Bow Hunting Preparation Tips

Bow Hunting Preparation Tips

Bow Hunting Preparation Tips

The bow season can be a much anticipated time of the year for hunters who enjoy it. The bow hunter does however need to prepare one’s self prior to opening day. Here are a few quick bow hunting preparation tips.

Proper Equipment

To start with, the hunter should make sure the bow properly fits. The pull weight of the bow is not too much to handle and can be drawn smoothly. The string length is not too long at full draw. All bow equipment is securely tightened. Any accessories such as a peep sight or nocking point are properly placed. The arrow rest is lined up straight, secure, and working properly. The arrows match up to the bow properly. The string release if used has been checked. In other words, get all the equipment straight first.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The next step is to practice shooting the bow. It is recommended to shoot periodically throughout the year for best results. At the very least this should began several months before the season at a minimum. Shoot 6-12 arrows each day. This will help your muscles stay fit or slowly build muscles back up to proper conditioning for those late shooters. Make sure to shoot with proper form each time.

Practice from a seated and standing position. Practice from heights if a tree stand is to be used. Practice from a ground blind if it is to be used. If using field points to target shoot, remember to also practice with the broad head of choice. It is also a good idea to dress in hunting clothing for an authentic feel and for a proper in field type shooting experience.

Remember to focus mentally on each shot placement. Visualize yourself taking aim on that trophy buck. Slowly and steadily pull the bow back to full draw. Concentrate and release the arrow smoothly.

Set aside a few minutes each day for practicing and you’ll be ready to go come opening day. As always good luck and be safe.

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