Deer Hunting Shooting Tips


Deer Hunting Shooting Tips

To be successful at deer hunting, one must become proficient with the weapon of choice. There are many reasons that one can make a poor shot. However there are a few tips that can be used to improve skills.

Practice Shooting

The serious hunter knows that before entering any deer hunting situation, one must be willing to practice shooting. Those that do not, should not be in the woods.

The hunter owes it to the deer and to other hunters that do what it takes to be proficient. Practicing is common sense, ethical, and improves safety. One should not take a weapon out without knowing how to properly use.

Use A Good Stand

Although hunters prefer stands that are less bulky and light weight, don’t compromise space to accomplish this. A stand should be large enough to move around in with ease.

There are plenty of stands on the market that are roomy enough and are made of lighter materials. The hunter shouldn’t bang his knees or be afraid to move.

Having more space will allow the hunter room to adjust better for cleaner shot placement. This will also provide more comfort.

Use A Rest

The use of a shooting rest with firearms will allow the hunter to be more stable with the shot. There are rest made for ground use and stand use. There are also bi-pod rest that attach directly to the firearm.

In a bind, the use of the side of a tree or placing firearms across limbs will also help improve on accuracy.

Stretch A Leg

When sitting for extended periods of time in stands or grounds, it is easy for the hunter to have muscle fatigue. This could cause problems while attempting shots.

The deer hunting season is approaching. Hopefully you have been scouting, practicing, and preparing. Are you ready for that first shot on your deer of choice? Follow these deer hunting tips for making the most of that early season shooting experience.

Stay Alert

You never know exactly when that buck will arrive in your deer hunting area. Always stay alert and expect the unexpected. Deer are famous for suddenly appearing without notice. Anyone who has spent time in the field has had the “ghost” deer magically appear. Stay focused and keep a watchful eye on your shooting lanes.

Envision Your Shots

The mental side of deer hunting is just as important as the physical side. Envision in your mind the shot selection before the deer arrives. Try to imagine different scenarios of where the deer will be standing. Imagine yourself making the shot. Do this for all shooting lanes. Factor in angles and distances. This will help you be better prepared for when the actual shot occurs.

Don’t Rush The Shot

Many deer hunting misses are related to the hunter shooting too quickly. It is better to use a slow methodical approach when attempting a shot. Try not to rush. Wait for an opening and make a good shot placement. Although there will be times when you will need to make quick adjustments, whenever possible, take your time.

Take Comfortable Shots

The weapon of choice to be used while deer hunting will dictate shot selection. Make sure to practice often and be comfortable with the equipment. When in the field, take shots that are within your comfort zone. It is always better to let deer walk than to take a shot that is beyond your skill level.

Understand The Aiming Location

The vital kill zone area on a deer is the chest and lung area. This is the primary aiming location. A broad side or slightly quartering away shot should always be the shot of choice. Any other shot increases the chances of a miss or a wounded animal. Yes there are other shot selections that can be used if your skill level permits, but the primary zone is the best.

Follow these deer hunting tips for a better chance at success in the field. As always be safe and good luck.

To combat this, hunters can stand up periodically to stretch out their muscles. Also raise the weapon up to shooting position and hold for 10-20 seconds to keep the upper body loose.

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