How to Choose a Nail Gun

How to Choose a Nail Gun

For the weekend warriors, a nail gun is an important tool collection. You can use a nail gun for various purposes from small to light construction tasks. To drive the nails accurately and finish your project fast and smoothly, a nail gun is a great choice.

A best roofing nailer saves the time and help you to do the works comfortably. It brilliantly cuts down the rate of finger-smashing by inaccurate hammer targeting. So, it’s obviously a wise decision to have a quality nail gun from the best available options. Let’s know a bit detail about how to choose a nail gun.

Your Project / Task

You will find good numbers of nail gun there in the market, but they won’t be good enough for you unless you can match them with your needs. Different kinds of nail guns suit to different particular works or projects.

So, it’s important to ask yourself before you start purchasing a nail gun about the type of project you’ll be undertaking. You should analyze things like- the used wood type (hardwood – thick or thin), projects sizes, and other related things. If you have a perfect-match nail gun for your necessities, you will get the best output and comfort.

Types of Nail Gun

Type of nail guns is obviously a key factor to consider before you purchase one. Every type has its own particular working capacity. There is a very brief idea about every type given in the following lines-

  • Brad Nail Gun: It’s a smaller or down-sized finishing nail gun used for trim work.
  • Coil Nail Gun: It’s the best choice for professionals that holds the most fasteners. It’s good for framing, shingles, and other all-day jobs.
  • Framing Nail Gun: For framing work mainly, this is the ideal option. It’s efficient in dealing heavy duty nails too.
  • Finishing Nail Gun: This is the obvious choice for any type of finishing task.
  • Palm Nail Gun: For narrower or even narrowest spaces, this gun is the best suit.
  • Stick Nail Gun: Usable for framing and few other construction tasks, but it hasn’t much holding capacity.
  • Headless Pinners: This is the best option for crafts and delicate works.

Compatibility to Different Nail Sizes

A nail gun with compatibility to different nail sizes is obviously favored by the users. It becomes incredibly helpful to them, when they have different number of projects to be dealt with by the gun. So, you should be preferring this category instead of buying separate guns for every nail size. A nail gun with the capacity of covering a multitude of the sizes can save both your space and money.

Quick Jam Clearance

It’s a common thing of a nail gun that it jams. For this, give importance to buy a model that has a quick and efficient jam-clearing feature. The gun with this system is easy to maintain and able to provide better service and comfort as well.

Swiveling Air Connectors

This is a special feature that will make your gun more easy to use. A swiveling air connector is meant to keep the hose free from tangling. It ensures more mobility and adaptability.

Few Other Things

There are few other things that you should not miss to consider while analyzing the issues on how to choose a nail gun perfectly. If your nail gun is equipped with these features, it will be the best one suitable for your needs. These are-

  • Directional Exhaust
  • Depth Adjustment
  • Carrying Case
  • Replaceable Protective Guards

Nail Gun Safety

Tips to Use: Proper Safety

Safety is always an inevitable matter when you are dealing with a machine whatever the thing or situation is. And, nothing is different in case of a nail gun as regards safety.

First of all, read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. This includes a precise safety guideline. Comply with every direction as written, at least ensure the maximum compliance. Before using it on your project, you can use it on a wood piece for test/trial basis. This will give more perfection and confidence.

Know the proper PSI settings, and give a trial on any scrap wood. Once you are well-known about the PSI and other required issues & methods, you can do your work safely.

Tips to Use: Proper Maintenance

For a machine, especially when it has an electronic mechanism, proper maintenance is a must. Well lubrication will keep your gun smooth and efficient while performing.

Never forget to oil the O-Rings inside the nail gun. For that, use 30 weight non-detergent oil or compressor oil. Always avoid using air tool oil that breaks down the O-Rings. It ultimately causes your nail gun failure.

Last Words

How to choose a nail gun? It’s not a hard issue anymore if you can comply with the guidelines explained above. Get the best one and have your projects done perfectly.

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