Disorganization and Stress

Disorganization and Stress

Disorganization isn’t the only cause of stress, but it can be one of the biggest and worst. If nothing else being disorganized- losing your keys, losing a file, not knowing where you put your pen or notebook- can trigger a whole bunch of stress you had been repressing, resulting in a disproportionately huge and explosive response. What’s more, being disorganized can easily lead to other sources of stressed.

If you’re disorganized and can’t find your keys or bus pass, you will start to stress out about being late for work. If at work you already feel overburdened, and you can’t find the files you need to take care of your immediate task, you’re going to feel even more stressed. If you get home and your house is a mess and you have to pick through everything just to find the remote… well, that’s not going to help matters either.

There are a lot of reasons why we can get so disorganized. Most of us, however, are disorganized for one or more of the following common reasons; either we don’t feel like we have enough time to get organized, or we feel like life is too overwhelming to put together, or we feel like we just don’t have enough space to properly and neatly store everything we need and have, or we don’t know how exactly we’re supposed to get organized because we’ve never been organized before, or because we have the ability to organize our life but we just hate doing it. Which of these sounds familiar? Better question, how MANY of those apply? 1? 3? 4?

For a lot of us, it really comes down to feeling like we don’t know how to get organized, or we just feel so overwhelmed that we don’t even care to start. While both are good, understandable excuses, they are just that- excuses. But when it comes down to it, it’s just plain easier and less stressful to be organized than to not be organized.

Disorganization creates chaos that just eats up your time and energy. Instead of focusing on what you really want to focus on, you just get distracted and lose time searching for what you need to get started. Disorganization is like a tangible representation of all the things in your life that you can’t, or feel you can’t, get a handle on. The more organized you have things, the more you have a handle on, the more you can devote your time and energy to the important things, the better you feel. It’s a simple equation that most people understand, organized and disorganized alike.

In order to start living a more organized life, it’s important that you don’t add to the existing mess. To do so, consider implementing these three simple steps to being a more organized person.

-First, when putting things away, make sure they go where they belong. If they don’t have a permanent residence- give them one. When we throw an item into a pile of clutter, we do so because we feel caught with indecision and don’t know what to do with it. Be decisive, either take it home or give it a home, and move on.

-Dedicate a small notebook for writing down all the miscellaneous things you take down every day. Instead of having a handful of paper scraps, business cards and cocktail napkins scrawled with your ideas, you’ll have all you lose thoughts in one place.

-Finally; label, label, label. The key to organization is having everything managed and understandable. Give everything their official place in your home, give everything their official purpose (no more “general” filing cabinets or drawers) and don’t worry about temporarily seeming a bit anal about it all. Get it done, make it a habit, and then you can relax a bit.

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