Create A Garden To Brighten Your Apartment

Create A Garden To Brighten Your Apartment

Many people do not own a standalone home, but live in an apartment or condominium instead. This means they probably do not have access to any outdoor space other than a small patio or balcony area. It is still possible to have some greenery in and around their home even with the limited space available. The tips in this article provide information about creating a pretty apartment garden.

The size and orientation of your patio, balcony or large window area will determine the type of apartment garden that is possible. Start by collecting enough attractive planters of various sizes that will fit easily in the space you have. The orientation of your outdoor space or windows is the next consideration since the amount of sunlight or shade that is available will dictate which types of plants you should choose. If you are thinking of flowering plants only, you have a wide choice of shade loving plants. Coleus, Boston fern and peace lilies all prefer indirect lighting and are easy to grow. If you have plenty of sunshine available for your garden, gerbera daisies and the foliage plant called codiaeum both flourish in direct sunlight.

Once you have collected several planters that appeal to you, begin filling them with plants that will show off how attractive they are. If you have outdoor space available and adequate sunlight, you may want to grow some vegetables that you can use to create a healthy salad. Patio tomatoes, lettuce and peppers are easy to grow and continue fruit for several weeks. Take care to provide enough water that the soil does not dry out. Strawberries also do well as a container plant and can be grown in one of the popular upside down hanging planters.

Carefully consider which plants to purchase when planning your garden. You may want to include a few foliage or flowering plants to add a colorful touch to your garden. Choose foliage plants that can live for years and also flowering plants that produce blossoms over several weeks. Carefully read the instructions for caring for your plants, and place them in sunlight or shade as required.

If your available garden space has a mix of sun and shade depending on the time of day, you may need to move your containers daily. If this is the case, use plant dollies for your larger containers. A plant dolly is a small platform with wheels on the bottom which makes it easy to just roll the container from one location to another.

You can use your garden space more efficiently by providing stakes for plants that will climb. Climbing beans and peas are happy to climb upward as far as the stakes allow. You may need to help them begin climbing initially, but once they get started they continue on their own. Planters that can be hung on the wall or upside down planters also save a lot of space.

If your garden space is limited because you live in an apartment or condo, do not despair. You can still create a beautiful green garden in very limited space.

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