Best Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The best vacuum cleaner for pet hairs that you can find in current year needs to be powerful with great suction and easy to use. Then there are a number of other things that you need to be aware of. You are probably looking for another vacuum cleaner because your current one keeps clogging up with pet hair, fluff or feathers.

What are the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

The best vacuum cleaners to pick up pet hair are designed so that the hair doesn’t get trapped in the brush and are more effective. The bristles are also firmer to help pick up the pet hair. They need to be more powerful to ensure they don’t clog up too.

With an ordinary vacuum the pet hair constantly gets trapped in the bristles and you have to keep stopping to remove it. This means it will take extra long to vacuum up the pet hair.

We have created a list of some of the best vacuums for picking up animal fur and pet dander.

If you are looking for a quality vacuum but don’t want to spend a small fortune, then you should still get a good machine that will be good enough to deal with most jobs. Most of these are upright vacuum cleaners but there is a canister included here too.

Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

If you are looking for a good little pet hair vacuum that isn’t going to cost the earth, then we have a list of the most affordable units right here.

If the budget really is tight, then you can go for a vacuum cleaner at cheap price. Should still do the job, but of course you may not get the power or the build quality that you would expect from some of the more expensive models.

With a mid range budget you are going to get quite a good vacuum that should still be able to handle most jobs. A cordless vacuum like the Hoover Linx below is great for those quick jobs where you just want to grab the vacuum and go and not have to worry about dragging the cord or where the nearest power socket is.

With little high budget you are getting into really good vacuum cleaners. These will generally have lots of power, be really well made with clever design touches that make the job of using the vacuum very easy.

Choosing An Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner For You Home

If you are on a tight budget but still want to get a good vacuum cleaner, you should look for the best vacuum cleaner you can get for under $100. This should still get you quite a powerful machine that can cope with most of the vacuuming jobs around your home. The best vacuum cleaners under $150 will be even better and you are likely to get more features too.

Think about where you are going to use your vacuum cleaner most. If you have lots of big open room with a lot of carpet, then this is where upright tend to work best. If you have lots of stairs, or need to be able to access lots of hard to reach areas then canister vacuums tend to have long extensions that make it easy to access difficult to reach areas.

Shark NV356E Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner

This shark vacuum is great as it’s a vacuum with plenty of wonderful suction and is therefore awesome at picking up pet hair. Dog hair will no longer be a problem and this vacuum will perform on hard floors as well as carpets.

This powerful vacuum is great at picking up lots of pet hair from carpeted and bare floors. It also includes a pet hair device and dusting device to ensure a really good job if extra help is needed.

It’s also very easy to assemble so great for those that worry about such things. And its lightweight makes it easy to use and move around without feeling like you are lifting something that weighs a ton and is going to break your back. The design also makes it good at getting into smaller spaces.

The body of the vacuum also comes away and turns this unit into a canister vacuum which is great for those areas that need a more intense going over or are in an awkward position.

This is a small and quiet vacuum cleaner that is incredibly powerful for its size and will do a wonderful job attacking that pet hair.

The best vacuum cleaner under $200

Hoover UH70210 WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Vacuum


“A very good vacuum that does its job and has great suction”. A nice and light vacuum that is easy to move around. Rubber on the pet attachments make it very good at picking up hair on furniture.

Handle fold down, so a great feature if you have to store this in a low cupboard or under stairs etc.

Handle fold down, so a great feature if you have to store this in a low cupboard or under stairs etc.


  • Fold down handle.
  • 27-foot cord with auto rewind.
  • ​Brush roll shut off pedal.
  • ​Cleaning alerts for the rinsable filter, HEPA and Carbon filters.
  • ​Pet hair turbo brush.
  • ​12-inch extension wand.
  • ​Crevice tool.
  • ​Pet furniture nozzle with rubber blades so won’t get clogged with hair.
  • ​Headlight.
  • ​5 Position Carpet Brush Height Adjustment.
  • 8′ Hose.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $150

Eureka 4870SZ Boss SmartVac Pet Lover Bagged Vacuum


If you have long hair animals such as dogs and cats, you know you are going to get a lot of pet hair and dirt in your house. Of course that means you are going to have to vacuum your home on a regular basis.

That means you are going to need a vacuum with a lot of power to get up the dirt and pet hair quickly and easily without clogging. Review have commented that this vacuum scores highly on both those points. It is not the most lightweight vacuum but it is great for cleaner up that dog hair.

And although this isn’t a bagless vacuum, when it comes to a home where you have a lot of dirt on a regular basis a bagless vacuum can get quite messy. If you are cleaning up pet dirt and hair your vacuum could get quite smelly so another advantage of a vacuum with a bag is that it contains the smell.

The fact that this vacuum has a very long cable will speed up the vacuuming process as it means you won’t have to keep stopping to plug out and plug in as you go around your home. It also works well on carpets and just as well on wooden or hard floors. Reviewers have also commented that this is about average when it comes to noise level.


  • Upright vacuum.
  • 15-inch-wide cleaning path.
  • ​HEPA filtration system.
  • ​Odor free bags.
  • ​Ergonomically designed handle for comfort.
  • ​Extra long 30-foot power cable.
  • crevice, dusting and upholstery attachments plus Pet Power Paw turbo nozzle.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, 66T6

This is a smaller canister vacuum that would be great for vacuuming an apartment. It would also be good for a small home, as the lightness of the vacuum and the attachments means that it’s easy to whizz around and vacuum up all the dirt and pet hair with ease.

Reviews have stated that this vacuum has great suction, which really is essential for picking up pet hair. Maybe not the best for a larger home as the smaller size means it won’t hold as much so more emptying of the container, but for a smaller home or apartment it should be great.


This has also been noted to be one of the quieter vacuums that you can buy. Great on all types of flooring, carpet, wooden floors and in cars.

Eureka Pet Expert Bagless Upright, 3276BVZ


This is another great vacuum for getting rid of pet hair and fur. It has great suction that makes the job easy. It’s a fairly light vacuum so relatively easy to maneuvre around. The great advantage it has is the cleanable filters so as soon as long as they are cleaned regularly they won’t affect the suction at all.

Also features a great attachment for doing giving the upholstery the special treatment. With great cleaning power that gives this pet vacuum a good ability to clean up pet hairs this Eureka Pet Expert works well for the price.

Eureka Pet Lover Oh! Upright Bagless Vacuum, 439AZ

The Eureka Pet Lover is a great vacuum to have if you own pets as it is actually design for dealing with pet hair. This is an easy to use vacuum cleaner that is not too heavy. It is easy to maneuvre and helps to push itself along making the job of vacuuming even easier.


This is a small sized vacuum clean making it great for smaller homes or apartments but it might be wise to go for a different model if you have a large home. Cleaning is easy to with a few filters and an easily removed container that just comes out and you empty.

Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684F


“It has great sucking power, is really easy to use, is lightweight, and is a good overall design”. The Pet Lover Might Mite captures dust, allergens and pet dander. This affordable vacuum can handle hair from cats and dogs with no problem.

This vacuum has the suction that you need to solve your pet hair woes. A mighty vacuum for keep your carpets and furniture clean of pet hair.

The mighty mite works great on hardwood, furniture and carpet.

This vacuum is very lightweight which makes it nice and easy and portable for using on stairs and where you need to lift the vacuum.


  • 12 Amps of Power.
  • 20 Foot Cord.
  • ​Weighs less than 9lbs.
  • HEPA filtration.

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