Bow Hunting Preparation

Bow Hunting Preparation

Bow Hunting Preparation

Well if you haven’t noticed, the year is rapidly zipping by. Hopefully you have already taken the old bow out and dusted her off. I have to admit that I have been a little slow about this myself. It seems the older I get, the slower I move when it comes to preparation.

When I was younger I used to shoot my bow all year round. I injured my shoulder a few years back and had to miss the bow season for a few years. Since then I haven’t been getting started shooting until about June. This year will be only my second season since the injury, although last year was only on a limited basis.

I need to get my target set up properly. I normally shoot into a sand pile which works well for me. I need to clean up the weeds around it and loosen up the sand a bit and I’ll be ready. The sand pile is easy on the arrows and on me while removing them. I’ve been using this method for about ten years now. It saves on targets and arrows.

I’ll start tuning the bow up getting it ready. Since my injury, I have been turning the poundage down to about fifty-five pounds and working my way back up to about sixty-five. I Used to shoot heavier but this weight works best for me now. Hopefully this will work again this season.

Anyway, if you haven’t gotten into the mood yet you might want to get started too. We’re burning daylight.

Oh and by the way, I ‘ve been watching several deer in the area already. I’m over saturated with deer where I live but I do still see an occasional nice buck

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