Astral Travel Shows Us We Are Not Alone

Astral Travel Shows Us We Are Not Alone

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Connecting the Pieces

Do you ever feel alone? Not lonely but alone, a feeling of separation from other people. Maybe you are the type of person people would describe as ‘different’. We are all different but it takes courage to display it to the world and many people are not true to themselves. If we were all true to ourselves maybe the world wouldn’t be so chaotic and people would be happier.

It is easy to feel alone and separate here on Earth we each have our own bodies which on the surface seem separate and not at all related to the people around us. However, there is a lot that we don’t see with our physical eyes. If we could see the energy that surrounds us and affects others maybe we would feel more connected. We are all an intricate part of the jigsaw.

Then there are all our family and friends who are no longer with us, we can also feel separated from them…….. but what if really there is no separation? How can we prove it to ourselves that everyone we ever knew is still alive and kicking. How can we prove to ourselves how connected we all truly are?

“In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.” Goethe

Meeting Loved Ones

Some people believe that life continues after we die others don’t, others would go so far as saying they know life continues after death that it is simply a changing from one state to another. We shed our physical bodies and carry on. I am one of the people who know that life does not stop. Why am I so sure? Well I am so sure because I have experienced myself, my consciousness, detached from my physical body, many many times.

I have had contact with friends and family who have made the journey into the beyond, it is indeed a great comfort to know there are no real goodbyes but only ‘see ya later’. We may feel a little more alone when we lose a loved one but the veil between the physical and the beyond is thin and really they are just an out-of-body experience away.

So let’s take this a step further. If our passed away family and friends are still out there, then what about people we have known but who didn’t incarnate with us this time round. Of course, here I am assuming that we reincarnate more than once on Earth, I have been shown this too in many of my astral adventures.

Meeting Old Friends

Recently I had a lucid dream and from that lucid dream went into the astral. It is what happened that inspired me to write this lens. I woke up with a smile on my face as I met up with two old friends.

In the astral you instantly know more than you do when in your physical body. Your consciousness expands as you discard physical limitations. This adventure was a bit of a surprise as I wasn’t trying to leave my body. I found myself above an astral ocean, so deep and so blue. Of course the scenery and action in an OBE all carries meaning, our world and the astral world are rich with symbolism.

However, here I wish to highlight something else. I flew so quickly just above the water, wow I was moving fast, it felt so good. I was there to meet someone or rather two friends. I called out their names, Michael and Danny. They were sitting on a rock a short distance away. They both got up and started walking towards me. I noticed how they were walking on water…. well anything’s possible in the astral.

Seeing them again gave me a real boost, they were old friends but not at this moment incarnated on Earth. Now isn’t that incredible, being able to meet people we have been friends with over lifetimes not just one life. Our friendships go a lot deeper than we may think.

My two friends and I just ‘hung out’ together, it was so enjoyable just to be with them, with two people who knew me so well. Such a great feeling, we joked about my alarm going off soon and Michael said he’d turn it off for me. At that point his hand seemed to leave our surrounding scenery and enter the area near my bed to turn off the alarm. I joked with him that he knew he couldn’t turn off my physical alarm clock.

I woke up soon after, it had felt so good to be with two old friends and it still feels good.

I had another out-of-body experience a while ago now in which I met an old man, he looked a bit like Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings, I’ve known this man for what seems like thousands of years, he knew everything about me, an incredible feeling. I really wish I could put it into words.

We Are Never Alone

Astral travel opens your mind to many possibilities but it also shows you that we are not alone, in the astral we meet guides, helpers, family members and old friends; all of this shows us that there are people looking out for us even though we may not be aware of it.

We have our own ‘back up team’, isn’t that wonderful! We are connected to people in the beyond that we might not even be aware of. I became aware of these friendships through astral projection otherwise I wouldn’t have known but my friends would’ve still been around for me. Just because we are unaware of something it doesn’t mean it is not there. Just as these friendships nurture us whether we know about them or not.

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