The 14 Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

This best garbage disposals review post created by people who have bought the appliances, used the appliances, and installed the appliances for themselves. I like to read reviews on appliances and things of this nature, so I wanted to compile some useful opinions of these ordinary household items that people could use to help them select the appropriate appliance for their household.

Our Picks Of  14 Best Garbage Disposal Review

 In a hurry? Here are our top picks: 

General Electric GFC520V ½ Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal Large Capacity Food Waste Disposer

InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2HP Food Waste Disposer

Waste King Legend Series L-111 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

1. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Evolution made the first position of this list because of the stainless steel grind chamber and stainless steel components it is comprised of.

Stainless steel is a durable metal that creates a product that will last a long time with few issues. The grind chamber is a large forty-ounce cylinder.

This garbage disposal has a two stage grinding system so that it completely grinds the majority of food waste that is introduced to it. The unit works quickly and is quiet when operating.

​If you needed another reason to choose this garbage disposal the four-year warranty should help you.


Why Buy This Brand

This company has been in business since 1937. In 1927 John W. Hammes invented the first waste disposal unit and then he spent the next ten years perfecting his invention before he began to market it. In 1968 the company was bought by Emerson, and in 2006 Emerson played around with the spelling of the company name and developed the InSinkErator logo. This company is located in the United States in Racine, Wisconsin.


  • Multigrinding technology.
  • Jam buster wrench.
  • ¾ HP motor.
  • 4-year warranty.
  • Stainless steel stopper included.
  • Anti vibration tail pipe.
  • Noise reduction sink baffle.


  • Power cord is not included.

2. Waste King L-1001 Legend Series ½ HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer (With Power Cord)

The compact design of this powerful garbage disposal unit makes it very attractive to most homeowners. There is only so much room under a kitchen sink so when you can get an appliance that takes up less space you have found a winner.

Waste King L 1001 is compact but has a high speed capacity of 2600 rpm that will efficiently take care of any food waste that you feed it.

 The continuous feed feature allows you to turn the unit on and keep raking your plates into the appliance until you are through. The disposer is quick and will grind up the matter quickly so that you are soon finished with your kitchen chore.

This appliance has a 2 year warranty.


Why Buy This Brand

Waste King is a brand name that is produced by Anaheim Manufacturing Company. This company is located in the United States in Southern California. They create several different brands of products, and they are one of the top two largest garbage disposal producers in the world. This might be the right garbage disposal for the money.


  • Compact.
  • Continuous feed.
  • ½ hp motor.
  • Quiet.
  • Power cord included.
  • Easy to install.


  • Does not have a relief outlet to help you when it does jam.

3. Waste King Legend Series L-111 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

If your house is not hardwired for an under the sink garbage disposer you will love the fact that this unit comes with a thirty-six-inch power cord.

You simply install an electrical outlet beneath your sink or countertop and plug this garbage disposal into it.

insinkerator badger 5

This appliance is small and compact. It takes up very little space because it has continuous feed possibilities. It does not have to be able to hold a large amount of food waste at one time because it grinds it and disposes of it so quickly.


  • Compact.
  • Manual reset switch.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Easy installation.
  • All hardware included.
  • Stainless steel splash guard.


  • You will need to change the sin collar when you install this unit.

4. InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2HP Food Waste Disposer

The galvanized steel grind system in this garbage disposal guarantees that the unit is built to last, built to be powerful, and built to handle the majority of all food waste that your family produces.

The ½ horsepower motor will provide enough power to the garbage disposer to quickly eliminate the food in the twenty-six-ounce grind chamber. This motor is also relatively quiet when in operation.

The ½ horsepower motor will provide enough power to the garbage disposer to quickly eliminate the food in the twenty-six-ounce grind chamber. This motor is also relatively quiet when in operation.

Badger 5 is designed to be hardwired and does not come with an external power cord. It does come with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Inside the box you will find a sink mount, a wrench, a tailpipe gasket, stopper and easy to read instructions.



  • 2 year warranty.
  • Quiet.
  • Tailgasket included.
  • Stopper included.
  • House calls included in warranty package.
  • ½ hp motor.
  • Made in America.
  • Easy installation.


  • Does not come with power cord.

5. Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0 Horsepower Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

You will have very few problems with this garbage disposal because it has stainless steel swivel impellers mounted in it. These impellers will help reduce the number of times the disposer gets jammed during operation. There is an easy to remove splash guard so you can clean the appliance and reduce the foul odors that can build up in a garbage disposal.

The motor on this appliance is very strong and there are very few food wastes that this disposer will not be able to handle with ease. It is very quiet and very easy to install following the simple instruction manual from the manufacturer.

badger 5


  • 1 hp motor.
  • Lifetime warranty against corrosion.
  • Insulated grinding components for quiet operation.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • Easy to install.


  • Large size and may not fit under all sinks.
  • Does not grind citrus well.

6. Waste King L-2600 legend Series ½ HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposal

This is a perfect garbage disposal for people doing home renovations. It does not require hard wiring into the electrical supply because it comes with a thirty-six-inch power cord that plugs into a wall receptacle.

The removable splash guard allows you to easily clean the old food debris, away from the appliance so you have very little odor. The space saver design to the appliance makes it capable of fitting under the majority of kitchen sinks.

badger 5 garbage disposal

This unit comes with a five-year service warranty that guarantees someone will come to your home to repair the appliance should it malfunction.


  • Removable splash guard.
  • Space saver design.
  • Comes with thirty-six-inch power cord.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • Noisier than some other units.

7. InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposer

You will love how quiet this garbage disposal unit is when it is operating. You will also be in love with the two stage grinding the appliance does because it eliminates almost all food waste that you can feed into it.

The appliance has a large forty-ounce grinding chamber that is made of stainless steel so it is durable and will not rust on you.

food waste disposer

The working components of the grinder are also stainless steel so this appliance is going to last a long time.

The best feature is the magnetic cover start. You need no wall switch to operate the appliance. You place the stopper in position and that activates the grinders.


  • Quiet.
  • ¾ hp motor.
  • Chrome plated stopper included.
  • No wall switch required.
  • Easy installation.
  • 7-year warranty.
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe assembly.
  • Quick lock sink mount included.
  • Wrench to loosen jams included.


  • No power cord included.
  • Not as light as some disposer units are.

8. Kitchen Aid KCDB250G ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

This food disposal unit allows you to continuously feed food into it while you are cleaning up after a meal. It is powered by a wall switch so it is easy to operate with just one hand, but it is also safe to operate.

There is an overload protection that will cause the disposer to stop until you manual reset it. This prevents any messes or accidents from occurring.

The disposer is compact in size and powerful enough to dispose of the majority of food waste your family may produce. The fact that it grinds while receiving a continuous feed allows it to be smaller in size, and still be powerful enough to do the job.


Why Buy This Brand

KitchenAid is a line of appliances produced by the Whirlpool Corporation. The line was invented in 1919 when they began to manufacturer the famous KitchenAid mixers. This brand has years of satisfied customers recommending it. Whirlpool is known for making quality items that you can depend on.


  • ½ hp motor.
  • 5 year warranty from manufacturer.
  • 26 ounce grinding chamber holds lots of waste.
  • Easy installation with clear instructions.
  • Continuous feed handles large amounts of food waste.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Stainless steel grinding components.


  • Power cord not included.
  • Some installations will require additional pieces of pipe.

9. Whirlaway 191 1/3 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

This garbage disposal requires no major skills, or tools in order to install it into your kitchen. It is small and compact and will fit properly under the majority of counter-tops.

The motor to Whirlaway 191 is very powerful, but what makes it special is that it is a permanent magnet motor so it has more power than a standard motor of the same size. The motor is also very quiet while it is running.

This is a great garbage disposal unit and it should provide many years of service with not complications. It does have a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Why Buy This Brand

Whirl away is a brand name that is produced by Anaheim Manufacturing Company. This company is located in the United States in Southern California. They create several different brands of products, and they are one of the top two largest garbage disposal producers in the world. When a company is one of the top two leading manufacturers you can be sure of their product quality.


  • Affordable to most budgets.
  • Continuous feed.
  • Compact size fits under most sinks.
  • Comes with all of the installation hardware.
  • 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Light.
  • quiet.


  • Does not come with a power cord.

10. Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

If you are replacing an existing garbage disposal, then the new snap, and lock mounting system designed into this unit will make putting the disposal in place a breeze. It is compact and will not take up an inordinate amount of space under your sink.

Some disposers have multiple stages of grinders but that is not necessary when you have a disposer with the capabilities of grinding at 2700 RPM. The motor in this unit can easily chew through the majority of food waste that you have without even making a lot of noise, thanks to the silencing technology and the use of materials like the ones used to make studios sound proof.



  • 2700 RPM.
  • Compact size.
  • Snap and lock mounting system for easy installation.
  • Affordable to most budgets.
  • Quiet.


  • May require additional installation components if you do not already have a garbage disposal in place.

11. Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

If you are considering adding a garbage disposer to your kitchen, then this is a perfect choice for you. It comes with a thirty-six-inch power cord so it does not have to be hardwired. You can install an outlet under your cabinet and plug the unit in.

The grinding components inside the housing are all rust resistant so you do not have to worry about corrosion.

food disposal

The motor is powerful and the grinders can easily chew through most food waste. The unit is also relatively quiet while in operation.

The warranty is a big selling point. It is a LIFETIME in-home warranty. You cannot beat that with a stick.


  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Rust free grinding components.
  • Lifetime anti corrosion warranty.
  • Lifetime in home service warranty.
  • 1 hp motor.
  • Powerful.
  • Quiet.
  • Includes a ninety-degree elbow for the drain line under the sink.


  • Requires an additional rubber flange when it is being connected to a cast iron sink.

12. Waste King L-3300 Legend Series ¾ HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

I want to begin by telling you that the manufacturer has so much confidence in this disposer that the offers a ten year in home warranty.

They also offer a lifetime corrosion warranty because the components that could corrode, and become problematic are made of stainless steel.

The disposer is small, easy to mount, and comes with a power cord so you do not have to hardwire it into an electrical circuit. It plugs into a standard household receptacle.

The unit is quiet, and is perfect if you are doing home renovations because it does not have to placed where an existing garbage disposer was. It has continuous feed so it takes care of all of the waste you provide.



  • Power cord included.
  • Easy installation.
  • Continuous feed.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Stainless steel grinding ring.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • ABS waste elbow included.
  • Dishwasher connection included.


  • Heavy and not suitable for all sink types.

13. Premier 143053 1/3 Horsepower Food Waste Disposer

The quick lock mounting system of this garbage disposal unit is a feature offered exclusively by Insinkerator. The unit requires no specialized tools or skills for you to mount it. Simply follow the carefully written instructions that are provided. The compact size makes it possible for this unit to fit under the majority of sinks.

The grinding chamber to Premier 143053 is non-metallic so you do not have any worries of corrosion inside it. The grinding chamber is also sealed which helps to reduce odors from escaping. You will also like the baffle that helps to prevent any splash back from occurring, and helps to silence the garbage disposal when it is running.


Why Buy This Brand

This is a brand owned by Emerson. This company has been in business since 1937. In 1927 John W. Hammes invented the first waste disposal unit and then he spent the next ten years perfecting his invention before he began to market it. Best food waste disposer for your family.

In 1968 the company was bought by Emerson, and in 2006 Emerson played around with the spelling of the company name and developed the InSinkErator logo. This company is located in the United States in Racine, Wisconsin. When a company is in business that many years you can be certain they do good customer service.


  • Non-corrosive materials make up the grinding chamber.
  • Sound barrier designed into the anti-splash baffle.
  • Stainless steel flange.
  • Continuous feed.
  • Light.
  • Galvanized grinding assembly.
  • Easy to install.


  • Better suited for small families.
  • Does not come with power cord.

14. General Electric GFC520V ½ Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal Large Capacity Food Waste Disposer, Black

If you have a large family that produces a large amount of food waste, or you operate a business and have a large quantity of food waste, then GE GFC520 is the disposer for your needs.

The grinding blades are crafted from stainless steel. They have a specialized swivel so they will not become jammed like many disposers do.


 The grinding chamber is large and has a galvanized steel turntable to help keep the food waste churned until it is ground away.

It is easy to install, except that it must be hardwired. It has a stopper to prevent back splashes from occurring and a splash guard that can be removed so you can clean the appliance.​

Why Buy This Brand

This is an American company that began in 1896. Through the years this company has produced quality lines of appliances that have been in homes throughout the United States. The company has an excellent reputation for producing products you can rely on.


  • Easy to install.
  • ½ hp motor.
  • Continuous feed.
  • Sink stopper included.
  • Splashguard included.
  • 2800 RPM.


  • Power cord is not included.

Things to Consider When Buying Garbage Disposal

Best Garbage Disposal

I have had a lot of experiences operating garbage disposal units, and repairing garbage disposal units that have become jammed, or corroded, or that simply did not have the power or capacity to dispose of the food waste my family created.

If you have never purchased a garbage disposal there are a few things you should keep in mind when you are shopping. You can read our garbage disposal buying guide for more detailed information on how to select one. the following tips will help you get started and evaluating the products for your household needs.

  • Consider whether or not you already have a garbage disposal hardwired into your kitchen circuitry. This will help you decide on a hardwired appliance or on a version that has a plug cord.
  • Consider the size of your family.
  • Consider the amount of room you have under your kitchen sink to help you choose a disposer that will fit.
  • Look at the warranty that the manufacturer offers. Some warranties provide replacement in your home and some have you remove the appliance and return it.
  • You want a device that is constructed of non-corrosive materials.
  • You want a device with a removable splash guard for easy cleaning.
  • You want the appliance to be as quiet as possible because disposers can be very loud.
  • Fit your budget.

Types Of Garbage Disposals

If you are considering a garbage disposal unit then you will be interested in learning a little about the different types of disposal units that are available to you. This applies to people who have never owned a garbage disposal unit as well as to people who have a garbage disposer they are about to replace. Learning the types of garbage disposal units that are available will help you to decide what type to buy for your home.

Best Garbage Disposal For Septic 

If you live in a city, or large town, and you get community, or city sewer then there is no reason for you to buy a septic assist garbage disposer. These units are specifically designed for homes that have their own septic tanks.

Many of the homes in rural locations have their own septic systems on their property. These systems will include fill line that allows the liquids to be dispersed into the ground, and a septic tank that holds the solid waste until it is dissolved into liquid waste.

These units are designed to grind the food waste into pieces that can be managed by a small septic system. Large city sewer systems can handle larger pieces of food waste because the sewer pipes are larger, and the sewer systems are treated with chemicals that help waste products dissolve quicker. If you have a septic system, then get a disposer that is designed to work best with your type of sewer system.

The septic assist systems come in continuous feed and in batch feed versions so you will have to decide which of these two types of appliances will best suit your needs.​

Continuous Feed

A continuous feed system allows you to turn the unit on and start putting food waste in. You usually run some water while you are clearing the plates of the excess food so the water can help wash the food particles down the sink. These appliances are very popular because they can handle large amounts of food waste in a very short time.


  • They handle large amounts of food better.
  • They allow you to toss small amounts of food into the unit as you are working and they will go to work without their chamber being completely filled so you can clean as you go.
  • They usually cost less than the batch feed versions.


  • These disposers can be more dangerous. They do not have a chamber that has to be filled before they grind so they do not have a stopper that prevents fingers, or spoons, from getting inside them and coming in contact with the blades.
  • You will likely have a higher water bill with this unit because you are supposed to run water while the disposer is working.

Batch Feed

This type of disposer has a chamber that you fill with food waste. Then you generally have a stopper that you place over the disposer opening before you start to grind.


  • You do not have to run water while the disposer is grinding.
  • You have fewer accidents because the stopper prevents fingers or spoons from reaching the blades while the unit is grinding.
  • They do not get jammed as often.


  • If you have a large amount of food waste to dispose of then it will take longer because you have to grind only the amount the chamber will hold and then fill the chamber again.
  • People get tempted to put a small amount of food in and then wait until they can add more and grind a full chamber. This leads to fould odors and the growth of bacteria.

How to Install Garbage Disposals 

If you are shopping for a garbage disposal unit then you might be interested in learning about how to install these appliances, how to clean them, how to deodorize them, and what types of things you should not put into them.

Before you begin your garbage disposal installation work you must make sure that the area where you want to put the disposer is ready for the unit.

To prepare for your garbage disposal you must know that a garbage disposal unit attaches to the sink and has a discharge that then attaches to the drainpipe that carries waste from the sin to your sewer.

Some homeowners have septic systems instead of being on community sewer systems. If you do have your own septic system you can purchase a garbage disposer that has been specifically designed for use with a private septic tank system. If you have a dishwasher the outlet hose from that appliance will attach to the garbage disposal unit.

If you are replacing an existing disposer look for these connections and disconnect the old appliance. If you do not already have a disposer under your sink then you will need to make sure that you have an electric outlet placed nearby so you can plug the disposer in, and you will need a switch on the wall beside the sink so you can turn the disposer off and on as needed.

We highly recommend that you get help from a licensed electrician if you are adding an electric outlet or a wall control switch where there has not previously been done before. You may also need an electrician if your disposer is going to be hardwired into the electrical circuit instead of being plugged into a standard electric outlet.

To begin your garbage disposal installation, you must first assemble the tools you will need to do the job. Having the right tools handy when you need them will make the work go faster and easier.​

Tools Required to Install Most Garbage Disposers

  • You will need a small bucket. About a one-quart size should be fine.
  • You will need a hammer.
  • You are going to need a putty knife.
  • Flat ended screw driver.
  • Plumber’s putty.
  • The garbage disposal.
  • One old bath towel.
  • pliers.

Garbage Disposal GuideAfter you have assembled all of the needed tools you will want to shut the power to the kitchen area where the garbage disposal will be connected. Your kitchen should have more than one circuit because kitchen appliances require a lot of electricity to operate. Go to your breaker box and find the breaker that controls the power next to your kitchen sink where the disposer will be plugged.

Now you are ready to begin your job.

Step 1

You need to disconnect your drain line under your sink. This is where that bucket comes in. Set the bucket under the P-trap of the drain line so that any excess fluids in the line will fall into the bucket and not onto your cabinet.

Once the drain has been disconnected you need to clean both ends of the connection to remove any old plumber’s putty that is adhering to the sections. You will remove the strainer from the sink. The strainer stops food particles from going down the sink, so it is a problem to a garbage disposal unit.

Step 2

You will now be installing the new drain that allows you to connect the garbage disposal unit to the sink. You want to put plumber’s putty on the edge of the flange connecting to the drain before you connect it so you can make a water tight seal between the sink tail pipe and the drain pipe you are connecting.

You will want a towel lying beneath your work area on the bottom of your cabinet. This will help to keep things clean and neat. I suggest you get an old towel and not one of your nice bath towels for this purpose.

Step 3

You now need to put the fiber gasket, the backup flange, and the mounting ring together so that you can slip them up on the flange you have in place. Pull open the snap ring and put it in position.

Once this is done you need to tighten the screws so they are pressing firmly against the backup flange. Clean away any excess plumber’s putty at this time.

Step 4

It is now time to hook the dishwasher drain into the disposal. You will take your hammer and a flat ended screw driver and punch out the inlet on the disposal.

Step 5

You now need to remove the cover over the wire connections. You will connect the electric cord that powers the appliance to the matching wires under this cover. You push the wires back into position and replace the cover plate over them.

You are ready to connect the drain by inserting the provided gasket into the discharge outlet. Then you attach the discharge outlet to the sink using the flange and bolts provided using the pliers.

Step 6

Then you hang the disposal unit by aligning the tabs on it with the mounting ring that holds it into place. Take your time and get this step done right or you will have leaks.

There should be a wrench included with your disposal unit that you will use to lock the tabs over the ridges of the mounting bracket.

Once this is done you can connect the drain from your dishwasher. You want to be sure that you have a T-Pipe in place prior to the P-Trap and that all of your connections are tight, but not overly tight.

Step 7

You want to put a stopper in your sink drain and then fill your sink with water. Look under the sink at all of the connection you have made to check for leaks.

Once you are sure that you have no leaks you should go to the breaker box and turn the power back on to the outlet where the disposal is connected. Plug the disposal in and flip the wall switch to see if the unit powers on.

How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

One of the best things you can use to clean your disposal is use baking soda and vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar are natural ingredients that will not harm the finish on your sink, they will clean away the dirt and grime, and they remove odor while they are there.

You sprinkle about one quarter to one half of a cup of baking soda into your disposal. Then pour about one cup of white distilled vinegar into the disposal.

These two ingredients are going to get together and create foaming bubbles. Do not be alarmed they are supposed to do that.

I usually walk away and let the baking soda and vinegar perform their bubbling magic for about ten minutes. Then I run the hottest water possible down the disposal. Sometimes I even boil a kettle of water and pour boiling water down the disposer.

The water flushes the baking soda and vinegar down the drain. It also carries with it the tiny food particles that the bubbling mixture dislodged.

Tips On Removing Bad Orders From a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposer is a very handy appliance, but tiny particles of the ground up food cling to the sides of the drain pipes and as those particles deteriorate they cause foul odors to emit from the drain. There are several things that you can do to help remove the odors that linger around a garbage disposal.

I like to put a small amount of rock salt, about two tablespoons into a mixture of half of a cup water and half of a cup white distilled vinegar. I freeze this in ice cube trays and every day or so I put a couple of the cubes into the disposer and grind them up. The food is removed and the odor is also removed.

Put a couple of orange peels, or lemon peels into the disposer and run some water. Then grind those citrus peelings to freshen the unit.

Plain ice cubes can be ground up to help eliminate odor. The plain ice cubes will dislodge many of the tiny food particles that are adhering to your drain line and that will improve the odor.

You can pour a small amount of household bleach into the disposer and then let cool water run over it. The bleach will help to remove odor.

Be sure that you clean the top of the garbage disposal lid with soap and water frequently. You may need to also use a wire brush and clean down the disposer drain pipe to dislodge food particles and eliminate odors.

By keeping the disposer clean you will reduce the number of times that food becomes lodged in the drain lines.​

Things You Should Not Put Into Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal unit is designed to get rid of small amounts of food that is left ob dinner plates after a meal. You can put most food items into these disposers, but there are some things that should never be put into a garbage disposer.

Grease and oil should never be put in a disposer because they can adhere to the inside of the drain lines and clog them up. Do not drain the grease off of meat into the disposer, or pour old cooking grease down it.

Occasionally you can toss a couple of citrus peelings down your disposal unit, but for the most part peelings are going to clog the drain lines and make a big stinky mess for you to have to clear away.

Do not toss your egg shells down the disposal. Egg shells are easy to grind up, but that membrane inside that egg shell can be loosened and will wrap itself around the blades of the disposer and wreak havoc in your life.

Coffee grounds will eventually become problematic if you runb them down the garbage disposer. The tiny little particles build up on the sides of the pipes and after a bit they create a clog.

Fruit pits from fruits like avocados, cherries, abd peaches, will rattle around in the drain and get hung on the blades. They can jam the blades so that they cannot turn.

Bones can be super destructive so do not put them in your disposer. They can jam the blades, and even break off parts of the blades.

Large quantities of any food can stop up your disposer. Place small amounts of food in the disposer and when they are completely ground then you can add more.

Do not put paper or the filters from cigarettes into your disposer. A disposer is not designed to handle that type of waste.​

Garbage Disposal Horse Power Guide

If you have decided to replace an old garbage disposal unit, or to install a garbage disposal unit in your home, then you need to consider what size appliance you will need. The way that you determine the power and strength of this type of appliance is by the horse power of the motor, and the materials the blades and housing is crafted from. For simplicity sake we are going to look at the different size motors that are available and try to define the pros behind each size.

​Garbage disposers come in 1/3 horse power, ½ horse power, ¾ horse power, and 1 horse power versions for homeowner applications.

1/3 horse power

The 1/3 horse power is the smallest disposer you can buy. Thus size unit would befine in a small apartment where it will not get a lot of heavy use.

​The 1/3 horse power disposer generally has blades that are made of thin metal because it takes more strength to turn blades that are made of thicker metals.


  • They are small and light weight.
  • They are usually cheaper to buy.


  • They do not have the strength to handle a lot of things that larger units can handle.
  • They are made of thinner materials and do not last as long.
  • They are more easy to jam.
  • They often have internal components made of materials that rust quickly so they do not last as long.

1/2 horse power

The next size up from a 1/3 horse power appliance is the 1/2 horse power appliance. The experts will tell you that the average home should have a disposal unit that is at least a 1/2 horse power. These appliances can do an adequate job for the average family, but you will want to make sure that the disposer you purchase has stainless steel grinding components inside so that they do not rust quickly.

If you buy a 1/2 horse power appliance it is recommended that you make sure and run plenty of water when you are grinding food to help the food pass through the device.


  • They are small and will fit in tight spaces like under counters in economy sized apartments.
  • They are priced affordably.
  • You can purchase some appliances that have stainless steel interior components.


  • They can be very noisy.
  • They cannot handle a large quantity of food.
  • They jam more easily than the larger units.

3/4 horse power

The next step up from the ½ horse power garbage disposer is the ¾ horse power disposal unit. These devices are much more powerful, and for the majority of families they are large enough to handle the load they are put under.

I still recommend that you always shop for an appliance that has stainless steel housing, grinding chamber, and blades. You want your appliance to last as long as possible and stainless steel does not corrode like many other metals do.


  • They are more powerful.
  • They come in varieties that have stainless steel components.
  • They are usually quieter.


  • They are larger and may not fit under all sinks.
  • They cost more.

Your final option is the 1 horse power unit that can handle the majority of all food waste with very little problems. These are considered to be the top of the line disposer units and are well suited to families that are large, or that do a lot of cooking.


  • They do not jam easily.
  • They are quieter to operate.
  • They can grind foods that the other disposers cannot.


  • They are larger.
  • They are more expensive.

Final Note

When you are really busy like most people are today you do not have time to comparison shop for common household items. Most people tend to go to the local store and buy whatever items they have and they never give a thought as to whether they could have gotten a better appliance, or a better price.

Reading the best garbage disposal reviews will allow you to compare different brands of garbage disposals and make sure you are getting the appliance that is best suited to your needs.

I hope that you have found the information on this review site useful and enlightening. My main goal is to help people compare the garbage disposals that are available, and stay within their budget when they buy.​

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Our Picks Of 14 Best Garbage Disposal Review

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