Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2020 – In Depth Reviews

If you need to valet your car easily and cheaply, try to use best car vacuum cleaner for your car! Vacuum cleaning your car gives it a great look and gets rid of dirt that can make you look slobby if your boss gets in the car!

I find there’s something satisfying about getting your car all cleaned up in the spring sunshine out in the driveway, after a long winter. Let me save you some time and hassle by sharing my top picks to make cleaning your car easier.


Car vacuums can be purchased with different sizes and power levels. There are corded and cordless power input car vacuums. The best car vacuum cleaners for 2013 offer energy savings, and strong suction and are designed with easy-to-apply features that give thorough cleaning, whether it is upholstery, carpet or wet-dry stain removal.

In addition, these well designed cleaning appliances are designed to ensure that the hard-to-reach spots are easily reached with no difficulties. Having a decent selection of attachments, or having a power head to remove hairs quickly, are something to look out for. Below are some of the best car vacuums on the market for your automobile vacuum cleaning needs.​

Best Car Vacuums for Dog and Other Pet Hair

I have listed these pet hair vacuums first, because many of us take our pets for a ride in the car or truck. Whether your dog has long or short hairs, they always seem to get woven into the carpet and collect in the seams in the upholstery. Without the right equipment, it seems to take forever to keep going over the same area to just pick up one or two hairs each time.

All of these vacuums are designed to pick up hair quickly and save a lot of time, while actually cleaning your vehicle better.

Black & Decker PHV1810​


The black and Decker Pivot Vac, PHV1810 is a new version of the original Pivot Vac cordless hand-held vacuum and one of the best car vacuum cleaners.

It includes 18 volts power as well as a cyclonic suction feature. Its removable and washable bagless dirt bowl can hold 40% more dirt compared to the original model.

Black & Decker FHV1200


This is another ideal vehicle and soft furnishings vacuum. You can easily use the vac without the need to plug in, or change outlets. Its high performance motor provides 40 percent suction power more that the 12V Dustbuster vac series.

It has a cyclonic feature that helps spin dirt away from the filter. This ensures that the suction power lasts for long. In addition, it has a “filter fresh” knob that flicks away from the filter and this further enhances the suction power.​

Wagan EL9793


This simple vacuum design has sleek lightweight and it is easy to use. You can plug the Wagan EL9793- 12V vacuum power code into the cigarette lighter and it will run effectively in cleaning your automobile.

This compact cleaning device has a 14 feet power cord, that enable it reach most parts of your automobile. It has a crevice and brush attachment design that ensures easy cleaning of tight spots. This means that every part of your car interior is vacuum cleaned thoroughly.​

Eureka 71B


This ultra modern vacuum cleaner is a powerful device whose design eliminates the hassles of lugging around a full-size vac cleaner. It has a 20 foot cord that is wrapped for easy storage while offering easy cleaning of your car interior.

It has a deep cleaning effect with a 5.5 amp power, which removes deeply embedded dirt on your car cushions and other interior parts.​

Best 12 Volt Car Vacuums to Buy

If you don’t want to drag out an extension cord, or prefer to plug your vacuum into your vehicle, any one of these vehicle vacuums is worth considering. I find these sometimes don’t have quite as much power as the others, but they’re great for quick cleanups.​

Ready to Buy a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

In essence, if you are seeking the top rated and easiest to use car vacuums, these models could help you meet your automobile vacuum cleaning needs conveniently and satisfactorily. You can chose between cordless and the corded with extra-length cords for extra freedom from frustration when valeting your ride!​

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