Be Comfortable With The Best Minimalist Casual Shoes

Be Comfortable With The Best Minimalist Casual Shoes

Minimalist Casual Shoes

With the introduction and acceptance of minimalist shoes in the world of sports, manufacturers are starting to create shoes for almost all types of endeavors. The best minimalist casual shoes however, is yet to be announced since minimalism has just been introduce in the casual and formal arena of footwear. Most minimalist shoes introduced in the market today are for use in various sports and dynamic activities.

The Best Minimalist Casual Shoes

Only a handful design are for casual wear such as in the office and other daily activities you attend. Of course, there are several minimalist sandals for wear during your trip to the mall or grocery but those are not the kind of footwear you would wear to the office or attending a party.

Why opt for minimalist casual shoes?

The myriad benefits of barefoot shoes in jogging and running have been repeated many times. Why extend the principle of minimalism even to the shoes you wear to work or to parties? When you go to work, you still do a lot of walking and standing. Limiting the use of minimalist shoes for your cross training and other active sports undertaking might not make such difference especially if you only get to do these activities once or twice a week.

Just imagine running once a week for 2 to 3 hours and wearing the same high-heeled contemporary shoes for the rest of the time. Hence, to be able to maximize the effects of minimalist footwear in your life, you need to wear this type of shoes in almost all aspects of your daily life. That means you also need to wear the best minimalist casual shoes to your daily activities as well as in attending more formal gathering.

How to find the best minimalist casual shoes

Like all other minimalist footwear, the quest for the best minimalist casual shoes depends on the wearer. Each person has different needs, including foot requirements. People have different foot types no matter how much physically similar they may seem to be. To be able to find the best minimalist casual shoes for you, you need to know what requirements you have for your casual shoes.

You need to determine where would you spend most of your time and what are the activities you will engage in. For instance, if you spend most of you waking time in the office where you do a lot of standing or walking, finding the minimalist casual shoe that will provide you the benefits of minimalist footwear as well as being stylish enough to wear to semi-formal gatherings in the office, should be considered.

You will be wearing these shoes with your office attire or with your casual clothes. You will probably want to consider the style and design of such shoes and ensure that it will match your outfit. Just imagine wearing Vibram’s Five Fingers with your outfit for the office.  You will definitely find every head turning in your direction for such an unusual pairing.

Attributes of the best barefoot casual shoes

Just like your barefoot running shoes, your minimalist casual shoes should provide you with the same benefits and perhaps, more.

  1. It should enhance the motion and flexibility of your toes, ankle and foot.
  2. It will enhance your overall body posture and standing form since it helps align your spine with your body correctly.
  3. It helps strengthens the muscles in your foot and lower body.
  4. It will make you feel good naturally since you can move your feet freely.
  5. It will give you a more natural gait, unhindered by cushioned soles and high drop heel to foot.
  6. It will help you improve your agility, alleviate past foot injuries and balance.

The best minimalist casual shoes would be something that would allow you to attain the benefits of barefoot shoes while still looking stylish enough and without appearing incongruous while going to work or attending daily casual activities.

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