Astral Projection Tips

Some Astral Projection Advice

There are a lot of little things that can help you in your astral projection endeavors. In our efforts to expand our knowledge and experience of who we are every little helps. So here are a few tips towards your astral projection success. If you have any others to add write a comment below.

Successful astral projection is all about dedicating yourself to your goal, you have to be consistent and commitment and have regular routines in practicing astral travel.

Astral Projection Tip 1

Have Night Time Habits

Do you ever have OBEs that are so real you think you are awake? You don’t realize ’til it’s too late and blow the whole OBE opportunity. It’s happened to me on many occasions but there is something you can do to turn these episodes into more productive experiences.

I generally wake up a few times during the night and when I do I have got into certain habits. First thing is, I look at the time, my clock has a button on top and I have to press it down to light up the clock to see the time. Then I get up and go to the look as I don’t want any potential OBEs spoiled by the call of nature.

On one occasion, I had left my body but was convinced I was awake and on my way to the look. As I turned to leave the room I saw that the room was unusually tidy. I thought for a moment, tried jumping up in the air and then realized that I was out-of-body. Another time I was lying in my body, I didn’t realize my body was asleep but thought I was physically awake. I reached across and pressed the button to light up the clock to see the time. It didn’t work, I kept trying and thought that it was all very strange. Then I realized that my body was asleep and it was my ‘non-physical’ finger that was trying to turn on the clock light.

Being aware of anomalies in our room, or within our situation can help us to realize what is actually going on. Sometimes OBEs can seem ‘more real than real’ and we may believe that we are physically awake.

Stay objective and watch out for those things that ‘aren’t quite right’, small differences from the set up of your physical environment.

Having habits that you do when you wake up during the night can help you have conscious OBEs. As the above indicates I have started duplicating with my energy body what I usually do if I wake up in the physical. If I take the time to stop and think there is usually something amiss and this clues me in to the fact that I’m not awake in my physical body but awake out of it.

Stay objective and stay alert.

Astral projection Tip 2

Wake Up During the Night

Try not to sleep in one continuous block from night through to morning.

I often set the intention to wake up at various times during the night because after the first few hours sleep, conscious OBEs become easier. The mind has had its downtime and is ready for action.

Simply setting that intention at times has me waking up a few times during the night ready for dreams and OBEs. Waking up at various times also helps to remember dreams and OBEs. Have your journal handy.

Sometimes I wake up and know I am in the perfect condition for a conscious OBE. My body still wants to sleep but my mind is alert. I set the intention to have an OBE and soon wake up in the mind awake/body asleep state.

Astral Projection Tip 3

Help I’m Stuck!

Sometimes it can be difficult leaving your body, you can feel heavy and stuck. Your astral body can also go without you and you can remain ‘stuck’ in your body waiting for it to return, Robert Bruce calls the mind split effect.

If you do get stuck in your sleeping body it is important to stay calm and just analyze the situation for a moment. No panic or fear is necessary, just plain straight thinking. It could be the mind split or it could be that you need to put in a little more effort. This occasionally happens to me, this is an example:

In one OBE I felt very heavy and couldn’t get up and out of my body like I normally do. I laid there for a few moments then I thought I would have another go, maybe I just needed to put more effort in than usual. So I tried to gather all my energy to get up out of my body. It took a lot of effort but I got out. My physical body was like a magnet pulling me back to it, I slowly moved farther away and kind of threw myself out of the window in a crazy effort to get away from the magnetic pull.

(So the tip is if you find yourself in that ‘stuck’ situation don’t panic, think about what the cause might be, the mind split or simply the need to put more of an effort into the exit, to focus your energy.)

Throwing myself through the window did it, I was free and flying in the dark, there was someone with me, a guide I believe, and he was trying to help me produce energy from my hands. I concentrated on the palms of my ‘astral hands’ and as I focused really hard I could see green energy emanating from the centre of my palms. Wow it needed a lot of effort.

Astral Projection Tip 4

Try a Different Technique

If the technique you’re trying isn’t working try a different one. You should give a technique at least 30 days before you decide it’s not working. We are all different and different things work for different people. I am always trying different techniques out of curiosity so I can test them out and recommend or not recommend them to other astral projectors.

Keep a note of what you try and any results you have, you can always come back to the technique and try it again. remember learning astral projection is like any other sort of training, for it to be successful we have to stick at it.

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