Dog Barking Problems: What are they really trying to say?

Dog Barking Problems: What are they really trying to say?


Woof, ruff, arf, au au, yip and bow wow.  I am an owner of two dogs and when I first got them I was constantly hassled with these barking noises. I was plagued with dog barking problems – they used to bark at anyone and anything (even a cockroach). Barking may be their way of communication, but to us humans it’s often a nuisance.

Dogs can bark for the ‘right’ reasons, such as when there is a stranger around or at an odd noise, but they can also bark incessantly and inappropriately. This is when our barking problems start – sleepless nights are not only a problem for you but also for your neighbors.

To control dog barking problems, we must first identify the main reason why they do it.

As you will already know, there are a wide variety of different barks – here are a few examples along with their common meanings:

Stutter bark. This stammering high pitch bark means that your dog is excited about something, and wants to play.

Prolonged/Drawn-out barking. This non-stop barking is the most annoying of all to us and our neighbors. This often indicates a perceived threat, or simply that your dog feels alone and is seeking attention.

Yelp/yap. This short, sharp yelp indicates pain or suffering. Hunger may also be associated with this kind of bark.

Growl. Often triggered by a stranger approaching – it is a defensive measure against an invasion of his territory. Growling can also be protective, of food or toys for example.

Alarm bark. Short barks one at a time is often alerts – strange noises that he thinks need attention.


Any Other Reasons for Barking?

To be noticed. What may be dog barking problems for us are often cries for attention. Dogs bark in order to let their presence be felt, either by their owner or other dogs. Often all that is needed to quell the noise is a bit of attention – but be careful that you are following the proper training procedures too. If you lavish attention on them every time they bark, that’ll only serve as positive reinforcement and means it’ll only get worse! Any dog barking solutions should recognize this.

To be heard. Dogs have many different needs and if they are not met, they can succumb to barking and making noise. As above, they bark to get attention so that their needs can be addressed.  If they go unfed or are scared on a regular basis this can lead to mistrust and excessive barking behavior.

To protect them. Dogs have territorial and protective instincts. When they feel that their space is being intruded, they bark to scare away the trespasser.

Dogs try to communicate with us by barking and so in return, we should make an effort to understand them. Understanding, proper training and offering reassurance play a big role towards a healthy relationship between you and your dog, resulting in zero dog barking problems!


Dog Barking Solutions: Tips for A More Peaceful Life

Barking dogs are a common problem in most neighborhoods. It causes strained relationships between neighbors and is annoying to everyone. Pet owners tend to neglect or try to ignore their dogs when they bark. Although it can be really irritating, bear in mind that when a dog barks, it may mean it has a problem. You should pay attention to whatever it is that’s bothering your dog, especially in the early days as it will help with your training. There are a few steps that you should take to finding your dog barking solutions.


Identify the Problem

Before you get mad at your dog for being so noisy, try to spot the reason for the behavior.  Maybe your dog is trying to tell you something. Barking problems usually stem from a lack of attention or a change in the environment. Identifying the real reason will let you properly choose what your course of action should be.

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