Causes of Yeast Infection In Women And How To Prevent Recurrence

Causes of Yeast Infection In Women And How To Prevent Recurrence

The experience of a yeast infection is an extreme situation of discomfort that causes irritations, redness of the skin, itches, and some other uncomfortable reactions of the body to this infection. For your knowledge, these are not all the symptoms that can be related with yeast infection. The severe and embarrassing itch it causes is the main reason why a lot of people all over the world are constantly searching for effective treatment that will take care of this problem once and for all. As far as the victims of yeast infection are concerned, no length is too far for them to go just to get a permanent cure for this uncomfortable and embarrassing infection. They will try as many options as possible ranging from homemade treatments to medical approaches. They just won’t stop at anything until they have gotten a solution. The question that plagues the mind of many people is why yeast infection tends to affect more women than men?

Candida albicans is another name used for yeast infection. Candida albicans is a one of the many micro-organisms in the human body that is always and at all times present in areas that are damp and warm such as armpit, vagina, buttock lining, the space between the fingers where the skin meets and the between the toes. The presence of yeast in the body is not a problem in the first place. This is because the human body is designed in such a way that there is always proper maintenance of balance between the harmful and harmless bacteria in the body. Nevertheless, in a situation where there is an interruption in these balance, that will definitely result the freedom of candida. When that happens, candida albicans is able to grow and spread to other parts of the body causing damage. When candida successfully conquers other organisms, it is totally free to grow more than its normal restrictions and as a result the body starts developing symptoms like redness of the skin, inflammation of the skin, painful and severe itches, secretion of white substance from the vagina and several other symptoms that may accompany candida.

Also, men can hypothetically get affected by candida and even children, but the largest gender population affected are women. The reason why is so is because women have several biological factors that are responsible for such occurrence. A large percentage of women who suffer from this infection already have the micro-organisms that bring about this infection. Nonetheless, because of certain bacteria that are present in the body which are considered to be harmless, the presence of candida makes no difference because the other good bacteria help the body to checkmate the bad ones. But when there is a disruption between these two micro-organisms, two things are either going to happen, is either the candida reduces in number or the good bacteria decrease. But most disruptions are always causing the reduction of the amount of good bacteria and that causes the overgrowth of the candida which in turn cause the several symptoms that you see in the different affected areas of the body

Overtime, the population of candida albicans gradually increases and that often causes the expansion of affected areas. If your focus in on ensuring that the symptoms go away, then it will mean that each symptom must be addressed as one and one after the other. some of the affected area of the body by yeast infection can be caused by the overindulgent with antibiotics or foods that have element of antibiotics in them such as dairy products which include, milk, butter, cheese and others or even beef. What antibiotics do is that it reduces the population of harmless micro-organisms in the body that are responsible for regulating the population of yeast in the body system by destroying them. This is the basic reason why yogurt has been used to solve this problem for a very long time now. Yogurt contains microorganisms that are essential for restoring balance to the body by increasing the number of harmless organisms in the body again.

Women are more susceptible to yeast infection due to a particular hormone called estrogen. The excessive intake of contraceptive pills by some women causes the estrogen level to fluctuate and this increases the level at which they can get the yeast infection. At this stage of estrogen level the body of a woman, the body is put in a condition that supports the increase in population of candida. Researchers have also discovered that the use of intrauterine devices (IUD) as birth control methods adds to the level at which the body is prone to yeast infection

There are many other potential factors that may stand as possible causes of yeast infection in women such as fabric softeners and detergents, these two are potential causes of yeast candida albicans. Getting old can also play a role in increasing the level at which yeast infection can occur in a woman as bacteria find it easier to grow at this stage of a woman’s life most especially when such person is experiencing menopause. At menopause stage in of life, the level of estrogen drastically drops and this causes the weakening of the vagina walls. When the walls of the vagina is weak, it is more prone to developing infections that can be caused by the presence of certain microorganisms, which of course yeast infection is one of them.

The knowledge acquired about certain circumstances of life will always give you an edge at all times, so it is important that you take note of all the information about causes of yeast infection in women that you just got because there is a tendency that such infection may re-occur and the information you have might be what you need to prevent its recurrence.

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