Best Sofa Reviews | Sleeping, Sectional and Leather Included

I think “Sofa is the most comfortable piece of furniture which is used for seatingas well as sleeping.”

Do you agree with me ?

Now, the big question is : Which kind of sofa you are looking for ?

A sleeping? Sectional? or a leather one? Whatever it is, the only problem is to find the GOOD (Read it “PERFECT”) one according to your needs.

But, your problem is going to be solved shortly as you are reading this best sofa reviews article, where I reviewed some top rated Sleeping recliners and sofas, a few sectional and some leather sofas. The fact is, you can RELY on this list comfortably as I have researched a lot over the market, consumers and experts.


Let’s scroll and pick the PERFECT one for you!​

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Best Sofa in 2020 Reviews

If there is less space to place a bed in your room, most convenient way to turn your room into a bed room is by using a sleeper sofa. People usually buy them for space restriction. There are number of different options available for best sleeper sofa, I have prepared a comparison guide to select the best sofa according to your needs. I have also given detail reviews of these so that you get more information about popular brands and models.

Here is the List of Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Here is my honest reviews. Just go through the these and select the best one which suits your budget and requirements.

Handy Living Maurice Pillow Top Arm Convert-a-Couch in Mocha Microfiber

Sofa sleeper is very functional piece of furniture that is used for sitting and sleeping and can lie back in relaxed position. Sofa bed is made from mocha microfiber. Good quality of wooden legs. Arms are fully comfortable and smooth for lie back on it. Two decorative pillows are also included in it and cushion having size of 10 inches. Cushions are made from polyester fiber, foam which provides the greater flexibility and you feel relaxation by using it. The dimensions of this sofa bed are 72” D x 51”Hx 19”W


During assembling the sofa bed you need less than one hour to assemble it. Handy living usually makes durable and different furniture. They feel furniture should be trendy and funky. Everybody can easily afford it. It is comfortable to fast deliver a sofa bed, placed in a single box and very easy to assemble it. People usually feel most comfortable to use it. They sleep soundly. Just follow the instructions perfectly and feel in air by using it.

It is widely used by people because of its durability and comfy.​

Coaster Sofa Sleeper with Cup Holders in Black

This sofa sleeper has dimensions of 32.75″ H x 79″ W x 32.5″ D and 18″ H x 79″ W x 41″ D in sleeper position and it weighs about 92.4 lbs. It can be easily converted into makeshift bed by just folding down its seat backwards. It is made up of black faux leather and it comes with two pillows. There is a built in holder for cup on it each arm so as to keep your drinks or coffee.


This sleeper sofa is a mix of modern and contemporary design and will add to the look of your living room in addition to providing you with lot of comfort. It is very easy to assemble this sofa bed. It is very stiff and has side supports.

It can also be easily fitted in your basements.

Andover Full Size Futon Sofa Bed, Honey Oak Wood Frame, Suede Innerspring Mattress

This sofa bed is made from hardwood and its frame dimensions are 80L x 37D x 33H.

The mattress is made from 100% polyester and premium foam micro fiber. The 8 inch mattress is included with it. It needs little assembly.

It employs side loaded technique which makes it easier to convert this sofa into a full size bed. It gives you one year warranty.

This sofa bed is available in different colors like Chocolate, Red, navy, Peat, Olive. The construction of this sofa is very sturdy and durable.

This futon sofa bed is very versatile, and functional. It is perfectly styled with most comfortable over the top mattress. It is the best solution for people who have very less space in their house but want to enjoy the comforts of this one of the most comfortable sleeper sofa. It is very comfortable to sleep on.​

Full Sleeper Sofa by Cafe Blend

This leather like sleeper sofa gives you a great look. Its contemporary design provides you with plush feeling. It is perfect product for relaxing and enjoying the comfort.

It employs sinuous springs and the frames used in this sofa bed have been tested top GSA standards. It has its corners glued, stapled and blocked.


The fabrics used in this sofa have passed the wear ability and durability tests of AHMA.

This sofa needs minimum assemble only feet are required to be attached. It is not made of real leather but from bonded faux. Even though it gives you very smooth leather matching feel and look.

Overall this sleeper sofa is one of the most comfortable sleeper sofa and very attractive. You will surely love this sofa bed once it reaches your home.

Many manufacturers give opinion to use the sofa beds, and you will feel the great differences in quality and price. Every piece of furniture has its own pros and cons that determine whether it is good or not. You should purchase it, if it matches your needs.

First, look out the needs of sofa for your room and by whom it will be used. Determine whether your sofa is good fit for your room, and its make stylus to your room, look for one which satisfies you.

Choice is your own to buy a sleeper sofa. But the selection of wood and fabric plays an important role. Select best fabric for your sofa, it will make your room most beautiful and extend life of sofa. Selection of best fabric makes the higher usability of your sofa due to its comfort.​

Sleeper Sofa Mechanism

While you are searching for buying a most comfortable sleeper sofa, very important point is that its frame should be made from high quality hardwood. Life of your sofa will depend upon the strength of its frame.

The best wood is the furniture grade plywood and kiln-dried hardwood. The not so high quality material would make your sofa uncomfortable and lower its durability. It will make it look less beautiful.

As you are trying to lift up and out your sofa it should be in smooth motion. Yes, we are talking about its mechanism! Mechanism should not be hard that means there should not any difficulty during opening and closing it.

Inner mechanism should also a great quality, bed sheets don’t rip as a result. The one who usually use it, one thing keep in mind that bed sheet and blanket should be removed during close the sleeper sofa otherwise it will cause the different parts of shifts.​

How to Determine the Quality of Best Sleeper Sofas?

Quality of mattress also mater, before buying a best sleeper sofa check the mattress quality. One should feel most comfortable for good night’s sleep. Good mattress supports your body’s parts like shoulders, hips, back etc and keep these in relaxation mode during sleep. It doesn’t necessary that thick mattress has good quality, thinner might be good one.


Testing plays an important role in everything whether you made a dinner for your family or to purchase a thing. Testing your sofa bed before buying it is a good thing. While you are purchasing it check it properly. It should be easy to you when you are trying to open and close it.

You should not have any difficulty regarding this. Yes, sometime there is a trouble initially to open and lifted down a sleeper sofa due to new wood, as you are using it regular it become comfortable to you.

When you are going to purchase a sleeper sofa, measure a space in your room that hoe many wide you can purchase a sofa bed. Measure your room space so that when you will place sofa bed in it, your room shouldn’t look crowdy. After opened sofa some space should be there.

Check the corners and back of sofa it should be comfortable to you. Rather than to wastage of time by looking the sleeper sofa, which is looking nice or to, first measure that which sofa bed fits your room.

Sleeper sofa is the only way to convert your room into a bed room or a guest room. It is used for multi-purposes like sleeping as well as Sitting. Sofa bed that is made from a leather is very comfortable and use for multi-purposes. You can also carry it in your bag by removing air from it when you want to go for picnic.

Choice of your sleeper sofa bed is your own, but the thing is that which type of sleeper sofa you should purchase. Never go to the look of sofa yes it is also needed but the wood and fabric should be the first choice to you. It will become your sleeper sofa more beautiful and durable that everybody wants.​

Different Sizes of Sleeper Sofas or Sofa Beds

Now if we are talking about the size. There are many sofa beds that have different size.

Single sleeper sofa is 36 inches wide and 75 inches long and only one person can use it. Such type of sofa can be widely used as a guest bed and it take a less space.

Queen size sofa beds are 48 inches H x 75 inches W. Size of these sofas slightly less than a double bed. Queen size sofa can easily accommodate two persons.

loveseat sofa bed

Double size sleeper sofa bed is on great demand. Size of its: 54 inches wide and 75 inches High. There is no trouble by using these sofa beds. As these are easily places and accommodate less space as well.

King size sleeper sofas come with 60 inches W x 78 inches H. These beds contain a lot of space. Couple can easily sleep on it with extra space. By folding it will become a sofa and three people can easily sit on it. These sleeper sofas costly, cheaper and durable from other ones.

If there is no issue of space, then queen size sleeper sofa is widely used. It has a capacity to sit for three people comfortably and comfortable bed for two people. Size of its approximately 84 inches wide and 90 inches long when opened up.​

Sectional Sofa Reviews

Sectional Sofa means a Sofa that is made up of two or more sections of furniture. It can easily accommodate three persons. The most Useful and trendy thing among piece of furniture is “Sofa” that makes your drawing room more attractive. Image of L-shape sofa immediately blinks when we are talking about the Sectional sofa.

Sofa without arms is generally considered as a couch has L-shape. But the sectional sofa comes with arms which are comfortable for you and allow you to place a cup of tea, drink etc. Best sectional sofa made up of kiln-dry wood, the wood which makes your sofa durable and available at a reasonable price.

You can choose sectional sofa according to your room size. If there is large space in your room 3 piece sectional sofa can be purchased otherwise 2 piece sectional sofa is good for your room. Most of the people like free space in their room after accommodate a sectional sofa.​

Bobkona Manhanttan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa with Faux Leather Ottoman in Pebble Color

This sectional sofa is of high quality due to the filling of poly-fiber inside it and made from Faux- leather. Dimensions of this 3-piece sectional sofa are: 80″L and 38″ W and 39″ H.


Weight is around 174 pounds. It can easily assemble by you and you will feel great comfort for sitting and sleeping as well. This high quality sectional sofa provides you a facility of reversible chaise.

White and brown zebra pillows are also available to you, which make your sofa styli. This sectional sofa comes with smooth micro fiber that will provide you great relaxation.

Bobkona Hungtinton Microfiber/Faux Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Hazelnut

This black Leather Sectional sofa has dimension of 64 x 94 x 18″ H. It comes with full bonded leather. This sectional sofa can easily accommodate 3 persons with great space. You can also get an ottoman size of 38 x 26″ and soft pillows are also available with it. Such black cushions are easily washable.


During washing these pillows/cushions we strongly recommended not to use bleach and should be hand washed. Wood of such sofa is kiln dry hardwood. You will feel a great relax to use it and can get a worthy sleep.

Bobkona Trenton 2-Piece Sectional Sofa with Accent Pillows, Red

This Red color sectional sofa is made from Faux-leather and covered with hardwood frame. It has dimensions 112 x 87 x 35″. This modern sofa can easily assemble by you. It comes with 2 trendy pillows and has loveseat also available with it.


This trendy sofa can easily accommodate persons as you want. It is available with grate range of colors. Weight of this sectional sofa is around 116 pounds. To buy this sofa it will convert your dull room into trendy room. Your room will be appreciated by others.

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece, Ash Black

This 2-piece sectional sofa available with high quality due to fabricated with microfiber and designed it very carefully by analyzing the user requirements and their great comfort. This amazing product available with some tools and instructions that will help you during assemble it.


This beautiful product will provide you worthy sleep and you will not find any difficulty while assemble it. It is made up of Faux Linen that makes this best sectional sofa more durable.

Dimensions are near about 93″Lx 34″Wx 65″H.​

Choosing the Perfect Sectional Sofa

It becomes a big task for you to purchase a modern sectional sofa. Here are some Points which you can think can think about, before purchasing a best sectional sofa.

  • First consider your room size and its layouts.
  • Color of your room, according to that you can buy a modern sectional sofa.
  • Consider about design of your sofa.
  • Think about the style of your sofa, whether it is rich brown leather or contemporary design.

Leather sofa

If we are talking about the today’s trend, people usually want to live in a trendy house and wants to use attractive things. They want to make their rooms, offices, and any other place more attractive. To do so their first choice is to make trendy their rooms or meeting area by purchase a best sofa or other things. Sofa became the first choice of today’s world.

But sofa should be of good quality or made from best fiber. Yes, quality should be the first thing during when you are going to purchase a best leather sofa. It makes you feel more comfortable. Sofa can be made up of wood comes from trees or leather comes from cowhide. No doubt, before buying a sofa people wants to investigate about the sofa’s material. That’s why we are providing you guidance before purchasing a best leather sofa.

Leather used for furniture made from the cattle hide and is converted into soft leather such process continuously come from an ancient time. This thing makes your sofa very attractive and you feel as comfortable as you want. Leather has many types and you should consider all the types when you are going to purchase best leather sofa.​

Homelegance 9700BLK-3 Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather

This top grain sofa bed has dimensions of 83″ x 39″ x 40″H. It is bonded leather. Seats and back of this sofa is more comfortable with cushions. It is a best leather sofa, which provide you a great durability and make your room trendy. Its arms are highly foamed make you feel comfort.


This leather sofa is very easy to assemble. You will enjoy and feel in air with this trendy sofa. Faux leather is used in its side area and black bonded leather is used in seating area. Its weight is almost 154 pounds.

Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Set in Chocolate Color

This top grain sofa available in two pieces set with chocolate color. Dimensions of this sofa are 71 x 38 x 35″. This is available with matching pillows. Inner material is made from Polly fiber. Due to its flexibility, it is easy to assemble.


Contemporary Black Leather Sectional Sofa Left Side Chaise by Coaster

Chair and a half with ottoman has dimensions of 115 x 78.5 x 35.5H”. It comes with full bonded leather. Weight is about 186 pounds. It is black leather sofa with great comfort and easily manageable. It can accommodate three persons easily. It will available to you with matching two pillows. You can enjoy of worthy sleep and this sofa comes with full side supports. It takes very less time to assemble.

full size sofa bed

Choosing the Best Leather Sofa

Before purchasing a leather sofa you should aware about its types.

  • Full Grain Leather: Full Grain leathers usually high quality leather made from upper layer of cowhide and its surface has not been soiled. This grain makes fiber strong and durable. Best leather sofa made from full grain leather which is of high cost. Such leather is of high quality.
  • Top Grain Leather: Top grain leather sofa is made from the one of layers of cowhide. Generally, there are three layers of cattle hide. Upper layer is most durable and high quality layer which is most expensive. Other layers are split layers and less expensive but quality is good. You will find its sanded surface which is less soft than other and is less expensive. People also refer furniture made from top grain leather.
  • Antiqued Leather: It comes with single layer and coated with single color. Generally, its appearance is artificial.
  • Patent Leather: This leather is plastic coated leather which is less durable and seems to be less graceful. It is opposite to full grain leather which is of high quality. High gloss finish is given to this leather which looks like duplicate.
  • Belting Leather: This leather is of very high quality same as full grain leather, made from the upper layer of cowhide. This leather is usually used in car belts, surface of suit cases, wallets etc. it is seeming to be hard but has high quality and more durable.

How to Clean Sofa Set?

Cleaning is most important to look attractive to anything. Everybody wants to make their home unique and fascinated by place luxury things, but cleaning these things is as important as dish washing. We usually find difficulty to clean their home things, which is really not a big deal, if we use accordingly products.

Same for our sofa that is the most attractive thing in our drawing room, living room or waiting area etc, it’s cleansing is also important. When you purchase sofa its fabric looks fluffy and color is so bright. As the time being pass its fabric and color become dull due to dust.

But question arises here how to clean it? See if we use fabric sofa, first do test on its small part. You will see the method available on it that is shown as a code such as “S”,”W”,”X”, etc. These codes recommend you, which method you should follow. You will find these codes in letter form as shown above. It is not necessary available these codes to all sofa.​

Code S

This code indicates you to clean your sofa without using water, as it remains water splashes. Dry cleaning can be done by vacuum cleaner. Wash your sofa by water damage your fabric.

Code W

This code indicates you to clean your sofa using water. You should take 1/3 cup of dish washing liquid and take some lukewarm water and mash these properly to make a form. Take some piece of cotton cloth and use it for clean your sofa. Use specula to remove the dust malt.

Code X

This code indicates you to clean your sofa only by vacuum rather than water wash. You can also take out your sofa out and beat it to remove the dust from it.

How to Clean Leather Sofa?

It is easy to clean leather sofa rather than fabric. Leather sofa can clean with soft cleanser like wet cloth, blow dryer etc.

Ink Strain: Take a piece of cloth, dip in alcohol. Rub this cloth on ink strain.​

Food strain: Mix some lemon juice with powder that is made from tartaric acid. Shake it well and apply on it to the strain and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Then remove it by wet wrap and soft cloth should be used to dry it.​

Grease stain: Avoid water to remove such stain. These stains can easily remove by dry cloth.

To make such attempts you will feel great. To make clean everything that is placed in your home makes your home hygienic and free from any insects. More a dirty thing, more you will find an insect.​

Preventions For Your Sofa

  • Prevent from the sunlight, it will damage your fabric.
  • Prevent from the dusty air and avoid cigarette smoke that will make your sofa dirty.
  • Cover your sofa’s arm and back to prevent from hair and skin oil.
  • You can also clean your sofa daily by cleansing cloth or using vacuum cleaner.

Tips and Advices

  • Splashes should be cleaned immediately! If these splashes are not removed for the time, it becomes difficult to remove this stain.
  • Use of the hard cleanser should be avoided, it is not good for sofa’s surface, it will damage its surface.
  • Do not use any type of oil and polish used for furniture. It will make your sofa sticky.
  • Do not use any type of soap, detergent to clean your sofa; it will damage sofa’s color.
  • Clean your sofa regular basis by using vacuum, it makes your sofa long lasting and durable.
  • Finishing of your sofa may reduce by using wipes and keep away your sofa from heat.
  • After cleaning your sofa by water, dry it by wrap properly.
  • If you are not able to clean your sofa properly, do not feel shy to call professional.

Final Notes

I have made an attempt to include maximum information in my best sofa reviews so that you can make an easy decision to buy the best sofa bed. There are other different brands available in the market that is impossible to include in this post but you can share your views if you think I must include other best sleeper sofa in this list.

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