Best Way To Lose Weight Part One: Success Principles

Best Way To Lose Weight Part One: Success Principles

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and failed, or ever lost weight and gained it all back, and now you’re ready to cut through the weight loss hype and discover the best way to reach a healthy weight and keep it for life, the answers you need are here.

Losing weight and keeping it off, like learning to dance, cook or do anything well, requires three basic things;

1) An understanding of the success involved;

2) Specialized knowledge of what it takes to reach your goal and get what you want, including knowing what not to do; and;

3) A realistic mindset about exactly what can be accomplished over what period of time.


3 Success Principles to Keep You Focused & On Track

This applies to any accomplishment from losing weight or learning to play the piano, to getting a better job or finding the love of your life.


Best Way To Lose Weight Principle #1: Success Is Decision

While it’s possible to lose weight fast and easy, the fastest way to lose weight is never the best, because fast weight loss is dangerous and never lasts for very long.

You can’t hit a target you can’t see, which means to be successful you have to decide exactly what you want.  And when it comes to weight loss,  losing weight in a healthy way that lasts seems to be the only target that makes any real sense.

One of the biggest reasons so many are tired, overweight, and suffer with less than excellent health is because they have no clear, well-defined target regarding their health.  You have to know exactly what you want before you have any chance of getting it.

Failure is easy, anyone can do it.  The formula for failure is…

No clear goal + No real plan + No real commitment = Average results

If you want to lose weight, and become more energetic, or just become an overall healthier, happier person, you have to set specific goals that mark that accomplishment.

Being healthy is not a goal, however having a certain weight and body fat percentage, and healthy blood pressure and cholesterol as defined by your doctor are excellent goals because they are specific.

Decide how much you want to weigh, decide the body fat percentage you think is perfect for you, and if other health issues are a concern, decide on specific targets to reach and write it down, including why this is important to succeed and how you will benefit.   Review you goal, refine it, restate it, rewrite it until it is perfect, be as specific and as exact as possible and state your goals in the positive and in the present tense.

Don’t say, ‘I want to lose 20 pounds’.  Instead say exactly what you want and give it a date.  If you weigh 145 and 125 is your goal, say, ‘On such in such a date, I weigh 125 pounds and I feel healthier and more energetic than ever.’

Focus on what you want.  Think about it.  Use it as a self-motivator.  Visualize how excited you’ll feel when you get what you want.  Imagine conversations with friends; hear them complimenting you on how wonderful you look since you lost weight and how you just seem to bubble over with energy.  Make it as real as possible in your imagination.

By firing your imagination with detailed, vivid images of your success, you tell your subconscious mind to GET TO WORK and help you reach your goal.   Everything you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams is available to you right now.  You may not be aware of it, but it is there nonetheless.

Setting positive, timed, specific goals is like tuning your mind to “the success channel”.  Opportunities show up, you start doing things that move you toward success and before you know it everything’s going your way.   What could possibly be better?


The formula for weight loss success is;

Specific Goal (Weigh 125 pounds by a certain date)  + A Good Plan + Real, Focused Commitment = EXTREME SUCCESS!

Paul J. Meyer defines success as, ‘the progressive realization of pre-determined, worthwhile goals’, and Zig Zigler says that a goal without a specific date set for accomplishment is nothing more than a dream.

Whether your goal is to improve your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, reduce your need for over the counter medications, lose weight, become more energetic, get fit and fit, or simply to get in the best health of your life, setting a SPECIFIC GOAL and giving yourself a SPECIFIC TIME FRAME to reach that goal is an important key to achieving your success.


Best Way To Lose Weight Principle #2: Action Makes The Magic Happen

More than any other factor, what you get in life is based on what you do.

The prescription for success is; decide what you want, learn how to get it, make plans and set goals – get up, get to work, and do it now.


Action is the Great Separator in life.

  • Action separates those who wish, want, and hope, from those who have, be, and do.
  • Action separates those who have, from those who have not.
  • Action separates those who say, I should have, from those who say, I did and I’m glad.
  • Action separates winners from losers.
  • Only through your action have you ever achieved anything of value.
  • Taking action is where the rubber meets the road.

Take ACTION every day, to succeed, do something EVERYDAY that moves you closer to getting exactly what you want.

Get a good plan and follow it.  Develop a success-arc and take action.


Best Way To Lose Weight Principle #3: Never Sabotage Your Own Success

Avoid things that stop or prevent you from reaching your goals!  Just say no!


If you’re committed to reaching your healthy body weight, ust say no sodas, dessert and junk food. You don’t need special training or insider knowledge to know junk food and sweets are bad for you.  When you decide to improve your health, let the junk food drop out of your life, just release it, let it go, and feel good knowing you made a good decision. .


Why do we knowingly act against our best interest?

Why do we start a diet and four days later stand in front of the refrigerator late at night and scarf down a quart of ice cream, knowing it’s the wrong thing to do?

One of the main reasons people self-sabotage is because their goal is simply not important enough or not stated powerfully enough for them to stay focused and change their behavior.

Why would you set a goal, only to abandon it at the first sign of resistance?

Abandoning a goal usually happens because;

  1. The goal is poorly stated or is too general to even be a goal, or;’
  2. Because the goal is not truly YOUR goal and if it is not YOUR GOAL there’s no real commitment, which means no planning, no action and no progress.

To succeed at anything, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and go out of your way to learn how to get what you want and then change your behavior and actually do what it takes to get it.  Often, people just aren’t that interested.


The best way to lose weight, or reach any goal, is;

  1. DECIDE what you want
  2. LEARN how to get it; 3) Make the necessary changes,
  3. ACT, stay focused and stick to your game plan; and;
  4. NEVER SELF SABOTAGE; just say no to anything that stops or prevents you from reaching your goal.

If you have ever tried to lose weight and failed, or if you lost weight, but gained it all back, you can find the reason why in one of these four steps.  Either; 1) your decision was not firm, or; 2) you did not have the information you needed to reach your goal, or; 3) you were not willing to do what it takes, or; 4) you knowingly or unknowingly did things that worked against your success.

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, you may benefit greatly by reading this article several times and taking the time to write down everything you can think of that may apply to your personal situation.   Do this and you may be surprised at what you discover.

In part two or The Best Way To Lose Weight, we discuss the value of specialized knowledge and I will reveal the three most important, non negotiable things you need to do to reach a healthy body weight and easily maintain that weight for life, plus the three biggest mistakes that must be avoided if you ever want to reach your goal.

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