Becoming A Morning Person

Becoming A Morning Person

I’ve set myself a new goal…

How To Become a Morning Person

I hate mornings. I really hate mornings. I’m very much a ‘night’ person. I find that I am my most productive between the hours of 10pm – 3am. There’s no interruptions, nothing on TV and for some reason I find it easy to do the tasks which I’ve put off the day before. My mind works differently at night and it’s easy to think through problems I may have had with work during the day.

The Problem with ‘Night’ people

Although this late night working produces great productivity, it has many downsides…

  • Struggling to wake up in the morning – I usually wake around 8am and get into the office about 9:30-9:45 which is fine, but is at least 45 minutes after everyone else. It’s not a huge problem as people know that I work late so they don’t mind me coming in late in the morning.
  • Skipping breakfast – As an aside to rising late in the morning I don’t have time for breakfast so end up leaving home without. This leaves me hungry in the mornings which can affect concentration levels.
  • Lack of sleep – By the time I finish work and get to sleep, I usually only get a maximum of 4-6 hours rest every night. Which is below the 7/8 hours each night recommended by Doctors. I tend to make up these ‘lost’ hours on Saturday morning! There’s a medical term for this, which is ‘delayed sleep phase’. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to a range of risks, from obesity to depression.

Studies have shown that being a ‘Night Owl’ can be partly genetic and is not easy for some people to combat. But I’m going to try by taking the following steps:

  • No computer work after 9:00pm
  • In bed by 11pm every day (even weekends to start with, apart from gig nights of course!)
  • Buy an alarm clock!
  • Wake up at 7am every morning and get out of bed as soon as my alarm clock goes off, not hitting ‘snooze’ for another 5 minutes under the duvet! Once I’ve done 3 months at 7am, I’ll then try 6:30…. then 6:00.
  • Have breakfast!
  • Still get into work at 9:30… it’s actually quite convenient as I live 60 minutes’ drive away from the office and the traffic has died down at this time in the morning. I will use the extra time in the morning to have a nice breakfast and make lunch for the day.

So, that’s it. That’s my challenge. Wish me luck!

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