What Astral Projection Has Done for Me

What Astral Projection Has Done for Me

What Can Astral Projection Do For You?

The subject of astral projection/out-of-body experiences is becoming more and more popular. People are becoming interested in this fascinating activity. Not only is it fascinating, there are many adjectives I could use to describe my experiences – incredible, wonderful, awe-inspiring, puzzling, profound, yes and even terrifying.

Astral travel does require a particular mind-set, as the astral is thought and feeling sensitive so often what you think and feel is what you get looming in front of you. Control of your thoughts and emotions is essential. However, that said once you have mastered the skills of objectivity, astral projection can add so much to your life.

Here I am going to concentrate on what I consider the most important benefit of astral projection because it is something that many of us just don’t do. Plus I am going to look at a few general ways that out-of-body experiences can help us.

Astral Projection – A Tool for Learning

Once we start astral travelling it is almost inevitable that sooner or later we will run into a ‘past’ life. We may perceive them as past lives but time doesn’t exist in the astral, it is more as if past, present and future are rolled into one. I have met more than one past life.

Reincarnation is a great tool for learning because if we don’t understand what we were supposed to in one particular life we can come back and try again and try again until we manage to move forward. It really is a great system of learning. It’s like repeating the same test at school with different questions until you reach the pass mark.

So if we can come back time and time again, it could be said ‘Oh well, then living my life how I should is not so urgent, if I mess it up I can just come back and do it all again.’ However this statement misses an important point.

Here’s the Crunch

Yes you can come back time and time again but first off do you want to remain stuck in the same cycle over and over again. In the astral I have seen people treading the same wheel over and over like a mouse getting its daily exercise. They get stuck in their earth drama even after they die and can’t let go. The same can happen here in the physical.

Look at the pattern of your life what has been repeated time and time again? I can see a pattern in my life I have constantly been put in situations where I have had to take control of my life and do what I knew was best for me despite criticism of others. Not always easy for me because like most people I prefer a hassle-free existence and making a stand has never really been my thing. However, sometimes in my life I have had no other option, well unless you consider living your life on someone else’s terms an option.

Astral projection has shown me that the best time to do anything is now. If we don’t grab the opportunities we are given in life, when we die we certainly won’t get judged by any god but we might feel pretty annoyed with ourselves.

Another very important point to consider is that although we do get to come back and do it all again, it is never quite the same. We will never me the exact person we are now, I will never be Alison Wylie again, with the same character, experiences, family and friends and this is why I owe it to who I am in this life to live to the full and honor the person I am in this life. Honor the human being by doing the best I can to fulfill the dreams and aspirations this person, Alison Wylie, has.

You Can’t Take it With You When You Die

The only things you can take with you when you die is the person you were and the things you did. All the stuff we accumulate here in the western world has no value. I’m not saying give up all your belongings and go and live in a cave, not at all. What I’m saying is don’t get attached to them so much that when you die you have trouble letting them go. This includes any earthly activities as well that we are so attached to they have become addictive habits. Some people are even addicted to collecting rubbish, they can’t let go of anything for fear that they might need it. It is an unbalanced way of thinking and based on not being able to let go.

It is difficult to let go, try moving house and trying to throw things out that you know deep in your heart you don’t need any more. We are too attached to stuff. We should change our perception and start to put value on who we are and the time we have here.

We have to let go, sooner or later we have to detach, or when we die we remain in the lower astral realms. We are never abandoned there of course when we are ready to let go someone will come and get us.

Astral Projection Shows You the Value of Your Life

Understanding the value of my life now is one of the most important things I have gained from my adventures in the astral. Sure we have all the time in the world to learn our lessons BUT not all the time in the world as the person we are now. This is something that we often miss as we are so concentrated in the simple hassle of everyday life.

Honor the human being you are now and start to live your life to the full.

Astral Projection helps you Stay Calm

Astral projection helps you to take life more calmly, you realize there is a reason for everything and that someday you will find out that reason, whether in this life or after it. Each out-of-body experience is different, each is unique in its message. Some are indeed deep and profound, others give you ‘Ah Ah moments’ others are funny, there is a lot of humor in the astral.

Astral travel can also help you de-stress from life, I have had such wonderful OBEs that have allowed me to totally detach from stressful situations. After a stressful day there is nothing better than a flying in a lush green valley to get rid of all the tensions of the day.

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