Astral Projection Techniques

What’s Best for You

There are many techniques to help you have conscious out-of-body experiences. The important thing is to find one that suits you, we are all different and what works for one person may not work for another. We may prefer visualization or tactile techniques, it may be easier for us to go from a dreaming state, We may even use a combination of various techniques.

Our technique should fit our lifestyle, for example, it’s no good choosing a technique that involves hours of meditation if we don’t have time to meditate. We should choose one which we enjoy and which we have no problem doing every day or night. I have tried many different techniques, for variation and out of curiosity to see if they worked. Here I wish to expand upon my two favorites plus look at a few others. I have chosen these two because the first one caused my first conscious OBE and the second helped me to continue having successful out-of-body experiences.

The Technique of My First Out-of-Body Experience

The technique that gave me my first conscious OBE was keeping my mind awake while my body fell asleep. Trying to stay awake while you fall asleep at face value may seem a bit paradoxical however what this really means is letting your body fall asleep while your mind stays awake. Simple no? Well it sounds simple but at the end of a busy day the first thing the mind wants to do is zonk out.

So the best time to try this technique is after a few hours sleep, or if you have the luxury of an afternoon nap. This is the technique I was using when I had my first conscious out-of-body experience.

I admit I wasn’t trying to astral project at the time but I was trying to lucid dream, this was one of the lucid dreaming techniques that I had been trying for a while. So how do you keep your mind from falling asleep?

Remember it is best to try this method after you have had a few hours sleep, in this way the mind is fresher and there is a higher possibility that the mind won’t drift off with your body. So start by imagining yourself going down use whatever analogy you feel comfortable with, for example a lift, try to relive the experience of going down. Down and down and then further down still, allow your body to start to feel heavy and sleepy. Your mind should remain alert but you should not concentrate too hard, just let your mind be quietly present in the background. Don’t give up if nothing seems to be happening, sometimes it takes a good deal of practice before you are successful.

I tried and tried many times, I didn’t get disheartened and didn’t give up. Each time I woke up during the night I saw as another opportunity for success. It is so important to keep on and on because we are learning a new skill and learning things can sometimes take time.

Even if you don’t manage to keep your mind awake pay attention to what happens while you are practicing, any strange visions you may have, any strange sounds you may hear. During the process of detaching from our physical bodies all sorts of weird stuff can happen so be prepared and stay calm. If you get too excited the whole thing will end so don’t get emotionally involved in what you are experiencing. Take the role of objective observer. Simply observe what is happening.

If you do fall asleep, when you wake up write down everything you remember about what happened while you were practicing. Including any dreams you had while you were asleep. It is important to keep a record because in this way you are communicating to your subconscious mind your intention to go deeper into who you are.

My Personalized Astral Projection Technique

Once I had had my first conscious out-of-body experience I knew I had to continue. It had been an experience truly out of this world and there was no way I wanted to lose this ability. I went on the search for books, I found a couple in my local bookshop and I ordered various books on the subject. I researched internet for any information on astral projection that I could find.

I read everything I could and really saturated myself in astral projection information. I also decided that I needed another technique that would work if I couldn’t manage to stay awake while I fell asleep. I had two young children at the time so after a day chasing them, keeping my mind awake while my body fell asleep was no easy task.

There were so many techniques all over internet, I needed one that I could practice everywhere even when doing the shopping. Methods based on meditation were not really suitable with two young children around. So I adapted techniques to suit my needs and combined visualization with tactile. By tactile I mean replaying sensations in my mind and remembering how they felt physically.

Visualization techniques involve visualizing yourself in another place. This place has to be a place you know well that is also associated with strong positive feelings in this way it is easier to imagine yourself there. I chose my parents’ garden because as a child I spent many happy hours there. To be really effective I combined sensations and feelings with my visualization plus how things felt physically (tactile) I remember the smell of the garden in the various seasons, the grass after rain, the smell of the apples fallen on the ground. I also remember how it felt to climb the apple tree, the feel, color and smell of the bark. I can make my parents’ garden very real in my mind.

Ok so I’d chosen my location, now I had to carry it around with me. I found a photo of my parents’ garden and took it wherever I went. When I had a moment I would get out the photo and imagine myself there, I would imagine myself flying around the garden circling the apple tree, dipping and diving. I replayed in my mind all the physical sensations and feelings. Apart from being an astral projection technique it was also very enjoyable and more important than anything it worked!

After my first conscious OBE I continued to have them, I used to count but now I’ve given up counting as there have been so many. I have found myself in the astral version of my parents’ garden many times and have had many adventures there.

OBE Inducer

..why not give this Astral Projection tool a try?

Over at the Astral Forum there is an OBE Inducer that may help you towards your astral projection success, there’s no catch, it’s absolutely free and very simple to use. You do have to have your computer near your bed so if you have a partner it may be a good idea to warn him/her first. You could even try to astral project together.

It’s Not All About Technique

If you are serious about experiencing life in the beyond before you get there ‘for real’, you need an astral projection technique and you need to read about out-of-body experiences. You need to prepare yourself for the adventure just like you would prepare yourself for any sort of journey. To get more out of any trip we need to research the place we are going. We ask ourselves questions: ‘What will the weather be like, the people, the food?’ Going into the astral should be no different, we need to prepare and that means understanding where we are going, what may happen, who might we meet.

In addition, just like any new skill we learn, we have to employ the five essentials. These are essentials for astral projection and any other activity we want to be successful at. See below for my lens about the Five Essentials of Astral Projection.

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