Deer Hunting Shot Selection

Deer Hunting Shot Selection

Deer Hunting Shot Selection

After all the hard work and preparation, the moment of truth has arrived. The deer that you have been hunting is approaching your stand. The heart is racing, the nerves are shook up. The only question now is are you ready to make a quality shot on this animal.

The answer is yes. The only shot that anyone should ever make on a deer is a quality shot. If the deer never presents such an opportunity, then the proper thing to do is let him pass. Now with that said, there is a difference between perfect and quality. In a perfect situation, the deer is standing still, broadside, unalarmed, and well within range. These conditions do occasionally occur but often hunters are forced to make quick shot selection decisions.

The decision of whether or not to shoot is based on several factors. One of those factors is skill level. How accurate is the hunter with the choice of weapon being used. Only time practicing will indicate this. The hunter should know his comfort zone and never attempt any shot that is beyond his skills. Just because someone on television made a 45 yard shot with a bow doesn’t mean everyone should try it.

Another factor is the field of view. In real deer hunting situations, often there are obstacles that the hunter has to take into consideration. Tree limbs and bushes, for example, can make a relatively decent shot somewhat of a challenge. Always pay attention to surroundings. The best practice is to pick out areas around the hunting location that are cleared for shooting. If the deer is anywhere else, don’t shoot.

Another factor is the position of the deer and angle of the shot. Ideally, a broadside or quartering away shot to the chest area is best. Any other shot increases the chances of a miss, a non fatal hit, or at the very least it will result in a poor recovery effort. The secret here is to be patient and wait for the best quality shot. If it never presents itself, then let the deer pass.

Some of the best tips for deer hunting are to practice, be patient, know your skill level, and make a quality shot. Good luck and be safe.

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