Dog Barking Solutions – Proven Ways

Dog Barking Solutions – Proven Ways


Provide a diversion. Whilst your dog is barking, shake a can containing small pebbles – the noise from they can be louder than his bark and he will stop and look for it. Just make sure that he doesn’t see you doing it (and that it’s not 3am). Using a water pistol is an easy and common solution too; whilst barking sprays a jet of water into his face using the water pistol. Do every time he barks and he will soon associate it with an unpleasant splash in the face. Just make sure to spray during or right after he stopped barking – spraying a few seconds later will send him the wrong message or confuse him. This may prevent dog barking solutions from working properly!

Daily Exercise. Exercise him regularly so that his excess energy will be burnt off. Walk with him in the morning around your neighborhood. Not only will he feel that you have time for him, he’ll also get to meet other dogs, and this will prevent any feelings of isolation.

Remove the trigger. One of the more difficult but effective dogs barking solutions is to remove triggers that are particularly difficult to overcome in training. If the barking is due to a change in environment, bring him back to a place where he is more familiar. If he is in a place where there are many people passing by, transfer him to somewhere else where the people are not so visible.

Give him toys. Having something to play with around the place can keep him busy. Buy toys like a chew toy or those newer teeth cleaning chew toys. This will even aid in maintaining his hygiene.

Train him. Get your hands on a reliable training book and use one or two of the techniques to train your dog. This is the most effective long-term method, as you are training him yourself which increases trust and bonding. There are a number of useful resources on this site which I recommend you take a look at, such as this article, or this guide ‘Dog Obedience Training’.

Enroll him in an obedience school. Obedience schools are popular nowadays. You can ask your veterinarian if he knows a good school. The downside to this is the cost and the time input required.

There are many different dog barking solutions, but the real secret is to be consistent in your method. Consistency will help him get the message and resist the urge to bark, whether you are there or not.

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