joints allowing you to better enjoy activities like golf, swimming, rowing, surfing and bench presses.

Best Ab Exercises

You will also discover good information on the best ab exercises but please remember that strong abdominals can only be seen if you aren’t carrying excess fat around your middle and this is where healthy eating plays a vital part in not only looking good, but feeling good.

Specialized Body Part Exercises

If you particularly want to learn more about exercises for specific parts of the body you will find information on arm exercises, leg exercises, chest exercises and shoulder exercises, and pelvic floor exercises so you will be able to customize fitness exercise programs to ideally suit you.

You will also be able to find excellent information on using an exercise ball to add variety to your own programs whether training at home or at a gym.

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