Cardiovascular Exercises To Improve Your Heart Health And Boost Your Energy

Cardiovascular Exercises To Improve Your Heart Health And Boost Your Energy

Cardiovascular exercises when performed regularly have been proven to increase how long you live as well as improve your emotional well-being.

Because your heart is a muscle it needs to be regularly exercised to keep it healthy and strong.

Cardiovascular workouts make the heart grow in size which increases the volume of blood it pumps with fewer beats. This extra amount of blood increases the oxygen that can be delivered to your body’s working muscles.

Cardiovascular Exercises To Improve Your Heart Health

There are lots of types of aerobic exercises which you can easily do to exercise your heart and keep it in great shape. So make sure you choose exercises you enjoy and work well for you.

Swimming Workouts

Take swimming for example

Swimming workouts are excellent if you enjoy swimming or want to increase your neck, shoulder, back and arm strength and endurance for a specific sport like surfing which requires those muscles to be able to sustain continual paddling for several hours. Swimming workouts are also a great way to train if you have to perform low impact cardiovascular workouts while recovering from an injury.

But, if you don’t like swimming you have plenty of other options to choose from.

Running Training

It may be that you love to run or jog. Running training is a very popular cardiovascular exercise for serious athletes as is jogging for recreational sports people and for people who want to quickly increase their cardiovascular fitness.

So, what’s the difference between running and jogging?

It is actually your pace that differentiates running from jogging. Jogging is when you can easily talk to a jogging partner without becoming breathless for a good half hour or more (if you were running for that length of time). Whereas running is fast paced jogging when you are unlikely to be able to chat with a running partner for very long. Running training is therefore suited for those who require significant running stamina for endurance such as a marathon run.

However, marathon training is highly specialized and I recommend if you don’t have a coach you follow proven and reputable marathon training programs.

Cycle Training

Cycle training is another one of the many popular cardio exercises which you may find really enjoyable. Remember that cycle training can be very specialized depending on what you are training for.

Cycle training for recreational enjoyment is simple enough but if you are training for a triathlon, a mountain bike competition, or for a long road race, you will want to follow a training schedule that builds your strength and stamina to match your chosen cycle event.

Boxing Workouts

One of the less popular types of cardiovascular exercises is boxing workouts. There are two main reasons for this – one is because boxing workouts are intense and require a relatively advanced level of strength and fitness. Secondly, many people don’t relate to boxing as a form of cardio exercise.

Though a demanding form of exercise, it is extremely effective if you are an advanced athlete looking at raising your training intensity. You may want to give it a go and see if you like it.


While boxing may be one of the less popular cardiovascular exercises, walking is very popular. Walking is a wonderful exercise as it suits people of every age and virtually all levels of fitness. It is also a sociable exercise if you choose to walk with others and given its relatively low impact it is unlikely to cause you an injury. All you need is a good pair of suitable footwear and you can walk almost anywhere – on the beach, in a forest, up hills, on the sidewalk, or on a treadmill.

When you are looking at what cardio routine to follow please consider your current level of fitness, what your exercise preferences are and look at what you are wanting to achieve, then select what types of cardiovascular exercise will best work for you.

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