Crab vs Lobster: What Are The Differences?

What Habitats Are Best for Crab vs Lobster?

This is the first area you will notice that there are similarities and differences in an equal measure when looking at crab vs lobster. One habitat under which the two animals can be found is in the oceans, but that’s just it. The crab lives also in freshwater, Tropicals and on land. Lobster, on the other hand, is found along the edges of the continental shelf, sandy and rocky as well as muddy bottoms, and along shorelines.

This is quite remarkable considering that many people tend to believe that these two animals have so much in common, and some can’t tell the difference.

Are there are similarities between Crab vs lobster eating habits?

Yes. There is a huge similarity in the feeding habit of a crab vs lobster in that they both fall within the group called omnivores. Both are known for their love of eating plants. Crabs are known for their preference for small animals whereas lobsters tend to love fish, worms, crustaceans, and mollusks.

The habitats under which the two animals are found, are ideal and filled with most of the food they love eating. Crabs and lobsters don’t have to travel far and wide in search of the food they love. It is hard to imagine them lacking food to eat in these habitats.

Classification similarities and differences between Crab vs Lobster

It is generally known that when looking at the classification of crab vs lobster, you will notice that they belong to the same suborder, Pleocyemata. The difference is seen in the infra order in which they both fall. Crabs belong to the infra order known as Brachyura Linnaeus 1758 while lobsters are members of Astacidea.

They share similarities in the subphylum, class, order and phylum groups, they both belong to. They are both members of the Crustacea, Malacostraca, Decapoda and Arthropoda groups. Obviously, they both belong to the Animalia kingdom.

Types of Crab vs Lobster

There are several common types of crab vs lobster found in different habitats. Perhaps the most common crab is the one known as King Crabs, which happen to be the most popular as well. There are soft-shell crabs, which is a delicacy beloved by many people also.

Snow, golden king, blue king and red crabs are all popularly served in different restaurants around the world. As for lobsters, the common types, you will come across a lot include America and Audresselles. If you ask for it, you might also be served with the royal blue lobster despite its notable rarity.

Other Differences between Crab vs Lobster

The other differences you will find between crab vs lobster, has to do with the softness and tastier nature of the former compared to the latter. In pricing terms, crabs cost less than lobsters where the cheapest can be bought at $3 with the most expensive going for $30. Lobsters, on the other hand, are bought for anything ranging from $10 to $50. The lobsters are considered to be more of luxury meals compared to crabs. Lobsters tend to live alone while crabs have many complex social setups. Lobsters have a tendency of turning to cannibalism if they are captured.

Although they may appear to resemble each other closely, crab vs lobster shows that there are both similarities and differences between these two animals.

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