Basic List of Things to Do – Not a Traditional Travel List

Basic List of Things to Do – Not a Traditional Travel List

Most people prepare a list of Things To Do.

This includes me. I’ve been making To Do lists for decades.

I’ve even gone beyond that. I’ve made lists of things that I’m NOT Going to Do.

Such lists are useful. They help us set priorities and focus attention on those tasks that need to be done.

This is good. Sort of.

Recently I discovered that all my lists of Things To Do lacked three important activities.

This happened when I was feeling grumpy while planning my daily To Do List. So I put fixing my grumpiness at the top of my list of Things To Do.

As a result, I found three essential things that belong at the top of every list of Things To Do.

Here they are with suggestions on how to implement them.

Much success.

Things to Do #1

Be Happy


  • This is easy. Just move your face muscles to form a smile.
  • You can do this at any time, even if you feel bad.

Try it.


  • Take a deep breath that goes all the way to the bottom of your lungs. Then let it out slowly.
  • While doing this, focus on your breath going in and going out.
  • And tell yourself, “Peace. Be Still.” Repeat for a minute until the tension fades.

Let Go

Let go of impossible problems. All of them.

These include all the horrible things that you have heard about from the news, media pundits, and other fear merchants.

  • These include things that might happen a billion years from now.
  • And they include all the weird things other people do.
  • Imagine that you’re putting them all in a bag. Then tie the bag to a large balloon and let it go.
  • Smile while you watch the bag float away into the clouds.
  • Wave goodbye.

Books on Kindness

Did you know that people who read books are more successful?


Books are the best investment you can make in your future.

By the way, I’ve read most of the books that I recommend. So you can trust my suggestions.

Things to Do #2

Be Loving

Be Loving

Praise Others

  • First, praise yourself. Recognize that you’re doing your best.
  • Then praise others. Find and acknowledge good things that others are doing.
  • For example, I practice on my cat.
  • I tell her that she’s good cat dozen of times each day.
  • I also tell trees, “Good tree.” And I tell birds, “Good bird.”
  • I do this because I’m praising myself when I praise others.

Share Hope

  • Focus on what can be done. And then talk about that.
  • Focus on what is possible. And talk about that.
  • Focus on solutions. And talk about them.
  • Always find positive possibilities. And then share them with others.

Perform Favors

  • Do small things that help others.
  • Open doors for people. Let someone go ahead of you. Drive respectfully.
  • Every favor that you perform is actually a gift of feeling useful that you give yourself.

Things to Do #3

Be Grateful

Be Grateful

Say Thank You

Begin by thanking people for anything and everything.

Thank people for helping you. Thank people for ordinary things. Thank people for being who they are.

Find Gratitude

Take inventory of everything that is good.

Write out a list so that you can add to it and refer to it later.

If you need a start here are two ideas:

a) I’m alive

b) I’m reading this article

Create Gratitude

Help others do good things so that you can thank them.

Admittedly, this is an advanced technique — and it’s especially powerful because it results in two-way gratitude.

Have You Met SARK?

  • Her books are easy to read.
  • They’re fun.
  • And they’re amazing — Because they open your mind.
  • I own seven books by SARK. These are three of my favorites.

Bonus Idea: Why This Works


Your inner self and your outer self are connected. So a smile outside can bring a smile inside.

In addition, a smile makes you more attractive and more approachable, which helps you achieve more.


Practicing kindness connects you with humanity. It puts significance in your life. It makes you the type of person others want to know..

And kindness encourages others to respond with kindness, so everything in your life becomes easier.


Being grateful creates a sense of abundance based on having enough.

This helps you focus on those things that matter.

Real World Business Example

I was picking up a rental car in Chicago.

And there was a flaw with my reservation, which I attempted to resolve by asking questions.

Suddenly, the clerk said, “You’re the first person who’s treated me with respect today. I’m giving you a free upgrade.”

Now I was just being myself, acting calm while trying to find a solution.

So I was surprised by his response.

I’m also amazed that this man must have endured hours of hostility and disrespect before I arrived. And I’m sure none of the people who were mean received a free upgrade.

The point: Being nice often gains more.

In Total, LifeWorks Like This:

  • You become what you are.
  • You receive what you give.
  • You enjoy what you have.

Want to Know More?

I’ve published articles about Life Management, Resolving Disagreements., and Being Nice.

See the list below for links.

The last item is a catalog of my articles that help you smile.


Small Bit of Reality

Just in case anyone out there thinks I’ve lost touch with reality, please know that I realize life can be difficult.

This applies to everyone.



All of us.

So we have a choice.

We can be part of the solution or part of the problem.

These activities help us live well.

When we live well, we’re more creative, more productive, and more effective.

Then we go from living well to living better, which moves us from surviving to thriving.

To summarize, put these three Things on your To Do list.

  1. Be Happy
  2. Be Loving
  3. Be Grateful

Your day will be better for them.

Wish you the best.

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