Creating Visual Impact in Small Gardens

Creating Visual Impact in Small Gardens

Gardens are typically associated with homes that have large yards with plenty of room to grow flowers and vegetables. However, there are increasing number of people opting to live in smaller spaces these days, particularly in metropolitan areas. Just because you have chosen this type of lifestyle does not mean that you cannot enjoy the therapeutic and visual benefits of having your own garden. You just need to be creative with how you implement it. Use some ideas here to make a strong statement with a visually appealing garden in your tiny space.

One of the most important considerations when working in a small garden space is the layout of the area you have to work in. You want to dedicate a specific area for your efforts, as this will make it have more impact. Choose a specific focal point and then narrow down your choices based on the location and its assets.

Container garden will likely be your only option, and this could be a good thing. Containers give you much more control of placement, as well as care techniques. You can easily spot any invaders or potential outside influence that could thwart your efforts. Choose containers that add to the overall look you are trying to achieve. Use brightly colored pots for a bold statement, or clay ones for a harmonious blending with the plants.

Consider height and thickness of each plant. You can use shelves or other items to vary the height, but the plants themselves will largely dictate your placement. Know the projected heights of new plants and plan accordingly. Thickness matters, as well. If your plants have broad leaves that will block the view of smaller, more delicate ones, keep this in mind when planning the layout.

Depending on the outdoor furniture and overall color scheme in which your garden will be placed, choose flowers that blend harmoniously. If your furniture and decorations are neutral or one color only, this will give you more leeway to add bright splashes of varying color with the flowers. Likewise, if you already have a lot of color in the environment, you may want to choose plants with more subtle shades.

Use the outdoor wall space that you already have. Take into account the color and texture of outdoor walls, then choose climbing plants that will compliment them. Incorporate upright trellises that don’t take up much space, then let the plants climb vertically. This can make a striking display is confined areas.

Pay attention to how the light falls on your patio or other chosen garden space. Not only will this make a difference in how the flowers and vegetables grow, but it can also affect the visual appeal of the entire garden. Play around with how light and shadows create different moods and how they highlight your plants.

Use the ideas here to create a special space for your garden, regardless of how big it is or where it may be located. It is your space, so make the most of it with your own style and creativity.

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