Choosing The Best Spotting Scope For The Money

Are you one of the many people who use a spotting scope in your sporting pursuits? If so you need to take a look at our excellent guide to scopes in which we highlight some of the best buys available across a selection of high quality brands!

Once used mainly by astronomers, scopes have become a standard item for many hunters, sportsmen and women, and when it comes to buying the right spotting scope for your needs there is much to consider.

The night-time user – stargazer or moon watcher – will want to look for a scope with a greater aperture for improved low light usage, while the bird watcher may choose to go for a device with color enhancement and close focus facilities.

Things to Be Considered When Choosing The Best Spotting Scope For The Money

Choosing the best spotting scope for target shooting or other purposes is not an easy task. You need to consider some important factors before buying a new scope. Let’s see…

  • For those carrying a scope in the field size and weight is a consideration, and among our choices are some that are supremely light and very small and others that are not so compact yet provide the very best in high performance optical results.
  • Price varies, too, across the board but even the more affordable items we have featured are of the highest quality. With such highly regarded brands as Leica – famous the world over for optical excellence – and Celestron among the choices, there is no shortage of quality, and you may be surprised at just how affordable some of these excellent devices are.
  • Spotting scopes are used in many sports and pursuits, from the leisurely activities of the bird watcher through to the more rigorous life of the target shooter or archer, and having a good quality yet unobtrusive scope on hand is essential to many. With laser range finders available, as well as such optical delights as specially coated lenses for improved visual results, it becomes clear that the world of spotting scopes is a hotly contested market where high quality brands compete for your custom.
  • Take a look at our selection and you will surely find something that is within your available budget and offers the features that you require, and with free shipping on many items – plus the promise of a lifetime guarantee on certain features from these exalted brands – we feel sure you will find a bargain that satisfies your needs.

Enjoying an outdoor pursuit is made all the more exciting and rewarding when you have the right equipment to hand – a spotting scope may just be the item that helps you to get more from your hobby or pastime.

Spotting Scope Reviews

Below, you will find the top rated spotting scopes reviews in detail. Our experts spent countless time to create this list after analyzing several models and surveying over the market.

Celestron Spotting Scope

Buying a spotting scope is about finding the item with the right level of ability for your needs; aperture and optics are essential considerations, and the sheer number of differences between models is bewildering. Celestron is one of the biggest names in the market, so let’s have a look at what they have to offer!

1) Celestron 52253 Ultima 100ED Zoom Spotting Scope – a superb high quality scope from Celestron that features a 100mm aperture for improved brightness and excellent performance in low light.


  • 100mm Aperture for superb performance
  • Multi-coated optics
  • 22-66x zoom eyepiece
  • 22x7x7 inches
  • 20lbs weight

Complete with the usual Celestron lifetime warranty, this superb spotting scope is manufactured to the highest quality and would suit birdwatchers or astronomers alike, the ED glass providing the very best in supremely sharp images and stunning resolution.

2) Celestron 52257 Ultima 100 Straight Spotting Scope -– the Celestron range never fails to amaze and this excellent scope is one that will serve many purposes. Another 100mm aperture device and comes complete with the following brilliant features:


  • Sight tube for quick targeting
  • Multi coated optics for excellent images
  • Zoom eyepiece
  • Waterproof construction
  • Only 7lb in weight
  • 23x8x8 inches

A superbly made 100mm aperture refracting scope that offers the very best in high performance optics, and comes complete with a 540mm focal length, soft carry case and waterproof construction, this is an ideal item for those who want to follow the stars or – thanks to the lightweight – for the spotter out in the field.

3) Celestron 52248 65mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope – –This quality scope from Celestron is one that will appeal to those with a limited budget, but don’t think the price reflects ability – this is a very impressive scope indeed.


  • 65mm refractor scope
  • Multi coated optics for superb images
  • Sight tube
  • Soft carry case
  • 18x7x6 inches
  • 20lbs weight

This amazingly affordable scope is designed for the nature lover primarily, and comes with all the attributes of many more expensive devices. Easy to use and great for bird watching and long distance spotting, the Celestron limited lifetime warranty adds extra peace of mind.

These top quality spotting scopes all hail from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical instruments, and we hope that the choice above has given you some idea of what is available on the market.

Burris Spotting Scopes

The Burris brand is revered by people who are looking to buy high quality optical scopes, particularly when it comes to bird watchers and those who need a lightweight high performance spotting scope for use in the field. Let’s have a look at some of this superb brand’s offerings:

1) Burris Laser Scope 4x-12x-42mm Ballistic Plex –-  an amazing scope ideal for field use, this is a high quality item that weighs an amazing 2.8lbs! This scope is very impressive when you consider the features involved:


  • 4x-12x -42mm laser range finding scope
  • 800 yards reflective/500 yards no reflective range
  • Lifetime fog and waterproof guarantee
  • 3 year electronics warranty
  • 8lbs weight

This superb compact scope shows what Burris can do, and is extremely popular with bird watchers thanks to its amazingly small size and quite astonishing light weight. With high quality optics and a very impressive laser rangefinder, this is a top of the range scope and a less than stifling price.

2) Burris Fullfield II 4.5x-14x-42mm w/12x-24x-50mm Landmark Spotter–-  a superb package from Burris,  includes a superb rifle scope with a free landmark spotting scope, both high quality items that cannot be matched at the price. With such an offer on the market, we wonder whether there is a better deal available right now.


  • Ballistic Plex Scope plus free Landmark spotting scope
  • 5x14x42mm rifle scope
  • Fog, water and shock proof
  • Main scope weighs only 3.4lbs
  • Free spotting scope
  • 5lbs weight

An amazing deal – two scopes in one from Burris, one of the biggest names in the field, means you need never go without, and both are high quality items manufactured with the best in optics, coatings and full features – an absolute bargain!

3) Burris High Country Spotting Scope 15x-45x-50mm –  This scope should not lead you to believe that this is anything other than a superb quality Burris scope, and the High Country range has much to offer those with a limited budget:


  • Fully coated multi lens
  • Only 14.2” in length
  • Waterproof with lifetime guarantee
  • Full lens protection
  • Only 2.8lbs in weight

This amazing light weight offering from Burris offers the best in fully coated high performance optics at a simply amazing price; with excellent magnification, incredible compact size and light weight and full guarantee it makes an excellent buy.

High quality spotting scopes come in many shapes and sizes yet the range from Burris – a market leader in compact lightweight offerings – should provide you with plenty of choice.

Kowa Spotting Scopes

For the very best in high quality spotting scopes the Kowa brand is the place to go, and with a range as diverse and varied as this the choice could be the best on the market.

1) Kowa TSN-883 Prominar ED 88mm Angled Spotting Scope – this superb quality scope is packed with class leading features  – the performance of the TSN-883 is very hard to match. Features include:


  • 88mm aperture for superb performance
  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled for fog protection
  • Angled eyepiece for added comfort
  • High quality optical lenses
  • Only 5.8lbs in weight

The lightweight and high performance of this superb scope from Kowa make it a favorite with bird watchers and hunters alike, while the fluorite crystal lenses are designed to eliminate color blur and provide sharp resolution. Leading the way for Kowa, this is a truly superb scope that is a match for anything else on the market.

2) Kowa TSN-771 Standard Optics 77mm Angled Spotting Scope– an excellent offering from Kowa, this scope comes complete with the usual features expected of the brand represents simply amazing value. With high quality optics and much else to offer, one for the shortlist:


  • 77mm aperture for excellent performance
  • Strong construction with carbon fiber for extra protection
  • Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging
  • Designed for the ultimate in comfort
  • Top quality optics for high resolution
  • 5.6lbs in weight

For field use, this scope offers the best of both worlds – high quality optical performance coupled with compact size, just 12.5”, and light weight. Popular with target shooters and bird watchers alike, the Kowa guarantee adds extra peace of mind and optional eyepieces make this a versatile buy.

3) Kowa TSN-601 Standard Optics 60mm Angled Spotting Scope– this budget Kowa spotting scope is for nothing is spared when it comes to quality and performance. Features include:


  • 60mm aperture for high performance viewing
  • High quality fully coated optics
  • Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging
  • Angled eye piece for added comfort
  • Only 1.6lbs in weight

At just under twelve inches long this superbly priced scope is extremely compact making it popular with many different classes of people needing sporting scopes. Lightweight and with a high performance capability, there is little at this price to match this excellent Kowa scope.

Buying high quality optical instruments means looking for the features you need at the right price, and we hope that the above offerings from the quality Kowa brand help you to make the right choice.

Leica Spotting Scopes

Leica is renowned the world over as a maker of optical equipment of the very highest order; from camera’s to scopes, the brand is synonymous with the very best. That’s why we’ve taken the opportunity to look at a few Leica spotting scopes, to give you a view of what you can expect from this illustrious brand.

1) Leica APO-Televid 82, 82mm Angled, Waterproof Spotting Scope– quite simply one of the finest spotting scopes available in the market. The features are absolutely top of the tree:


  • Four-part fluoride lens for unsurpassable quality
  • Multiple antireflection coatings
  • 8 element zoom eyepiece
  • 65mm Televid capability
  • 5.6lbs weight

The very best in Leica quality is apparent throughout this fantastic scope, from the stunning resolution of the lens to the amazingly light weight for easy field use. The coatings are second to none and all features are as to be expected from the world’s very best manufacturer of items such as these – simply amazing.

2) Leica APO Televid 62 Angled Spotting Scope –another featuring the highly regarded Leica Televid system, this 62mm aperture scope weighs in at an easy to handle 9lbs. There can be little better on the market with these features:


  • 62mm aperture
  • Selection of eyepieces
  • Designed for high performance in low light
  • Waterproof metal housing
  • Apochromatic color correction

For the price there is nothing comparable to this superb Leica; compact at only 9lbs this is a superb device for using out in the field and the high quality resolution in poor light makes it a favorite with many.

Leica remains the name to be reckoned with when it comes to high quality optical equipment, and the above represent just a small selection of an excellent range.

What is a spotting scope?

Spotting scopes are portable telescope and they provide more magnification than binoculars. They can provide really high magnification and great resolution in a small compact telescope.

What are they used for?

  • Bird watching
  • Viewing wildlife
  • Landscapes
  • Natural beauty
  • And other objects

Where are when are they used?

They are used in the night mostly and you can also use them while hunting. They will help you find your game. When you use it with a tripod, wildlife comes into better view, so you don’t scare them away and maintain a distance. They even have camera adapters

Why do you use them- what is the advantage?

It lets you be up close and personal with whatever you want to see. With this the image will be steady and clear and you see can at greater distances, you may be far, but you can feel like you’re just a feet away.

There are also two styles:

  • Straight- when the eyepiece is on the same axis as the body
  • Angle- when your eyepiece is angled at around 45 degrees to the body of the cope

They are lots of different brands and price ranges to choose from. When buying, read reviews and try your hardest to find one that you think you will most benefit with. You never know, you just might find your jackpot. Good luck!

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