Ceramic Tea Mugs – The Perfect Mugs for Every Occasion

Ceramic Tea Mugs – The Perfect Mugs for Every Occasion


Ceramic tea mugs are just one of the types of tea mugs available today on the market when it comes to design material. You can also find mugs for tea made of Pyrex, glass, cast iron and even plastic. Usually a ceramic tea mug comes with an infuser so that the tea can be consumed even when loose tea leaves are used. Also it comes with a lid that keeps the hot tea at its right temperature longer and with a spoon for easy mixing of your tea.

High quality tea mugs made of ceramic material are created at very high temperatures (between 1260-1280 degrees Celsius) and they contain no toxic heavy metals including lead oxide, glass, boric oxide or cadmium. These toxic materials are usually contained in regular modern pottery. You should be looking for ceramic tea mugs that contain in their glazing only natural materials such as surface clay, limestone, wood, weathering stone, herb and tea ash. Using china tea mugs with 100% natural materials is much healthier for you.

Most ceramic tea mugs can be also easily used for drinking coffee, that’s why they are also called ceramic coffee mugs. Many people use the very same mug at home for drinking both favorite beverages.

There is just something about sipping your morning fresh tea from a steaming ceramic mug. Just imagine feeling that wonderful aroma when you inhale that dazzling aroma. For many people it is the very moment when they actually wake up and they’re ready to tackle the day.

While coffee is seemingly the most popular beverage, tea, either black, green, oolong or even herbal, is the next favorite and tea parties where friends gather together for a chat sipping tea from their ceramic tea mugs is one of the best and most tranquil experiences of a lazy afternoon.

While these mugs are perfect for anyone to drink their beverage at home, they are also a favorite with many companies as promotional items to be given as gifts at fairs, meetings and trade shows. There are several small businesses that specialize in personalizing the tea mugs with adding a company logo or even a small memorable slogan on the mug. Promotional gift mugs have become very popular during the last few years as they are quite inexpensive to order in bulk even when personalized, and they are well received by people.

Personalized ceramic tea mugs can be given as gifts for holidays such as Christmas. I’ve seen several such gifts whereby a huge mug was stuffed with candy and a small teddy bear or some other tiny things that children love receiving. Also weddings are very popular occasions when ceramic mugs for tea can be given to the members of the wedding party as a thank you coming from the bride and groom. They can also include a personalized thank you note hand written by either the groom or the bride. This kind of gift is well appreciated and treasured for many years.

Other people who love receiving such mugs as presents are clergymen, teachers, and even your daily postman. Don’t forget that they provide you with a well needed service and it is nice to recognize sometimes their efforts with seemingly such a small gesture. Believe me, they will treasure your mug dearly!

Another way these mugs are used by many is during their travels. Manufacturers have recognized this and have created the ceramic travel mugs for drinking tea. There are many types that you can find for travel, however stay away from plastic and other cheap material. Ceramic should be one of your best bets along with stainless steel and other durable material.

Don’t settle for a second rate tea mug when you can get the best at a great price. After all drinking tea is one of the healthiest past times one can have, so enjoying it from a true porcelain or ceramic tea mug is one of those hidden pleasures of life that are so often missed in the hectic times of every day.

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