Clothing Ideas For Fussy Kids

Clothing Ideas For Fussy Kids

I can guarantee that almost every family has had the experience of at least one child who decides to become a fussy dresser. My daughter refuses to wear any of the nice skirts or dresses I buy for her, preferring instead to wear brown cotton trousers with a hole in the knee and as for my 7 year old son, well where do I start? He refuses to try anything on in the shops, refuses to wear any new clothes and will not part with his old outgrown clothes for anything! So what can you do when your children decide to become fussy about their clothing?

Preventing Fussy Dressers

One thing I have learned is that kids don’t like things thrust upon them, such as suddenly hauling them up from the middle of a game or TV program to have a bath or putting new clothes in their wardrobe and expecting them to just wear them. There comes that time at around 2 years of age when children suddenly realize that they have a voice and that the word ‘No’ sounds great! After that it’s a steady battle of wills between what they want and what their parents want!

One way to avoid the battle of wills when it comes to clothes is to take them shopping with you. I know it’s a nuisance and let’s face it, kids would much rather do anything else other than go shopping with you, so perhaps a treat at the end of a shopping trip to bribe them? Bribes work very well I find – I’m still persuadable with a good bribe! Keep shopping trips short and ask them what clothes they would like to wear. Now obviously the boys are going to go for t-shirts with tractors on or Spiderman instead of the lovely smart shirts you had in mind but bear with it, give them a few choices and tell them that if they don’t choose, you will choose for them and if they can make a choice today, they can choose a sweet from the sweet shop or a fun activity to do at home.

Choosing Children’s Clothes

The key thing here is to give them choices, even if those choices are limited. Children don’t like being told what to do and let’s face it, most of their childhood consists of being told what to do. If they feel they have a little bit of control over the situation then they are much more likely to be responsive. So get them involved, listen to what they want and give them options. This might also mean you making compromises, so instead of getting her that lovely swishy pink dress you get her a nice skirt instead – but if the alternative is that the pink dress is hung at the back of the wardrobe gathering dust then it’s worth the compromise.

Mornings When Kids Just Won’t Get Dressed

Mornings are always the worst and seem to be the time when kids play you up more than ever. You’re tired, they’re tired and both have limited patience, so when they refuse to wear the jumper you’ve laid out for them it soon escalates with neither prepared to budge.

Avoid this by getting your child to help choose his/her clothes in the morning. They may, like my daughter, go for the scruffy look they’ve been wearing for weeks so to avoid this you can always get out a few outfits you approve of and ask them to choose one. I’ve even gone to the effort of hiding her brown trousers so that she can’t choose them in the morning!

Clothing Tips For Fussy Kids

There is a tendency for parents to dress their kids in a way that they approve of and reflects little of the child’s character. As much as I’d like my daughter to be smart and trendy, I know that in her heart she’s grungy and dare I say, a bit scruffy. But part of that is my problem for forcing my ideals onto her.

So to avoid a wardrobe of outfits they refuse to wear, one of you has to back down. Instead try looking at outfits that they like in reputable stores such as Monsoon and John Lewis. See if you can combine both of your tastes, so perhaps a scruffy pair of jeans with a smart belt or grungy t-shirt with a waistcoat.

Then have a rule that around the house they can dress as they please, but when going out somewhere they wear smart clothes that you BOTH choose together. Giving kids this small amount of control does work wonders – trust me! So why not start today and browse some online shops for their spring wardrobe?

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