Birds Habitat: Are They Still Safe?

Birds Habitat: Are They Still Safe?

Are Birds Habitat Threatened?

The numbers of birds that face extinction in the world, as a result of the damage taking place on birds habitat, have gone up. It is currently being estimated that the number of birds, which are on the verge of becoming extinct stands at 13% of the close to 10,000 species known to man.

The biggest reason why these habitats face this much stress, is brought about because of human pressure. Humans have been active in growing or adding on to their population, in the process it’s the animals, including birds, which have had to suffer from the increased pressure.

The Impact of Human Pressure on Birds Habitat

The impact of human pressure on birds habitat is mostly demonstrated through the huge weight placed in the environment through intense human activities. It is these activities which hinder many other environmental events since birds help support aspects of the ecosystem.

There are animals, which feed on birds and if their habitat is affected such that they die, the animals that depend on them will also die. Birds are used to distribute seeds from one locality to the next one, and if they are not able to do this, there will be fewer crops and plants available in the earth.

The fact that birds habitat are under threat, means that these species of animals are also at risk of being eliminated from the earth’s surface. Researchers have found out that the habitat of birds has been undergoing too much fragmentation, which is not good for their general survival in any way.

This has been necessitated by humans subdividing land into smaller and tinier pieces thus interfering with the large tracts of land birds need for their survival. As humans convert land to diverse uses, this eats up into the habitat loved by birds, and in the process, birds lives are at risk.

How To Solve Threats on Birds Habitat

As people continue to learn of the effects of their actions on birds habitat, a lot of effort is being put towards ensuring that they don’t lose their lives. It has been discovered that most birds tend to die during migration as they are forced to move from their natural habitats to new areas.

Many organizations have emerged to work with citizens and make sure that they report on each species of birds they come across. Students are also being taught at school about the roles they can play and on ways through which they should not interfere with the habitats of birds.

Developers are, equally important, educated on ways in which they can come up with landscaping designs that are friendlier to being inhabited by birds. This has been necessitated by the knowledge that most birds prefer to stay within special birds habitat for ease of breeding and feeding.

There are those which can thrive under any environment while there are birds, which can’t. This has led to some level of awareness being created among people sharing the same surroundings with birds. Home owners are urged to turn portions of land into grasslands that are useful for birds’ survival.

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