Avoiding Early Ejaculation for a Stronger Relationship

Avoiding Early Ejaculation for a Stronger Relationship


A weak body or general weakness in general wellness in man is one of the basic reasons for early ejaculation. Early ejaculation is a big hurdle for a man to jump when it comes to enjoying sexual intercourse with a partner. As a result of this recurring problem, some men overtime tend to lose their self-confidence as they give thought to the level at which this problem has persisted in their relationship over a long period. Just in case you did not know before, let me inform you that early ejaculation has never been a serious problem that requires too much attention. Though I know how that feels and how much it matters to your relationship but you need to understand that there is no such thing as chronic premature ejaculation. This is because there is a solution to it and the solutions that you will get are quite simple to carry out. The only thing you might need during the course of action is concentration. A lot of men have mistaken this problem to be a sort of disease or infirmity that could cause serious damage to their health. No, early ejaculation is not a disease; it is only a situation that could have resulted from ignorance and lack of attention of body chemistry or selfishness during sexual intercourse. I love to help people get rid of problems that has to do with their general health matters and that is why I have taken out time to put this information together so as to help you in avoiding early ejaculation. Read on for more information


Step By Step Approach to Avoiding Early Ejaculation

Step 1

To avoid premature ejaculation it is important that you know what to do and in knowing what to do, you have to increase the length at which you play before penetration. Try as much as possible to control your excitement by not quickly inserting your penis into her vagina immediately you get in the mood. Take out time “examine” her vagina with your hand or tongue. Better still; ensure that you give her oral sex before any penetration. Oral sex gives you the advantage in the sense that it increases the level of her desire for penetration. But if you rush into penetration, she will assume that you are only interested in getting in bed with her only to meet your own sexual urge without caring if she is satisfied. One of the easy ways to put an end to a relationship is ton plant this kind of thought in the heart of your partner during sex and the relationship will be over before you know it. Sex is one of the major activities that have been designed by God to help keep a relationship strong and active for a very long time. The only time when problem might start arising in a relationship is when the issue of premature ejaculation sets in. and as a man, you need to be able to get your relationship together by doing the right thing.

Step 2

Focus On Your Partner

This technique is the type that will work like magic if you know how to do it. In avoiding early ejaculation, there are things that you must be part of your practice and that is giving more attention to your partner than you are giving to yourself during sexual intercourse. In as much as I understand that you are the one we are talking about now, that doesn’t change the fact that you are left out when I say give more attention to your partner. The reason why I said you should do that is because women are more difficult to reach orgasm than men. Therefore, it is important that you help her get into the mood way ahead of you. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of satisfying her during sexual intercourse.

Step 3


A lot of people who talk about masturbation would always tell you to just masturbate but do not tell you how. There is a right way to masturbation if you intend to use it as a tool to solve your problem of early ejaculation. When you want to masturbate, ensure that you get a quiet and comfortable place where you can be relaxed and focused as these are very important to how well you do it. Second, you should not keep your wife or partner off this info, it is important that she knows that you are doing something about helping both of you to get a better sexual life. She would be happy that you are bold and concerned enough to take steps to make that part of your lives together worthwhile and as a result she will cooperate with you and even help you achieve that result because she is a stakeholder in this business. If after practicing with masturbation and you don’t seem to notice any change, then it is high time you get the help of a doctor on this.

Step 4

Understanding Your Body Chemistry

In getting yourself to cum slowly, you must learn to understand how your body chemistry works. A lot of times during sexual intercourse, your body always has a way of communicating the changes that are about to occur before they actually occur. And in order to take advantage of this communication process, you have to be focused and also a good observer. Whenever you feel that you are about to reach the extreme level of sexual intercourse, be smart enough to pull out and wait a little while before your recommence.  Remember what I said about communication? Don’t forget to tell your partner about what you are up to before they misunderstand your act for selfishness and trust me, you would not like your relationship once they suspect you to be selfish. In order to avoid that from coming into your relationship ensure that you tell her before hand of your intention as she has a great role to play in ensuring the achievement of your goal.

Step 5

Kegel Exercise

This is one of the most renowned techniques in solving the problem of early ejaculation. The kegel exercise is an exercise that involves the training of the pelvic muscle. When your pelvic muscle is healthy and strong, you will be able to control how you ejaculate during sex. Kegel exercise is very simple to carry out as you only need to hold your urine whenever you feel like peeing. You can hold it as long as you can. By doing this, you are training your pelvic muscle to gain control over your ejaculation.


You will do yourself a lot of good if you put these easy steps on avoiding early ejaculation to work. Your relationship will not only be stronger, but you will enjoy your sexual moments even better than you use to.

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