Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

​Picking out an appropriate present for a loved one is tricky even at the best of times. Choosing anniversary gifts for couples is much tricker: you have two people to worry about instead of just one. Beyond that, it’s difficult to be certain if they have an item already or not. In any case, a wedding anniversary gift for a couple should be something you put some thought into before diving in.

Couples are among the most difficult to buy a thoughtful present for. They typically have a lot of things. Weddings will typically fill out the home with plenty of ‘essentials’, and with a dual income they can tend to afford to pick up whatever else they require. This often leaves you with fewer options, but there are some tricks to always pick a present they’ll enjoy, cherish and really appreciate.

This article will cover some tricks and tips for figuring out exactly what to get them, and to help you get creative. We’ll offer some really great hints and places to get started, and we’ll provide a half dozen great wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples to put you on the right track in case you’re drawing a blank. These are only suggestions, but they’re tried and true hits that I’ve had great success with in the past.

If you think of any great presents I’ve missed, please feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments area.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples: Tips and Advice

Obviously everyone is unique, but there are some bits of general advice that can really help you figure out what anniversary gift to get couples, and what to avoid. You’ll need to think of the person you’re buying for and cater to their likes and needs, but hopefully these tips will help.

Avoid Essential Items

You should be careful when considering any essential household items, as the couple will likely already have one. For example, you wouldn’t want to get a car vacuum cleaner, since they probably have one. When shopping for anniversary gifts for couples, it’s better to aim for ‘wants’ rather than essential needs. If you do go for an essential, be sure they don’t have one already.

Do Some Scouting

In order to get something that’ll really be appreciated and useful, you should scout out the couple in question’s apartment or home, if possible. If you’re good friends, just wait until you visit and casually inquire or look around. If there are any glaring holes, or if they have an item that could be replaced with something nicer, make a mental note. The best wedding anniversary presents for couples might happen this way.

Upgrades and Classy Stuff

One sure fire way to get a great gift for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary is to choose something very classy and attractive. Even if they have a ‘version’ of the item already, they’ll almost always appreciate an upgrade on that item. For example, a set of fancy wine glasses works really well, because it gives them an opportunity to get rid of their old set and use nicer, newer ones..

Something They’ll Both Love

This is probably the trickiest part. You’ll want to pick an anniversary gift idea for the couple that they’ll both love, use and appreciate. I recommend you consider anything that fits with their shared interests. If they both love movies and TVs, pick up something that complements that lifestyle. If they both love food, pick something for the kitchen.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses make fantastic wedding anniversary gifts for couples.

One of my favorite wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples is the set of nice wine glasses. Couples almost always need more of the things, and it also provides them with an excuse to get rid of some of their older, less fancy glasses in favor of your newer ones.

They are available in almost any price point, and you can get ‘specialized’ glasses meant for a very specific type of wine. Sure, they may have some nice generic red wine glasses, but what about a set of big, fancy, crystal Bordeaux glasses? Almost always appreciated, this is a great one to consider.

The trick with this gift is to get some fancier ones. Cheap wine glasses are available anywhere, but it’s hard to justify investing in a slightly pricier set. It will make them feel a bit more sophisticated and luxurious, so it’s a wonderful gift idea for a couple celebrating their anniversary.

Cheese Boards & Platters

A great wedding anniversary present for foodie couples

If the couple you’re shopping for are big foodies (appreciating fine food and drink), a great option is the cheese board or platter. It’s a nice anniversary gift idea for a couple because you can never have too many, they are fancy and great to show off, and there are many unique items so you can really personalize it. They’re also relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to break the bank for it.

You’ll find a lot of options in this category, so be mindful of their personal style and decor, and pick a cheese board or cheese platter that matches that motif. A good ‘go to’ cheese board is the kind made from naturally finished wood. These are often rugged and beautiful, and look amazing in a modern kitchen.

Couples Pillowcases and Mugs

Matching pillowcases or mugs for couples

Another fun and cute anniversary gift idea for couples is the matching pillowcase set or set of matching couples mugs. They are a little bit cheesy, yeah, but in a good way. These are a really cute way to express your affection for a couple while being a bit cheeky at the same time.

With this kind of gift you’ll want to make sure it’ll be a hit. If they’re fairly conservative or have a very specific interior decorating style, these might not get used. However, if your friends are fun, campy or just enjoy cute and kitschy household items, these matching couples pillowcases or mugs will be a major hit.

Bar Sets

Bar mixing sets make great anniversary presents.

The bar set is a fantastic gift idea for a couple’s anniversary for a lot of reasons. We love our bar set! They look really great, which is one of the reasons I love it. It just looks cool! Plus it’s a good way to let you store and display your alcoholic paraphernalia, and they are fantastic for when you’re entertaining guests.

The typical bar mixing set will include basics like the martini shaker and strainer, a ‘muddling’ spoon, and a measuring spoon with 1 and 1.5 ounce measurements for easy pouring. You can add to this bar set by including a nice decanter for displaying hard alcohol. Nothing looks better than a crystal decanter full of scotch (in my humble opinion).

Espresso Machine / Maker

This anniversary present for couples is a caffeine loaded hit.

The espresso machine is a bigger investment, but it’s a fabulous gift for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. First, they save any coffee drinker a lot of money by making their coffee habit a lot more affordable. The typical espresso machine will cost the drinker less than a quarter of what it costs in a coffee shop. Secondly, they are really attractive and will add a ‘wow factor’ to any kitchen they reside in.

If you do decide to buy an espresso maker as an anniversary gift for your parents or a couple, be sure to invest in a good brand. These machines operate under high pressure (literally), and they need to be built well to last for years.

They often come with nice extras. For example, some with come with a built-in milk frother, an essential item if they drink lattes or cappuccinos. Or, some come with built-in grinders if you prefer to buy the beans instead of pre-ground coffee.

There are also ‘capsule’ based systems like Nespresso, which use a small capsule of pre-ground coffee, making the espresso machine quick and simple to use. We have one and I can attest that they’re great.

The Kitchen Mixer

An awesome anniversary present for couples.

If you really want to ‘wow’ them, a fancy kitchen mixer is a fantastic gift idea for a couple’s anniversary. They are expensive and not everyone has them, but they’re among the most useful items in the kitchen, especially to a baker or cook. It’s definitely the kind of gift where you want to make really sure they don’t have one already.

The great thing about a kitchen mixer like this is they basically last forever, as long as you pick a decent brand. The couple in question will think of you every time they use it, and some of the mixers on the market today are really attractive and look great in a modern kitchen, so they’ll appreciate the aesthetic too.

Other Great Ideas

Here are a few more anniversary gift ideas for couples that you might not find on Amazon. Beyond physical gifts, it’s easy to think up ‘intangible’ present ideas that go over really well. Here are a few you should really consider:

Sports Tickets: If they’re big into sporting events or a particular team, tickets to a sports event can be fantastic, romantic and memorable. It’s a shared experience, and a sports nut couple is sure to really appreciate the thought behind this one.

Restaurant Gift Certificates: Sure it’s a big cliché, but gift certificates to nice restaurants can be a big hit. It’s a nice excuse for the couple to get out of the house and spend quality time, and not having to worry about the check at the end of the night is a great feeling.

Nice Gourmet Foods: If they are foodies, you can get them a gift basket full of their favorite goodies. It’s pretty easy to assemble, only requiring a quick trip to a nicer grocery store. Chocolate, cheese, nice salami, a fancy bottle of wine, candy, all these work really well.

Final Notes

Any anniversary gift ideas for couples I missed ? Post your thoughts in comment box .

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