Baby Stroller vs. Jogging Stroller

Baby Stroller vs. Jogging Stroller

The interest that many people have in jogging strollers has been growing a lot lately. Moms all over the world are flocking excitedly with their little ones to try out these intriguing contraptions that look more like F1 cars than actual strollers.

Why are jogging strollers so popular, though, and what makes them special when compared to ordinary baby strollers? While not everyone would agree on a clear answer to this question, it’s worth mentioning that if you love having a lot of fun outdoors, jogging strollers should definitely be your first choice.

What Makes a Jogging Stroller Special?

There are many great advantages that come with owning a jogging stroller. While the choice between one of these models and a regular stroller is still a question of taste and lifestyle, the fact is that some quality jogging strollers can still be appropriately fill in the role of a traditional one.

Running and Walking

The most important advantage of a jogging stroller is that most models (though not all of them) can allow you to jog safely while pushing the stroller without having to worry about stability or maneuverability. If running is one of your hobbies, this type of stroller may be an excellent choice.

Quality Features and Materials

Jogging strollers come with a variety of special features designed to make running as safe and smooth as possible. Some of these can include quality suspensions, five-point harnesses for your baby’s safety, as well as adjustable handlebars or arm leashes.

More Stability

You will be very impressed by how smooth your ride will be even at higher speeds. The architecture of a jogging stroller is built for speed and stability, even when used off road.

Is there a Downside?

There are still a couple of downsides to jogging strollers when compared to ordinary ones. First of all, if you don’t like jogging, you should probably stick to a regular model, since jogging strollers can be more expensive, even if not exceedingly so. The prices generally range from around $100 to $600.

Also, traditional strollers are far more lightweight and less bulky, so if you do get a jogging stroller, make sure it can be folded and stored easily.

Last, but not least, a jogging stroller can prove to be more of a challenge when it comes to putting together your fitness schedule, and if you’re not used to combine jogging and constantly having to take care of one or more children at the same time, an ordinary stroller may be a better choice to get some well-earned peace and quiet.

Health and Exercise

Usually, while taking care of a baby, you likely won’t get much exercise. Let’s face it, you have to be with your little one almost 24 hours a day, so there’s likely not much time to do any fitness exercises or jogging.

Now, taking longer walks with a regular stroller may help you get a bit of fresh air, but if you really want to get in shape and lose all that unwanted baby fat, a jogging stroller may be your only option. Apart from helping you get a lot of exercise by running and pushing your baby at the same time, jogging strollers are also quite fun and maneuverable, so both you and your baby can really enjoy yourselves and keep healthy at the same time.

Getting Places Faster

Normally, if you have your baby with you, getting places fast can be problematic, since even some of the best regular strollers lack the stability required for a run, and it can be really dangerous to try it like that.

With its special stability features, however, a stroller designed both for running and walking can be a great asset in this case, since you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety or comfort, and you can catch a bus, get in time for an appointment or get home from the mall much more quickly.

General Overview

To sum it all up, it is true that both types of strollers have some great advantages, both in terms of safety and practical usage. The fact of the matter is, however, that if you know how to choose a jogging stroller that can be used both for walking and running and that is fitted with all the practical and safety features you may need, it is clearly a better option. Of course, more features can be more costly, so if you are on a lower budget, an ordinary, lightweight stroller could be the only option.

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