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When we want to learn something in life what do we do? We usually look for an instructor, someone who can teach us the basics. Not always though when I learn to ski I had no teacher but I did end up with a lot of bruises and I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had learnt on the baby slopes instead of the black ski piste. However that really is another story.

With many things it is better to start on the baby slopes and work up. And it is certainly helpful to have a teacher or guide who has done it all before and knows what to expect. We can often avoid a lot of potential problems if we get some help from someone who knows more about the subject/activity than we do.

This is what this lens is about, it is to highlight and help you to find someone who can help you with astral projection, whether it be through workshops, books, videos, programs, blogs etc. We are all individual and different approaches help different people. The people I list here are people who I have had contact with and I recommend their work. The list is by no means a list of all the people in the astral projection world and with time I’m sure I will meet many more.

The list is in no particular order. Each of the people here have great stuff to offer the world.

William Buhlman

When I first started having conscious out-of-body experiences I was so happy to find William’s books at my local bookshop, I live in Italy so I really didn’t expect it. I read them in Italian before I read them in English. William Buhlman has a down to earth approach to this whole subject and is easy to read.

I was overjoyed when I discovered that Mr. Buhlman also ran workshops in Italy at this time and I soon signed up. I went to three, three years running because I enjoyed them so much. It was fantastic to have a few days to just concentrate on astral projection techniques and in such wonderful settings in Northern Italy. And it was great to be able to ask William all the questions I had face to face over a dish of pasta and a glass of Italian wine.

It is really another experience to speak to someone ‘live’ so to speak. And of course we had so much fun. William had said that it was better to eat a light lunch as too much food interferes with the astral projection process……. try telling Italians to eat a light lunch in one hour. Well let’s just say there were a few people snoring during the afternoon meditation sessions.

On a more serious note I had some wonderful experiences while following William’s guidance. In one OBE technique I found myself with what I thought was my nose against the ceiling. I remember thinking ‘What’s the ceiling doing down here?’ Then I suddenly realized that it was me that was near the ceiling and it was my astral nose not my physical one. Well the surprise was enough to shoot me back to my body.

I was used to having OBEs but they had always occurred during sleep not from a meditative state.

William also guided us through a past life regression and oh boy was that the start of something big for me. I had been having recurring dreams for a while and was investigating where the dreams were leading, I’d also had a few pretty intense OBEs all with the same theme. I had a feeling it was all to do with a ‘past’ life and when we did this past life regression it nailed it for me. I met this other me on a bridge over a canal, I cannot described the feeling well enough, it was one of intense joy. Well things went from then on and after a few months and a lot of dreams and OBEs I healed that life.

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is a down-to-earth Australian guy. It has been a real treat for me to get to know Robert, we have never met physically but I have had a lot of contact with him via groups and emails, we have also chatted on internet.

Robert has years of experience in astral projection and has written an excellent book on the subject which is always on my desk. Robert has ‘been there, done it and seen it’ so he knows what he’s talking about and has helped so many people.

He continues to help people every day, he has several courses on offer in various areas of spirituality, one of particular interest here called Astral Projection Mastery. It is an astral projection program, video-based, which takes you step by step through the astral projection process, it describes what you may find in the astral and gives you lots of tips and advice to help you out in your astral projection endeavors.

Graham Nicholls

Graham Nicholls has written two books on out-of-body experiences ‘Avenues of the Human Spirit’ and ‘Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience: Radical New Techniques. based in the UK he has nearly 25 years of experience of the out-of-body state.

Jurgen Ziewe

Jurgen Ziewe now spends most of his time pursuing one of his passions in life… art. However, his website is very informative and full of useful information for people who have conscious out-of-body experiences and for people who wish to find out more. Jurgen has written a marvelous book called ‘Multidimensional Man: An authentic eyewitness account of the world that awaits us after death’

Robert Peterson

I first had personal contact with Robert when I found his Fourteen OBE Letters on an internet archive and wanted his permission to make them in to podcast episodes. One of the greats of the astral projection world. Lately he’s just started up his blog again ‘The OBE Outlook on Life’ with some interesting thoughts and ideas.

Karen Sixfivenine

Karen is a very special lady, she has kept track of all her out-of-body experiences on her blog and has built up an enormous archive of experiences to share with the world. We can learn a lot by reading about other peoples’ experiences and discover more and more about the astral and what we may find there.

Todd Acamesis

Todd has a very fresh and exciting approach to out-of-body experiences and is always willing to try out techniques and share the results with the world. Based in the UK Todd runs workshops and offers personal training.

In Summary

There was a time years ago when there was not much information around at all about astral projection but now all that has changed. With internet we have all the information at our fingertips, sometimes too much, there is a lot of disinformation out there about out-of-body experiences.

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