What is the Best Vacuum under 200?

Most people would rather be shopping for a new big-screen TV than for a new vacuum cleaner after their old one breaks. I know I would! Shopping online for your new appliance is certainly is a smart, quick and easy way to shop around and compare features and get a deal on your new machine and it on it’s way to you, fast.

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Our Vacuum Cleaner Reviews are Well Researched and Unbiased

Quickly find a decent vacuum cleaner within your price range with these recommendations for the best vacuum under 200 dollars available online.

​Included are the best upright bagless vacuum cleaner, upright bagged and canister household vacuum cleaners. I have other pages on steam mops and spot cleaning appliances, as they are great when you are lazy like me, but want things clean. There is also an excellent steam carpet cleaner available from that section too.

Many of the best affordable vacuums are made by Hoover, because they are the best value and quality for under two hundred dollars. They have been making cleaning devices or Hoovers for nearly a century and have certainly moved with the times.

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal and a big price tag doesn’t mean they are best choice for the job. In many cases hardwood floors, tile, carpet, rugs, stairs and furniture all require a different approach.

Here is a little sneak peak at the features and attributes we will be analyzing in our vacuum cleaner reviews and ratings.

Reviews and Ratings Criteria

  • Price – We are not looking for cheap but we do expect to get what we pay for
  • Amps – The bigger the motor means the more amps required and this should translate into a stronger performing vacuum.
  • Airflow – The more air the vacuum can move might possibly translate late into a great amount of suction power.
  • Bag – Bag or bagless both have their place
  • Pet Hair – This is the toughest test and one area where very vacuum cleaners rank. Keep reading to find out which vacuum cleaner is best with pet hair.
  • Hardwood Floors – Combine hardwood floors with pet hair and you have a situation that makes most home owners cringe. Which vac ranks the best in this category.
  • Noise – We should not have to wear hearing protection to clean our floors.

Canister Vacuums are Popular

A canister vacuum is great because it adapts quickly to any job you throw at it. The motor and bag are contained in small case and a hose is connected to a long wand. This wand can quickly and easily be used on hardwood floors or carpet then lifted and used immediately on the sofa or curtains.

People Love Upright Vacuums

An upright vacuum is nimble but not quite as versatile a canister. Uprights can move from room to room like a cheetah. But don’t expect to make this switch to stairs or furniture with the same ease. In our vacuum reviews we found attachments on many to be quite disappointing.

Stick Vacuums are the Easiest of All

The hitman of vacuums must be the stick vac. They are lightweight and can jump from job to job with ease. Almost all stick vacuums are cordless but this means they not as powerful as their corded upright cousins. They normally have tunnel vision and are best suited for one job. Bare floors and light carpet are where they do their best work. Homeowners love having one handy for daily high traffic area cleaning.

Are Attachments Necessary

Speaking of attachments, we will take an much closer look at these valuable tools in our vacuum reviews. Carpets and floors and are always the main focus when shopping for the best vac. After all this is going to make up the lion’s share of the work. Attachments can save the day and make short work out of cleaning the kitchen drawers, sucking under the cushions of the sofa, cleaning the computer table, the car interior and dusting way behind the dryer.

Are Bagless Vacuums The Best

Don’t be fooled by the marketing masters. We have found that traditional vacuums with bags can perform just as well as bagless vacuums. Not having to buy replacement bags is a huge plus. We also like the idea of just being able to dump the collection containers and keep on cleaning. One of our visitors also pointed out that finding a small item like a piece of jewelry is must easier with a bagless model.

More Amps Does Not Mean More Power and Better Cleaning

This is another design feature that was forced down our throats for years. In fact most packaging and decals has the motor amps or horsepower stamped predominately in bold type. Higher amps can mean a stronger motor but this data is not directly proportional to the amount of air flow and suction created by the vacuum.

Airflow = ACFM

Airflow is a much better indicator of vacuum cleaner performance. Just think of this as the force that moves along the floors surface to that picks up dust and dirt. Since airflow is a direct result of motor amps, motor size, bag configuration, filter pressure drop and system resistance this measurement can provide the consumer with a better base for side by side comparison.

Best Vacuum Under $200 In 2020 Reviewed

Within your budget, I chose these for the great ratings and reviews and the fact they are bestsellers too. These are a good bet because they are hassle free and just do exactly you are paying for, and that seems to be hard to find these days.

Shark Navigator Bagless – Best Upright Vacuum Under 200

One of the main advantages of bagless upright vacuum cleaners is the fact that you don’t have to keep purchasing disposable paper bags and that there is no loss of suction strength as the pores in the bag are blocked and the bag fills. 

One of the disadvantages of the bagless vac systems is that dirt, pet hair and debris can become statically charged or airborne when tipped into the garbage. Also, the filters then become the next replaceable paper part. Finding a quality machine that has washable reusable filters will save this ongoing expense.

This Shark Navigator NV22L is the best rating and reviews of all the upright vacuums under 200. The reviews mentioned it being small compact, easy to store, the owners couldn’t believe how much dirt and pet hair the machine sucked from the carpets, and continued to suck the same level.

No vacuum cleaner is silent, but the people were pleasantly surprised how quiet the Shark was. Overall, they were happy they had not spent an additional $ on a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Experts and owners considered the extra hundred dollars they spent to get a better model with a five-year warranty over the usual two-year warranty available with most one hundred dollar vacuums, a wise decision.

  • Lightweight design (16 pounds), easy to move around
  • Consistent suction power as Infinity Technology keeps dirt off the filter
  • Adaptable for carpets and bare
  • Floor surfaces with on/off brushroll
  • Stretchy hose, dusting brush, 2 crevice tools, turbo power brush
  • 30 foot power cord
  • Washable lifetime filters
  • 5-year limited warranty

These are great if you have a baby or young kids in the house and you need to get caught up on housework while someone is sleeping! These are great for nervous pets too and seem to cut down on “vacuum trauma”.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind, UH70210

Generally, upright bagless vacuums are great for most households with large area of flooring including carpet, lino, tile or hardwood. The attachments that come with uprights are easily affixed, allowing easy cleaning upholstery vehicles and stairs.

At 23 pounds, the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind is not the lightest cleaning device available for less than 200. This economical, sturdy and powerful machine has been designed with pet owners in mind and cleaning dog and cat hair from furniture and carpets.​


​Favorite features of experts and owners of the Hoover Pet Rewind were the retractable cord and the washable HEPA filters. This ongoing cost is avoided with this machine having a washable filter. Having sensors tell you when it is time to wash the filter helps keep performance tip top and the vacuum suction as powerful as it is in the beginning.

  • Fold down handle makes storage easy
  • Automatic retractable 27-foot cord
  • Brush roll shut off pedal makes it easy to go from carpet to hard floors
  • System check indicator for rinseable filter, HEPA and Carbon filters need to be cleaned or checked
  • Pet hair power brush, 12-inch extension wand, crevice tool, pet furniture nozzle with rubber blades



Best Bagless Vacuum Under 200

We only buy bagless vacuums now. Bags get more expensive all the time, and it is so nice not to have to run to town when the bag is full and we have run out. It saves time and money and suction is so much better, just check the reviews and make sure the cup is easy and mess-free to empty.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional, NV356


Another excellent value well reviewed and top selling vacuum cleaner in the 200 price range is the Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional – Model NV356.

This is an excellent piece of cleaning equipment if you or family members have allergies and sensitivities to dust or dander.This is a heavy-duty model, and is one of the top selling, the janitorial supplies. Professionals use this device because of its durability, effectiveness and ease-of-use.

The people reviewing the Shark Lift Away absolutely loved the extra large canister that saves time, making emptying the canister less frequent. The fact that it could 1/4 fill the canister with two passes where their old machine had cleaned impressed many. These are surprisingly light at 14 pounds, and so are easy to move around and use. 

  • Anti-allergen seal system traps 99.99% of dust and allergens
  • Never loses suction
  • Lift-away detachable canister
  • Bare floor cleaning attachment

Popular Shark Vacuum Cleaners

We have a Shark vacuum for pet hair and it is really sturdy and well-designed. The handheld power head runs just on suction/air flow and is ingenious and the best we have had for removing interwoven dog hair in and on the couch.

Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright

“love the dirt finder sensor, great vacuum”

The bagged vacuum cleaners are popular because when emptying the dirt out, dust, debris and fine particles are contained inside the bag. One of the main disadvantages of a bagged model, is that the appliance can lose power over time as the bag becomes full. Having automatic indicators on the machine to tell you when the bag is full helps reduce this issue.

The Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright is another top-selling well reviewed model. Being self-propelled makes this 24 pounder more maneuverable and feel lighter.

This machine will show a green light or sensor, when you have vacuumed an area of carpet completely clean. This is a great idea for all the people whose eyesight may be a little poorer than it used to be. It is also great if the kids have housework as a chore to do around the house. The HEPA bag allows this to trap 99.97% of the dust, pollen, dirt and hair commonly found in carpets.


Reviewers of the Wind tunnel bagged upright particularly liked the full bag indicator, the strong suction, the self-propelled feature that makes it feel light, the fact that the hose and cord are far enough away from each other not to get entangled, and the placement of the attachments doesn’t interfere with either the cord or hose use. Some owners mention that the hose is a little short.

  • Patented WindTunnel Technology for powerful suction
  • Self propelled for easy maneuverability
  • HEPA media bagStretch hose; on
  • Board tools; pet
  • Hair tool with rotating brushes
  • 3-position height adjustment for multiple flooring types
  • 3-year limited warranty​

Bestselling Hoover Bagged Vacuums Above 200

These are great for those with members of the family with asthma and allergies. Getting Hepa rated bags is a smart move especially if the homeowner themselves has respiratory issues. These are chosen for ease of use and great suction.

Platinum Lightweight Upright with Canister

“perfect for allergies, great on stairs”


The Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright, UH30010C is another great choice of appliance around 200. Experts love this machine, the flexibility and versatility in use, and the overall strong suction. They recommend it for carpeted floors, for people who vacuum stairs often, and those who use attachments for furniture regularly.

​This device has a 35 foot cord which means you should be able to clean the whole floor of the house without having to re-plug-in at another outlet location. The HEPA filter and self sealing disposable bag that contains the dirt, dust and dander means that this is an excellent appliance in houses with families with allergies or respiratory problems.

  • Lightweight (11 pounds)
  • Powerful suction from 12 amp motor
  • Direct airflow & wind-tunnel technology for fast work
  • 2 speeds, self-sealing HEPA bag, check
  • Bag indicator
  • Canister with 25 foot power cord
  • Bare-floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and telescoping wand

Final Notes

These are all about Best Vacuum under 200 lists. Hope you guys like my choice. Any suggestions and value added comments are welcomed. 

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