Dog Health Food: The Right Stuff

Eating good healthy foods will naturally prolong your pet’s life. Like humans, they also need proper nutrition. Feeding them table scraps or the cheapest dog food is not recommended and we should be careful what we feed them aiming for the best quality that our budget and time can allow.

I assumed I was feeding my dog well but found out otherwise when I visited the vet and he told me my dog was a tad too thin for her age. Essentially, she is undernourished. I was surprised as I’ve been generous with food, and simply followed the instructions on the packet. I assumed the big brands would be dog health food! I bought a well-known brand of puppy food and simply switched to the adult version when the time came.

What I know now is that there is no perfect dog food suitable for all dogs. You should judge what to feed them based on age, activity and body size. I was initially at a loss when I spoke with the vet, as I wasn’t sure what to feed her. So I did a little research. I’ll share some of what I found with you guys below so that our pets will all get the proper nutrition they need. Bear in mind that factors such as body weight, energy needs and digestive problems should be taken into account as well.

What your dog needs

There are so many different brands of dog health food on the market now that it may seem confusing at first. Which ones are suitable for a German Shepherd or a Border Collie? What’s the difference between dry and wet foods? Here’s the key. There are five things to consider when evaluating any food for dogs.

High protein. These are meats such as chicken, pork, or beef. This will be their primary energy source and get them through their day. This meat should be the largest ingredient by volume. (In rare cases, some dogs will require a vegetarian diet with protein supplements – check with your vet)

Grains. These are only needed in small amounts. Rice (especially brown rice) and oats are good for your dog, as well as a small amount of corn (although allergies exist here too).

Vegetable/fruit. These will help balance your dog’s diet. Be cautious in feeding them fruit and stick to the mainstream products.

Supplements. These are highly variable and you could probably just get by with good dog health food and exercise. Next time you’re at the vet just ask if there are any supplements he recommends for your dog, taking into account breed and age.

Food processing. If it is freeze dried, baked, or dehydrated it’s probably ok. Canned foods made for humans are generally not suitable.

What your dog likes

For the happiest arrangement, it’s best that your pets get all of their nutrients and sustenance from their dog health food – and that it tastes good too! Try out a few different varieties and see which ones they respond to most.

If your still unsure or have questions regarding what food is best – as well as which ones to definitely avoid – check out the ‘Dog Food Secrets’ report on this site. It even has a list of 25 dog treat recipes that’ll get your dog salivating…. even more than usual!

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