Why Building a Team Around You Is Vital to The Success of Your Business?

Why Building a Team Around You Is Vital to The Success of Your Business?

We all hear about building a successful team around you such as having a good lawyer and a great accountant but in my opinion, almost no other team member is needed until you are generating cash! Why do you need a great accountant to do your monthly books and GST when there are next to no transactions happening and no business is coming in?

I recently knew of one business that was paying a business mentoring organization lots of money every month to help turn his team of employees into A grade players. The question I asked myself is what’s the point? Why waste your time training the team up to be the best team in your industry when you are going to be out of business in 12 months because no business is coming in?

I am not sure if it is just my risk appetite, or that I believe other factors are more important, but wouldn’t you prefer to get a marketing strategy in place that works that brings in business, and then you deal with how you can improve processes and your team? Look I understand it is a fine line about what comes first but get the business in the door then work out how you can improve your systems and your staff.


So how do you build a successful team?

This doesn’t need to be difficult firstly I would educate yourself in the basic areas of marketing. This does not mean you need to be doing it, but it does mean that when I say SEO you know it means search engine optimization. Educate yourself in the various marketing principles available to you and then look to see which ones are going to provide a generous return for your business if you implement them. The quickest way you can get a head start is to get a 1/2 day or full day’s online marketing training by someone who is known to generate results. DO NOT just ring up someone you find in the yellow pages. Ask around and get some good advice about who is coming up with new ideas and strategies that are working in today’s COMPETITIVE market!

Once you have a good understanding about the various strategies available, you can then look to find the people who will help you achieve the results you require.

The reason why I am so keen on businesses educating themselves first is because all too often I hear from business owners that sort of marketing doesn’t work in our business.

When I dig deeper I find the answer is extremely uneducated and it was the business owner who read a book, tried to design a strategy around his business, implemented it, failed, and then goes on to blame the marketing. There never was an issue with the strategy, it was the execution that failed.

Another reason I believe business owners should learn what is and isn’t working in the marketing world today is that they often have opinions where their money is best spent, but actually have no results or proof to back the claim up. For example, the other day I was with a gentleman who said the only marketing that works for his business is referrals and yellow pages. When I asked how he tracked the business he got from yellow pages he said he doesn’t. I asked how he knew it was an effective way to market their business and he said that it had just always worked. The answer was ridiculous, yet this is very common when I deal with business owners and we start discussing new strategies and ideas.

This is why I love marketing especially more advanced tactical marketing. Most business owners will just never get it but the ones who do will prosper and continue to operate for many years to come!

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